Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this isn't funny anymore - lewis does NOT have to be put down!

damn, if she keeps him inside, everything will be fine! why kill the pusspuss? damn damn damn that's just not right
Fairfield's Lewis The Cat Case Going To Trial
POSTED: 8:18 am EDT May 3, 2006
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- The case involving a Fairfield, Conn., cat that's accused of viciously attacking several neighbors is going to trial.
Faced with getting probation on the condition she have Lewis the cat euthanized, Ruth Cisero has opted to go to trial to keep her cat alive.
The case of Lewis, who was ordered confined to Cisero's High Street home after he attacked several women, including an Avon lady, has attracted international attention. More than 500 "Save Lewis" T-shirts have been sold to raise funds for a defense fund for Cisero.........

the connecticut post first broke the lewis story and they have a LOT of lewis articles. here is one of them Another day in court for Lewis
there are links to others in the upper right hand corner. it's worth the read


cgg said...

I can't even blog about this. Just reading about poor Lewis makes me start crying, especially considering how aggressive Chet is.

That being said I want to strangle Cisero for having outdoor cats.

Unknown said...

oh i wholeheartedly agree. i am saddened when cats can't go out BUT some just shouldn't. some on busy streets or some that are NOT socialized. better they be indoors than put down anyday

i sure don't know why she didn't keep lewis indoors after the FIRST (or ok, let's give her the benefit of the doubt some people JUST don't like cats), so after the SECOND complaint. it's NOT lewis' fault. i get pissed when i see the list of excuses she has, oh they throw things at him or step on his tail or whatever........IF she really believed this then that is EVEN MORE reason to keep lewis inside dammit!

anyway, say hola! to chet for me.