Friday, November 20, 2009

must have been the mutha

of ALL bulges is what i'm thinkin'

Man With Bulge Had Drugs, Hartford Police Say

...................Francisco Rodriguez was carrying 3,303 bags of heroin — which accounted for the "unusually large bundle protruding from his stomach area," Sgt. Christene Mertes said.............

pic: is actually heroin seized in hartford but NOT from this bust

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: i live in connecticut

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: i live in connecticut

un effing believable

this is beyond the pale. after canceling their insurance, then reinstating it RIGHT AFTER A HORRIFIC ACCIDENT THAT KILLED AND INJURED MANY the creatures responsible for that accident (due to negligent truck maintenance and goddess only knows what else) CAN SUE THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR NOT PAYING?


what the hell is wrong with our system that this can happen?


it's an ap article so i can't print anything from it at all. just click the link though for the whole disgusting story

Conn. court: Truck owners in fatal crash can sue

you can also check out my friend mark robinson's (who was IN the accident) website and book,

smoke fire and angels . unlike the wilcoxs, mark is DONATING ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK TO A FUND FOR THE VICTIMS most in need.

please also note, i've read the book and it's not only beautifully and compassionately written but VERY well researched. BUY A COPY

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six months to report a very serious data breach. as i said, unbelievable.

i know i've talked about it before, but i'm going to do it again. we have to encrypt everything with a social security # on it (well ANY personal data) if it's going outside. we CANNOT use flash drives AT ALL (we used to be able to but no longer). we have a data depersonalization program which is constantly evolving. we have a social security remediation project (which i'm personally working on). there is not a doubt in my mind, if some of my company's data was breached it would be reported immediately. (i personally think a LOT of the rules we have are unnecessary but no one asked me. rules like our desks, our cabinets have to be locked when we leave or are even away from our desks for over an hour. we have a secure building. cameras everywhere. security guards. key cards to get in. )

no excuse for health net to wait six months

Vast Data Breach Of Health Net Information Includes Patients' Records

The Hartford Courant
A hard drive with personal, financial and health information for about 446,000 Health Net customers in Connecticut was lost six months ago and first reported today, state officials said.

The company informed the Attorney General's office and the state Insurance Department Wednesday of the security breach. A portable, external hard drive with Social Security numbers, bank account details and health information for patients "disappeared" from the insurer's Northeast headquarters in Shelton.

The Data, with wide-ranging information from members and providers dating to 2002, was compressed, but not encrypted. The information requires a specialized computer program to be read, according to the Attorney General's office.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Insurance Commissioner Thomas Sullivan both said separately that they are investigating what happened, and why the company waited six months to report the incident..................

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tom condon wrote one hell of a column in

the courant the other day. please read it:

you know i've written about my friend mark robinson many times. i've written about avon mountain many times. i've written about mark's book, smoke, fire and angels many times.

please buy the book. PLEASE. it's so very well written and researched. please buy the book - the proceeds are going into a fund for the victims (and families)

Avon Mountain: The Road To Disaster

Survivor Of Horrific 2005 Crash Reconstructs Tragedy, Aftermath

Sunday, November 15, 2009

i got more info on the column

i first wrote about here

i got the name of the creature who wrote the column in question. you know the one that says women are full of diseases. fuck them (but be protected), humiliate them, then tell all your buds the funny tales! (yeah, humor my big fat ass).
his name? C H R I S S U R E T T E. remember it. use it often. do you know chris' mother? if so, tell her what her son wrote. does chris have sisters or aunts or grandmothers? if so, tell them what chris wrote. tell them just how funny he is. and chris, take off that cap. you DO NOT DESERVE to be wearing it

Chris Surette: Worst Person in the World?"

by Jill

This may take the cake for the worst college newspaper column of all time — and that is an extremely high (or low?) bar (trigger warning on that link, and on the rest of this post).

Chris Surette is a student at Fairfield University. Chris Surette* has written what a column so bad that Fairfield University has charged the newspaper with harassment and threatened to pull their funding. The Connecticut Post characterizes the column thusly:

The controversy erupted over a satirical column in the Sept. 30 edition of The Mirror that poked fun at female students who agree to one-night stands. The “He Said” column described a female’s “walk of shame” leaving a male’s dorm, and used words like “pounding” and “hood rat” to talk guys through the morning after consensual sex.

Except Chris Surette’s column is actually worse than that — it’s basically a pro-rape manual. The point of Chris Surette’s column is that men bond over sexually humiliating women, and it’s a “victory” when everyone else sees your “victim” doing the walk of shame back to her dorm................

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if you're in the new haven area

please stop by the exhibit.

it is usually men who start the wars. it is ALWAYS women and children who suffer the most

Yale photo exhibit reveals horrors of Congo conflict
By Mary E. O’Leary, Register Topics Editor

NEW HAVEN — The young woman, barely out of her teens, sits on her bed with her two young children and peers out a window.

Surrounded by a diaphanous curtain of mosquito netting, the image could be an artistic reflection of a home scene.

Life for the three, however, has been anything but normal. Sophie, 20, was kidnapped and held for almost three years in the Congo bush. Raped repeatedly, she had one child in the forest and was pregnant again when she escaped.

The 7-by-10-foot color portrait, printed on fabric and photographed by photojournalist and MacArthur “genius grant” fellow Lynsey Addario, is one of 38 stunning photographs of on-going violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the particularly lethal consequences for women and children.

The exhibition, “Congo/Women Portraits of War: The Democratic Republic of the Congo,” is on display through Thursday at the Thomas E. Golden Jr. Center at Yale University and is part of several events, including a lecture series, staged to turn world attention to a war that has left 5 million dead since 1998, the victims of violence and disease.........

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