Saturday, February 02, 2008

i'm leaving work a bit early on monday

for a dental appointment. i have my fingers crossed i can somehow attend the obama stop (but i don't have my hopes up)
(i just posted rosa delauro endorsed obama, and i knew chris murphy and john larson endorsed him the other day)

At Last, Connecticut Gets A Turn
Clinton And Obama Could Cross Paths As They Bring Battle To State On Monday

By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer
Over 48 dizzying hours, Connecticut has become a Super Tuesday battleground, with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama placing new emphasis on a small state once solidly in Clinton's column.The Clinton campaign abruptly announced Thursday that their candidate was returning to Connecticut on Monday, the day before Democrats go to the polls here and the same day Obama is holding a rally in Hartford.Clinton is intent on shoring up support in Connecticut, a state where one poll gave her a 14-percentage point lead two weeks ago, against the buzz of an Obama visit and a late burst of endorsements................
.............Obama was endorsed Thursday by U.S. Rep. John B. Larson, D-1st District, the highest-ranking House Democrat to back a presidential candidate, and freshman Rep. Chris Murphy, D-5th District...............

i was wondering who rosa was going to back

now i know (and i'm happy)

Rosa Will Back Obama
DeLauro, Feminist Congresswoman, Will Endorse Today

By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer
U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, whose job before Congress was helping to elect Democratic women as the director of the influential feminist group EMILY's List, is endorsing Barack Obama over Hillary Rodham Clinton.The Clinton campaign will counter the endorsement by DeLauro, whose husband was the pollster for President Clinton, with a "women's tour" across Connecticut on Sunday led by Ellen Malcolm, the president and founder of EMILY's List.The endorsement by DeLauro, D-3rd District, is part of a flurry of last-minute moves that will culminate in Connecticut appearances by Clinton and Obama on Monday, the day before Democrats vote in Super Tuesday presidential primaries and caucuses here and in 21 other states...........

beth and ernie

another friend or relative of yours?

Conn. man tries to sell pot online
Conn. Man Nabbed When Cops Answer His Ad Trying to Sell Marijuana Online
If you're looking to sell high-grade marijuana, Craigslist may not be the place to do it. A man learned that the hard way when the "buyer" who contacted him turned out to be an undercover officer, Stamford police said. Police said Steven Zahorsky, 24, posted an ad for "Mary Jane in Fairfield County." The ad offered a half-ounce of "A plus" marijuana for $220 and the same amount of "B plus" marijuana for $160..............

Thursday, January 31, 2008

i want to print his name

and i want everyone to know what he (allegedly - since he's pled NOT GUILTY and he's not gone to trial yet) has done to his two greyhounds (retired from racing and adopted by him). one was dumped from a car in connecticut. HALF the weight she/he should be. the other dumped in rhode island and dead

Dog lovers protest outside Danielson court in animal cruelty caseBy DUSTIN RACIOPPI
Norwich BulletinDanielson, Conn. -
Louise Coleman felt remiss Wednesday morning as she stood outside Danielson Superior Court with five other protesters, each holding a greyhound on a leash. Last May and June, Coleman, director of the Hopkinton, Mass., dog adoption agency Greyhound Friends Inc., allowed Kevin Schneider, an acquaintance of hers, to adopt two greyhounds. She said it was a mistake that won’t happen again. Schneider pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of animal cruelty after being arrested Jan. 18 by Troop D in Danielson. His case was continued until March. According to Eva Longo of the Northeast Connecticut Council of Government’s Animal Control Division, Schneider, who lives in Watertown, Mass., dumped a dog on the side of Route 6 in Killingly after months of what appeared to be improper care of the animal.According to a written account from Michael McCann, president of The Greyhound Project, a Killingly man watched Oct. 27 as someone in a black sport utility vehicle let the dog out while the vehicle was still rolling...............

John Shishmanian/
Protesters meet outside Danielson Superior Court Wednesday, January 30, 2008 after the arraignment of Kevin Schneider of Watertown, Mass. on animal cruelty charges. From left are Michael McCann of Boston, Virginia Gamache and her grandson Izy Roby of Willimantic, Linda Jensen and Jennifer Donley, both of Plainfield.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

daisy waiting for her mom

(while mom was eating brunch at the half door this past weekend)

daisy could NOT have been sweeter if she tried. what a face!


you guys did it and i'm PROUD! one of the evil ones, one of king george's court is NOT going to give your commencement address! get up stand up...stand up for your rights

you really have made me proud!

Karl Rove drops prep school speech
Karl Rove Withdraws From Conn. Prep School Commencement Speech After Students Protest

Following protests from students, former presidential adviser Karl Rove has withdrawn as this year's commencement speaker at a prestigious prep school, the school's headmaster said Monday. The choice of Rove as speaker for the June commencement at Choate Rosemary Hall had led some students to plan to walk out of the ceremony. Others had sought to bring comedian Stephen Colbert to campus for an alternate speech.
Instead of commencement, Rove now will speak at the school on Feb. 11, headmaster Edward J. Shanahan said. Shanahan said he will deliver the commencement address at the school, the alma mater of John F. Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson........

and here's the orignial article from the student newspaper (BEFORE karl was dropped as commencement speaker)
Karl Rove to be Class of ’08 Commencement Speaker
By Alexandra Cooper ’09
In an email to the Choate community, on Tuesday, January 15, Headmaster Ed Shanahan announced that Karl Rove will replace Senator John Warner as the commencement speaker on June 8th, 2008. Mr. Rove served as the former Deputy White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush’s administration, and was a key player in Bush’s election as president. Before Rove worked for the current Bush administration, he spent much of his career as a political advisor for primarily Republican candidates, such as Senator John Ashcroft. Mr. Rove will join a long list of Commencement speakers that have included journalists such as Peter Jennings, politicians from both parties such as Dick Cheney (when he was Secretary of Defense) and Senator Chris Dodd. “We select speakers from all walks of life, with different points of view. That is what we should be doing as an educational institution. We should be putting in front of students and faculty a wide spectrum of ideas,” commented Headmaster Shanahan, “We have commencement speakers from outside of the school community so that someone comes in with a message for graduating students about the world that they are about to engage in. Karl Rove is somebody who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to service, and has been an extremely influential person.”........

Monday, January 28, 2008


MaryEllen Fillo JAVA

It'll be a big party this afternoon at 1:58 p.m. at Lego headquarters in Enfield as the company marks the 50th year of the famous Lego brick.Some career highlights of the brick:There are about 62 Lego bricks for every one of the world's 6 billion inhabitants. .............

(unfortunately i didn't see this until now. the story was written yesterday so we all MISSED THE PARTY) dang it
(lego posting on the reformed pirate)


the cool justice report
Via Hartford Business Journal
i had NO idea this was happening in our fair state (so it's happening ALL over). shocking

Connecticut's Secret Prisoners Contract With Feds Codifies Secret Political Prison System AG’s office contests FOI Cover documents about federal detainee sheld in state prisons By Laura Schreier Hartford Business Journal Staff Writer 01/28/08
Federal officials admit they keep detainees in covert prisons around the world, most notably at Guantanamo Bay, where many were held for years before their names were released to the public. But it comes as a surprise to some state officials that federal detainees are also held, secretly, right here in Connecticut. It’s all part of a contract between state and federal authorities: In exchange for a per-inmate fee, state officials agree to house federal prisoners arrested by homeland security. Connecticut has had such a contract with the federal government since 1995, but it was only after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that new regulations clamped down on information about those prisoners. According to legal arguments by state Assistant Attorney General Henri Alexandre, state authorities are prohibited from releasing any information about the federal detainees held behind bars in Connecticut prisons. That means that Connecticut could be holding detainees at any time, without a formal charge, said Lisa Siegel, counsel with the state’s Freedom of Information Commission. “This is a surprise to all of us, that there are secret prisons [in the state],” Siegel said. “The real harm of this regulation is that people are held now — we can’t get any information on them.” ...........

Sunday, January 27, 2008

a shout out to principal donald j. slater

i went to hall (LONGGGGGGGGGGGG before principal slater's term mind you). i didn't realize the current principal had been stationed in iraq. i for one am glad you're home (even though it's been a couple of years) safe and sound. thank you for serving

Service Gave Official New Perspective
In November 2003, Donald J. Slater, principal of West Hartford's Hall High School, announced he was headed to Iraq for a tour of duty with the Connecticut Army National Guard's 118th Area Support Medical Battalion. Slater, whose Newington-based unit assisted with medical aid and evacuations in Iraq, would spend 17 months away including pre- and post-deployment operations. Since his return to work at Hall in March 2005, Slater said he has gained new perspectives on leadership and education.Almost three years have passed since Slater returned from Iraq after a yearlong deployment. He has held the top job at Hall since 2002, first on an interim basis and then as principal.Slater, 42, prefers not to discuss the details of his work in Iraq. But, he is quick to acknowledge how his tour of duty in the Middle East has affected him as an educator and leader of one of the top high schools in the state........

in my

original posting i KNEW the id cards were a mistake. i KNEW nothing good would come of them.

Mayor: E-mail shows immigration raid timing wasn't coincidence
By John Christoffersen
NEW HAVEN, Conn.—An e-mail sent by local immigration officials to their agency head the day after the city adopted an ID program for illegal immigrants suggests the timing of a raid soon thereafter was not coincidental, the city's mayor said.
more stories like this
Regional Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers told agency Director Julie Myers in a June 5 e-mail that New Haven's Board of Aldermen had voted 25-1 the previous night to make the city the nation's first to offer illegal immigrants ID cards.
City officials said the cards would help immigrants better integrate into mainstream culture by allowing them access to bank accounts and other services.
On June 6, ICE agents swept through the city and detained an estimated 30 illegal immigrants. Critics contend the raid was retaliation for the adoption of the ID program, a charge the agency has steadfastly denied.
In the e-mail to Myers, obtained by The Associated Press through a federal Freedom of Information Act request, agents wrote that because of the recent vote, the raid would likely draw significant news coverage..........