Friday, December 07, 2007

hey st. francis, 'prompt and fair'

would have been to actually DO SOMETHING (other than slap his wrist) YEARS ago when you were FIRST AWARE of the inner workings of reardon. you (st. francis) are personally VERY LUCKY i was not a victim of reardon's at the hospital. if i was, i would do everything in my power to make you pay

(i wouldn't have been angry at the hospital if they didn't know. really, i wouldn't have. but after the complaints started coming in, ALL they did was dismiss him. they also DISCOURAGED a further investigation into reardon by the authorities)

St. Francis Places Ad Regarding Child Pornography Case
St. Francis Hospital placed a full-page ad in a newspaper offering a phone number for victims in a West Hartford child pornography case.
A few weeks ago, more than 50,000 images of child pornography were found in a prominent doctor’s former home.................

.................In the ad, St. Francis said they have created a dedicated, confidential phone number for individuals and families who felt like they were victims of Reardon’s behavior. That number is 877-288-5774.
They also said in the ad, “We will be exploring alternatives to resolving this matter in a way that will be prompt and fair to all parties and consistent with our mission of providing superior care that is always above ethical reproach.” ..........

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

to the families and friends of

Zachoriah Williams and Michael Zebrowski i am very sorry for your loss. what a tragic loss of two lives.

EH National Guardsman died trying to help fellow serviceman on highway
By:Jenna N. Carlesso, Journal Inquirer
Two servicemen, one from East Hartford, were killed Sunday during the ice storm in a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 84 in Hartford after one got out of his car to help the other.
Zachoriah Williams, 21, of East Hartford, a National Guardsman, lost his life after he pulled over to help the other motorist, a young serviceman like himself who would die with him. ......

if anyone has seen this 8 week old pup

please call Puppy Patch 860-417-6018 or 203-768-2481.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

because the world does NOT need another

cheesecake factory OR golf course, thank goddess for the little north american bog turtle

(i don't know turtles well, but i could swear the turtles i've seen in avon were bog turtles. i won't say WHERE i saw them tough. on my grandparents land, which is long gone, in south glastonbury, there were TONS of snappers. those i know!)

By RINKER BUCK Courant Staff Writer

NORTH CANAAN - New York developer Roland W. Betts has encountered many obstacles during his five-year quest to build a golf course in the Litchfield Hills, from well-organized neighborhood opponents to regulators skeptical about his plans to use 300,000 gallons of groundwater a day to keep his fairways green.But now one of Connecticut's smallest and most mysterious of creatures — the North American bog turtle — could derail Betts' dream of building on the scenic high meadows of Yale Farm.The bog turtle, at just 4 inches long, is America's smallest turtle, but the species packs a mighty punch among the scientists and environmental regulators charged with protecting endangered species.........

Bog turtle (Clemmys muhlenbergii), United States. (Photograph by Joe Boris)

more on the monster

that was dr reardon. more on the pain he caused. the parents who didn't believe their children because doctors were gods. yet you will never know what it feels like to be those boys and girls. what it's like to have and keep those memories. they never go away.
The Reardon Case: For Alleged Victims, Little Solace
Unshakable Memories

He says he can still see the huge Cadillac DeVille that slid up to his childhood home around lunchtime that Sunday 40 years ago.In his memory, he is 12 years old again and can feel the terror as he climbs into the front seat next to Dr. George Reardon for a drive to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford.Reardon's hair is slicked back, and he smells of smoke from the cigarettes that seem almost constantly pursed between his lips........

.............But both also said that Reardon's eventual resignation in disgrace, his death from heart and lung disease in 1998 and finally the proof that everything they remembered was true would not be enough to salve their pain. What they want — and fear they may never get — is acknowledgment from their parents that the doctor harmed them and that the children were not to blame."He was a person of authority, my parents treated him as a god," said Dr. C., who like several other alleged victims described his upbringing in a devout Catholic household. "My parents' philosophy was if something bad happened it was because God was punishing you."...............

a shout out to the builders association of eastern connecticut

for helping cpl chris strickland come to a real HOME
Volunteers renovating home for injured Waterford Soldier
by News Channel 8's Crystal Haynes
Waterford (WTNH) _ A project is underway to help make life better for a soldier in Waterford who was injured in Iraq. Army Cpl. Chris Strickland's home is being retro fitted, so he can continue his recovery at home. Every cut, screw and plank in place on the new deck is bringing Cpl. Strickland closer to coming home to his family. He's spent the last year recovering at Walter reed medical center after being injured in Iraq.
"I went through 30 surgeries and then my hand still didn't work so I had to amputate it. And for the past seven or eight months I've been trying to adapt to having just one hand," said Cpl. Strickland. "Probably the hardest thing I ever went through. You don't realize how much having both hands really helps until you don't have one."
Cpl. Strickland also sustained serious injury to his legs and has lost sight in his right eye. Before he can come home, his house needs modifications including a deck, ramp and fencing in the yard for a new guide dog.
That's where the Builders Association of Eastern Connecticut comes in, they are renovating Strickland's home for free with materials donated by local businesses.
"He's over there doing this stuff for our safety and our freedom and I thin it's the least that we can do to help and give back to him," said volunteer, Tim Applegate........