Thursday, July 26, 2007

i'm aghast

he claimed the FIVE YEAR OLD was the agressor

please understand this can happen when someone is 80. age means nothing. it is NOT about sex. it is about abuse AND about power. i don't know the history of this man. i don't know if he has a previous record. i don't know if he has dementia (seems like he doesn't according to the authorities).

my point is even when we're FIVE YEARS OLD we're blamed. we WANTED IT, we were ASKING for it.

80-year-old man ruled mentally competent in sex assault case

Bridgeport-AP) _ A Bridgeport judge has ruled that an 80-year-old Trumbull man is mentally competent to stand trial on charges of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl.
The judge ruled yesterday that Anthony Azzopardi is mentally fit to go on trial. Azzopardi had been previously been committed for 60 days to the Whiting Forensic Institute in Middletown.
The alleged victim's parents had taken the girl to a doctor in April of 2006 for treatment of a urinary infection. Police say the girl told the doctor she had been sexually assaulted on several occasions by Azzopardi at his home.

Mental competency ruling expected/span>

........According to police, the girl was taken on April 5, 2006, by her parents to the doctor because of a urinary infection. During the examination, the girl disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted on numerous occasions by Azzopardi while he was babysitting for her at his home, police said. When officers confronted Azzopardi with the allegations, he allegedly told them the girl had been the aggressor and had sexually assaulted him. He also claimed she had thrown him on a bed, pulled his clothes off and sexually assaulted him. He said she then laughed at him and started playing with her dolls............

Police say that Azzopardi claimed the girl had been the aggressor and had sexually assaulted him.............

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'no one has done me as she has'

i admire you 'the ashford woman'. you are NOT alone. you are no longer a victim either. you are now a SURVIVOR.

even though hooks thinks jesus is going to save him, i don't. nothing case save hooks. he doesn't DESERVE saving. funny how people find religion after committing such heinous crimes.

you are a brave woman and you will get by. never forget that

Confrontation In Court
Victim Challenges Her Attacker As He Is Sentenced

By TRACY GORDON FOX Courant Staff Writer

DANIELSON - Standing in court Tuesday, just feet from the truck driver who kidnapped, raped and threatened to kill her, his 31-year-old victim demanded that he look at her before he begins serving 30 years in prison for the crime."I am a human being," the Ashford woman told Thomas E. Hooks in an unwavering voice. "You have made me afraid of nothing, but you made my family afraid of everything. I will never think of you again after today, but I assure you, you will think of me for the rest of your life."As Superior Court Judge Antonio Robaina sentenced Hook, 51, of Florida, to 30 years in prison for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault, prosecutors said he probably will be charged in a similar attack in Maryland, where authorities matched his DNA in a rape case..........

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a connecticut librarian has proof the gonz lied

yet, not only won't he step down, the pussies who COULD do something about it (the democrats) WON'T

take your vaginas outta your momma's handbags and EFFING DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE WHOLE ADMINISTRATION

a giant shout out to you as well ms nocek
Patriot Abuse
I Was Gagged By The Patriot Act While The Attorney General Was Free To Tell Falsehoods About It.

When the USA Patriot Act was being reauthorized in 2005, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales claimed that not one single abuse of the "national security letters" provision had been reported.It must be his poor memory that caused Mr. Gonzales to tell Congress that no abuse had been reported. What else would explain why he did not mention the reports that described abuses and mismanagement of NSLs - which we now discover were in his possession before his testimony?I was one of four library colleagues who challenged an NSL in the courts around the time of its reauthorization. We were under a gag order because of the nondisclosure provision of the NSL section of the Patriot Act. This happened even though a judge with high-level security clearance had declared that there was no risk in identifying us as recipients of an NSL.
We were therefore not allowed to testify to Congress about our experience with the letters - which seek information, without court review, on people like library users...........

Monday, July 23, 2007

it's getting uglier and uglier to live in west hartford

i am upset black and blue square was not only passed and built but it effed up our budget AND mill rate AND goddess only knows what else.

i am upset about west hartford center losing it's charm (in all fairness, it was starting to lose it's charm a while ago). i'm upset about the influx of traffic ALREADY starting in town.

i'm upset the kinds of things outlined in this article happen. i am a GIANT critic of what has happened to our town and what is happening to our town. yet, i would NEVER think to harass anyone OR threaten anyone OR destroy property.

it is morally reprehensible and i hope the guilty parties are caught AND made to pay

2 Recipients Denounce Mailed Cartoon
Item Is Described As Racist, Attack On Teaching Of Tolerance

By DANIEL P. JONES Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD - Two residents who received an offensive cartoon in the mail after speaking publicly in favor of West Hartford education spending say the image goes beyond anti-Semitism and attacks the idea of teaching tolerance and diversity in schools.Police continue to investigate the anonymous mailings, which arrived at several West Hartford residents' homes last week. At least three residents complained to police."My suspicion is that sentiment is not unique to West Hartford," one of the residents who received the cartoon said Thursday. "I wouldn't be surprised if it was picked up from some ultra-conservative fringe group. It certainly had earmarks of a [white] supremacist organization.".........

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