Saturday, March 15, 2008

i guess he ain't so 'MAGNIFICANT' any more

is 23 years (i'm sure WAY less than that with parole) enough for someone who is guilty of forcing a TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL into prostitution? my answer is HELL NO

and if you don't think this kind of thing goes on ALL of the time, think again

NY man convicted in human trafficking ring
Associated Press
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- A New York man pleaded guilty Friday in New Haven federal court for his role in a human trafficking ring that forced adolescent and teenage girls to work as prostitutes and dancers.Corey "Magnificent" Davis, 36, of Queens, pleaded admitted to one count of sex trafficking of a minor before U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall. Davis was arrested in December 2006 on several charges including sex trafficking, forced labor and transportation of a minor for immoral purposes. His trial was scheduled to begin on Monday. He has been detained since his arrest.As a result of the guilty plea, Davis agreed to a prison term of 23 years when he is sentenced on June 2. Federal prosecutors said a victims' fund also has been created from profits of the criminal enterprise........

i'm excited

i go to my first drop spindle lesson today! i can't wait. i have tried to learn on my own, but i just cannot.

the spindles, roving and niddy pictures are from the wheel thing (a connecticut company!). i've bought drop spindles a niddy and roving from them. the service is wonderful, the products and selections are wonderful. check them out

Thursday, March 13, 2008

jim hightower is coming to west hartford center

THIS friday 5 to 6:30 at town hall. i post his comments on occasion on my other blog. he's funny, he's wise and he knows king george and his court are destroying our country

click the link below for more info
Meet Jim Hightower!
.........Tickets are just $10, and proceeds benefit Connecticut Common Cause’s work to make government more accountable. Don’t miss it! For more information, contact Andy Sauer at (860) 549-1220.............

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the other day i posted a link to

they make VEGAN organic NON-WHITE SUGAR (i no longer eat white sugar) chocolates. i had not tried them when i posted the link. well, i tried them yesterday. they are THE BEST. they are WONDERFUL. they are mouth wateringly delicious.

i'm not the biggest chocolate lover in the world. sure i like it, but i like other things better. i'm telling you, GO OUT AND GET SOME divine treasures. i got mine at whole foods in west hartford center (i don't the the whole foods at bishops corner has them).

Monday, March 10, 2008

this is from oklahoma state rep sally kern

it's effing sick-making.

post it. let EVERYONE listen.
hat tip to naamah darling for the link

stop by and say hola to

the cut mag. looks cool

i absolutely TOLD you this story was true

and peshaw, you didn't believe me THEN - here's my ORIGINAL noah webster finger posting. now the courant backs me up
(told ya those west hartford matrons are NOTHIN' to be messin' wit)

By WILLIAM WEIR Courant Staff Writer

Since late last year, the statue of Noah Webster in West Hartford has returned to its perch in front of the town library, overlooking South Main Street.Newly lit, on a pedestal, and with a new forefinger where once there was a stump, it's a new start for Noah. Like a lot of public art, the memorial to the pioneer lexicographer and West Hartford native has had an unusual relationship with his community. For one reason or another, monuments can elicit an odd mix of reactions from the public.It was tough from the beginning in Noah's case, and we can trace his troubles back to sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski. Unknown at the time, the young artist moved to town from Boston and volunteered his services in the 1930s to build the statue after reading of Webster's work on the American dictionary. The town didn't have much to offer Ziolkowski, but officials agreed to pay for the expense of the limestone monument.From the get-go, things were a little shaky. Arguments erupted over whether Noah should sit or stand. Construction added to the rancor, because of the all-day noise of drills and hammers. Ziolkowski's working on Sundays didn't go over well, either.The completed work didn't end the Webster memorial's troubles. Specifically, there was his pointing forefinger. Considered vaguely phallic by many, some thought it was Ziolkowski's attempt to get the last laugh on the town. In any case, it was all but an invitation for pranks..............

picture: NOAH WEBSTER'S FICKLE FINGER may have a better fate now that it’s been reconstructed on the native son’s memorial in West Hartford's Blue Back Square. But already word is that the formidable finger is attracting a new generation of pranksters who dress it up with condoms. (PATRICK RAYCRAFT / March 5, 2008)