Wednesday, June 29, 2011

because i'm SO with it...........

i didn't know about this stupid new sales tax until yesterday when a co worker mentioned it.

i don't mind paying taxes, i don't BUT this is getting ridiculous 

good luck!

As Friday's Sales Tax Changes Loom, Confusion And Scrambling Continue

Whoever said there was nothing certain but death and taxes didn't have to figure out the new Connecticut sales tax package that takes effect Friday.
Uncertainty and last-minute scrambling over which goods and services will or won't be taxed is widespread as state agencies are still researching some of the finer points, and merchants are still learning the new law.
"There have been a lot of changes, so there has been some confusion," said Sarah Kaufman, a spokeswoman for the Department of Revenue Services. "We want to be sure that businesses and consumers have the correct information, so we're continuing to update."

Kaufman said the agency has been contacting businesses, retailers and trade organizations to clarify the new tax rules. But some groups, such as yoga instructors, are harder to reach than, say, the owners of package stores.

And speaking of yoga, we know that classes at yoga studios are now taxable — they've long been taxed at fitness centers — but what about training and workshops for instructors?
Paula Scopino, owner of Sacred River Yoga Studio in Glastonbury, says she received a letter from the Department of Revenue Services, but she said the communiqué left her with unanswered questions..................