Friday, February 05, 2010

if this man trapped animals (illegally, BUT i don't care either way, it's

OBSCENE to me to trap animals) i want him punished to the FULL extent of the law. people like this (ones that can trap wild animals in leg hold traps or snare traps) HAVE NO EFFING SOUL (he's NOT been found guilty. i'm saying IF a person in general does this)

they can hurt an animal they can hurt a person. that's what i say and that's what i mean and that's what i KNOW

remember it could be YOUR dog or YOUR cat in one of those traps

Pet Gets Caught In Illegal Trap In Avon

— Christine Dempsey
AVON — - Police have charged a Plainville man with illegal trapping after a dog got caught in one of the traps, the state's environmental agency said today.

The incident happened on Jan. 31, when a citizen was walking his dog on a trail along the Farmington River in Avon, according to a press release from the state Department of Environmental Protection. His dog got caught in a snare trap, which are illegal. The pet was not injured.

DEP police officers investigated the complaint and on Feb. 2 found more illegal traps, including snare traps and unpadded leghold traps, the agency said. The traps were set up along the river..............

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

i'm not going to talk about my feelings and beliefs

zoo-wise here. i'm just going to link to a couple of stories.

rest in peace thaao

Zoo Family Mourns Death of Oldest Living Condor in Captivity
Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s Andean Condor dies at a remarkable 80 years of age

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – January 21, 2009 — Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo announced today that Thaao (pronounced TAY-OH), the oldest living Andean condor in captivity, has died at nearly 80 years of age. Thaao came to the Zoo in 1993, after living most of his life at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He was the only endangered animal at the Zoo that was actually born in the wild. An autopsy was conducted and has proved inconclusive.

“We were extremely lucky to have had Thaao with us for as long as we did,” shared Gregg Dancho, Zoo Director. “He was not a cuddly, lovable guy but we were happy to give him a good home for his twilight years. He will be missed.”

When Thaao was born in 1930, Herbert Hoover was president of the United States. As such, he was the oldest living condor in captivity and most likely the oldest condor in the world. The average lifespan of an Andean condor is approximately 50 years of age. With a stud book number of four, it is believed that Thaao was one of the original animals to have been tracked using the system. A stud book, also called a breed registry, is a list of all of the known individual animals in a breed.

Because Andean condors are an endangered species, the Zoo worked closely with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA’s) Species Survival Program (SSP) to ensure that the proper autopsy protocols were followed, enabling valuable scientific information to be collected and recorded. Biologists estimate that there are only a few thousand of these birds left in the wild. Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo also has been supporting the wild population of Andean Condors through the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group of which Dancho is Vice Chair............

Beardsley Zoo's Andean condor, world's oldest, dead at 80

BRIDGEPORT ---- Thaao was born the same year that Mickey Mouse made his debut, John Dillinger escaped from prison, Mahatma Gandhi walked 200 miles to protest the British salt monopoly and Hostess Twinkees were invented.

Thaao, an Andean condor and resident of Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo for 17 years, died at the age of 80 on Jan. 6, it was announced Tuesday.

He was the oldest living condor in captivity, and most likely the oldest condor in the world, zoo officials said. In the wild, condors don't usually live past 50.

Pronounced "Tay-oh," the feathered octogenarian came to Bridgeport in 1993; he spent most of his life at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Despite all the care he received over the course of his life, he wasn't the sort of creature that enjoyed the company of humans.

"Thaao wasn't the sort of animal who would cuddle up to you," zoo director Gregg Dancho said. "He's a top-of-the-line predator and scavenger, and he'd never shy away from protecting his turf."............

pic: Thaao, the Andean condor who lived at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, in Bridgeport, Conn., seen here in 2005, passed away on Jan. 6th. At 80, Thaao was believed to be the oldest condor in captivity in the world. Photo: Phil Noel / Connecticut Post |

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

baby steps but man, at least it's SOMETHING

this is VERY good news. our great state of connecticut is taking a step in the right direction. the

New Tool To Capture Domestic Violence Crimes

New Haven police are getting proactive about domestic violence. From now on dozen of patrols will have special kits to help properly collect evidence.

Police say the domestic violence kits could revolutionize the way they investigate and solve cases thanks to one main item, a digital camera. In cases where the victim is sometimes afraid to come forward a picture is worth a thousand words.

“Sometimes the victim changes their mind within hours and sometimes having the photographs and if the investigation is done properly, it gives an impact,” says Lt. Patricia Helliger.

Connecticut’s Chief States Attorney Office sent out 400 special domestic violence kits to departments around the state, New Haven received 44..........

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i know he's 78

but with a history of dui and now (allegedly) breaking into a bank WITH A GUN, while intoxicated....well ALL of those things are deadly (including the cars). i was just informed someone i knew for years and years died in a car accident on thursday morning at about 1:30 am. she was only 27 years old. she wasn't wearing a seatbelt (she was the passenger) and police believe alcohol may be involved. the driver lived but i think he's still in the hospital. i'm not saying she caused her death. of course she didn't. if alcohol WAS involved, she never should have gotten into that car (is all i'm saying). she was beautiful and bright and a hard worker and had one hell of a personality. now, she no longer exists. poof. at any rate i digress. 21 or 80, you CANNOT allow someone with a history of dui to continue to operate cars AND to continue to own guns. if proven guilty they damn well better take mr torn's guns away FOR GOOD (do i feel badly about ranting and raving about rip torn? not when deadly weapons such as cars and guns are involved). by the way, i think he's one hell of an actor. he was absolutely brilliant on the larry sanders show. this is an ap article so if you want to read it, click on the link

Police: Actor Rip Torn Charged With Breaking Into Bank

this one is reuters...

Actor Rip Torn arrested drunk, armed in Conn. bank

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Emmy award winning actor Rip Torn, who has had a recurring role in the NBC hit "30 Rock," has been arrested after police found him intoxicated and armed inside a Connecticut bank at the weekend.

Torn, 78, was being held on $100,000 bond after state police responded to an alarm at the Litchfield Bank in Salisbury, the Connecticut town where the actor lives, and found him inside the closed bank "with a loaded revolver" and "highly intoxicated," according to a police report issued on Saturday.

He was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief and weapons charges.........

pic: an older mug shot.

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