Friday, November 02, 2007

'we're coming back with problems'

problems AT THE VERY LEAST. army specialist eric trinidad brought back some amazing video. video from the snipers themselves, attacking specialist trinidad's unit (no one got hurt from that attack. although their medic was hit, he was wearing protective gear and was able to get up. click the link below for the video

A soldier's story
by News Channel 8's Annie Rourke
(WTNH) _ One Connecticut veteran is finding that a return to civilian life can be hard when scenes from war leave emotional scars.
Soldiers in Iraq have to deal with a hidden enemy that can strike at any time. The trauma of war can have long lasting psychological effects. Now, one Connecticut soldier is speaking out about his experiences in Iraq and how it has not been easy to come home.
Army Specialist Eric Trinidad shared some video with News Channel 8 that shows a viewpoint you don't often see. It is a recruiting tape made by terrorists who are targeting American soldiers.
After 13 months in combat the West Haven native says, "Sometimes I get angry for no reason. I can't even explain why I get angry. I just have a sense that people have forgotten. We're still over there and coming back with problems that it's hard to re-adjust." ...........

video (if this link doesn't work, click on the one above - there's a link to the video right in the wtnh story

Thursday, November 01, 2007

i'm on vacation this week

what did i do monday, tuesday and wednesday? i helped my friends renovate (a bit) the half door. i painted, moved stuff, made a 'deep' (home depot) run or two, made a run to the music store to drop off some amps (not sure what exactly they were but they are part of the music system). i can barely move i am SO sore AND tired. the half door was supposed to open yesterday evening, but it just wasn't ready. it WILL open today at about 4:00 pm.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

evil rotten souls

that if there WAS a hell would be burning in it (i know that is not a correctly structured sentence. so? i'm on vacation what do you want? )
Fake CNN Website Tries to Frame Hispanic Group for Wildfires
Posted by Lindsay Beyerstein
.........This post, written by Lindsay Beyerstein, originally appeared on Majikthise
Speaking of fake news... Someone registered the domain name "cnnheadlienews" on Oct. 25 2007, to run a bogus news story alleging that Hispanic separatist group had claimed responsibility for setting the California wildfires.
The page is dummied up to look like a CNN web page. There's no other content on the site. A WHOIS search reveals that the page is registered to something called "Bleach Boy Manufacturing."........................

keep your fingers crossed

fender doesn't SCREW with ovation (or kaman music in general).
i've played ovations and they're LOVELY instruments.

and a special shout out to the kamans for being so involved (well i don't know about now, i'm guessing they still are, i know they USED to be) in the fidelco guide dog organization

Kaman Selling Music Division
Fender Instruments To Take Over Business

By ERIC GERSHON Courant Staff Writer

In the colorful annals of Kaman Corp., this will be remembered as the year the music stopped.The Bloomfield maker of aircraft parts and helicopters is selling its 40-year-old Kaman Music Corp. division to Fender Musical Instruments Corp. of Arizona - maker of the celebrated Stratocaster and Telecaster electric guitars - for about $117 million.For Kaman - and American industry - the deal will end a long-lived and quirky business combination, one that blended the stone-sober practicality of aerospace manufacturing and industrial supplies with the whimsy, levity and creativity of musical instrument innovation............

kaman music

another story keeping with the time of year

i DO hope they are resting in peace now. i can only imagine the pain they endured during their lives if people DID think they were vampires

Vampires in Eastern Connecticut
by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj
Griswold (WTNH) _ A small Connecticut town has a creepy history of blood-sucking ghouls.
Lemuel and Elisha Ray were brothers and vampires according to Griswold's town historian, Mary Deveau. Mary says the brothers reached from beyond the grave to feed on their dying brother Henry who had tuberculosis.
"They were the living dead," Mary said. "These two were dead and they were supposedly feeding on his flesh."
To save Henry, relatives gathered at their graves determined to stop the disease by stopping them.
"They came and dug them up and the quote is, 'burned them on the spot,' Mary said.
But it didn't work and that year, 1854, Henry died. ...........

jewitt city vampires

Monday, October 29, 2007

an interesting story

especially for this time of year........

boo! (which is what i say to people who stare at me. and yes, stare they do. well, that is until i shout BOO to them)

Stones raining on tavern set stage for Salem witchcraft hysteria
NEW CASTLE, N.H. -- A 2-foot-high rock wall borders the elementary school near the spot where a satanic spirit purportedly showered George and Alice Walton's home and tavern with stones 325 years ago. It set off a wave of hysteria that foreshadowed the Salem witch trials.Could some of the rocks now neatly arranged outside Mabel H. Trefethen School be among those that came crashing down on Walton's property on the night of June 11, 1682, creating the belief that a stone-throwing devil was on the loose?
"Who knows where (the rocks) came from? Your guess is as good as mine," says historian Emerson W. Baker, whose new book, "The Devil of Great Island," uses the historical footnote as an opening to explore witchcraft and devilry in the Colonial New England mind-set.The moon was full that Sunday night when stones rained onto George Walton and several companions as they headed toward the tavern, according to an eyewitness. The rocks, some as large as a man's fist, continued to fly even after those targeted by the barrage took shelter inside. Some of the rocks were hot, as if they had just been pulled from a fire.............

from salem state, lithobolia

i'm happy

Champs again! Red Sox sweep World Series

photo: Jonathan Papelbon celebrated on the field as the Red Sox won the World Series. (Getty Images Photo / Jamie Squire)