Thursday, July 10, 2008

they're getting bigger every day

my sunflowers at one week

and here they are at 6 to 7 weeks! soon we'll see the flowers and i can't wait.

hmmmmmmmmm 35 burglaries in the past 4 months

and we're hearing about it now? what up? i'm not the most well informed person out there, so this info MAY have been released prior to now. but i sure didn't hear or read about it until today

the picture looks like it's from the apartments on the corner of farmington and quaker.

Police: West Hartford Apartments Target Of Burglars

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. -- West Hartford police, investigating a rash of at least 35 burglaries in apartment buildings over the last four months, said Wednesday residents should take precautions, stay alert, and report any suspicious activity.
"They should lock their apartment doors, keep valuables out of sight, if you see someone suspicious, immediately call the police department,"
Sgt. Jeff Rose said. "Sometimes with apartments, if you don't know your neighbors that well, get to know them."
Many of the thefts -- in which jewelry, computers, even large televisions have been pilfered -- have occurred during the day when the residents are not at home, police said.,,,,,,,,,,,,


taken yesterday at work

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

it's been a while

but i'm glad to know they are STILL out there......

(the none-too-bright connecticut criminal that is)

Man robbed buying drugs calls cops, is arrested

HARTFORD, Conn.—Prosecutors have dropped charges filed against an East Hartford man who called police to report he had been robbed during a drug deal.

Max Minnefield called police Monday to report that he had paid a man and a woman $8 for some crack cocaine that he never received.

Police charged him with criminal attempt to commit possession of narcotics.

During his arraignment Tuesday, Judge Bradford Ward asked Minnefield, "Did you really think the police were going to go after the people?" He added that his question was rhetorical.........