Tuesday, February 15, 2011

someone i know

was getting gas at a station in hartford the other night/morning (in the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hours). she works at a bar so that's what she was doing out and about at that hour. two friends were with her but they were inside getting chicken (yeah, it's a gas station/chicken joint. go figure). somehow she had to back her car up a couple of feet because the pump she was at wasn't working. her back window was frosty and someone had pulled in in back of her. she tapped their car. three young men jumped out and went to town on her (yelling only so far but what they were yelling, i won't even print). she calmly explained she had insurance and any damage done to their car would be taken care of. she called her friends on her cell phone and told them to get outside asap because the situation was escalating . the three men from the car assaulted one of her friends. they coldcocked him and knocked him out, then when he was down, they kicked him in the head. the three men left their car there and tore off running. the woman i know called the hartford police. (now, this is all hearsay. i was NOT there, but guess what? i BELIEVE HER). the three men must have called 'the aunt' because 'the aunt' showed up at the gas station and said it was HER car and could the woman claim 'the aunt' was driving. HELL NO said the woman. she was going to press charges. when the hartford police officer (i believe it was only one) got there, he said this happens all the time and either he didn't have time to investigate or he was far too busy to investigate. 

they have the license number
they have 'the aunt'
they have three witnesses (the woman i know and her two friends, one of whom had the shite kicked out of him)
they may have video of the attack. i don't know if the gas station/chicken joint has video going (but the cop did NOT check)

well, to the woman i know DO NOT LET THIS GO. CALL pedro segarra call daryl roberts. it is the JOB of the police to not only PREVENT CRIME BUT TO INVESTIGATE CRIME THAT ALREADY HAS BEEN COMMITTED. do NOT NOT NOT let this go at all. this isn't right. this isn't just. 

and one wonders why hartford is dying (yes, i do believe it is)

and this in the courant this morning
an interactive map of 2010 hartford crime stats