Saturday, June 12, 2010

more on the amazing story of jonathan metz

at the courant link below, there's even a copy of the 911 call mr metz' friend luca digregorio made to the west hartford police. dang.

my ABSOLUTE best wishes to you.

West Hartford Man Who Tried To Cut Off His Own Arm Is Doing Well After Surgery, Doctors Say
His Arm Was Stuck In His Furnace For Three Days

The doctors who spent more than two hours operating Friday on Jonathan Metz used words such as "amazing," "inner strength" and "courage" in describing their patient.

Metz, who cut off most of his arm after it became wedged in his furnace, is an "amazing individual," said Dr. William Marshall of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford. "He's got an incredible personality as well as a will to live."

The 31-year-old West Hartford resident is doing well after the surgeons closed the wound at the amputation site, Marshall and Dr. Scott Ellner said in a telephone interview. From about 7:15 to 9:30 a.m., the doctors closed the wound with muscle and other tissue, they said...............

Friday, June 11, 2010

man, this is some story

of courage and i'm sure fear and goddess only knows what else. i cannot even imagine doing what mr metz HAD to do.

jonathan, i wish you all the best. i cannot believe what you had to go through. you are through it now. there will have to be some adjustments made, but i'm certain you (and portia) will get by JUST fine. (and a shout out to your friend luca too)

West Hartford Man Tried To Cut Off His Own Arm
Arm Stuck Under The Furnace For Three Days

Jonathan Metz was on the wet floor of his basement for two days, his left arm wedged under a furnace.

He was in and out of consciousness, but Metz, 31, knew what he had to do.

He had to cut his arm off. Metz's arm was decaying from a lack of blood flow, going into a "gangrenous state," Dr. Scott Ellner, a trauma doctor at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, said Thursday. The infection couldn't be allowed to spread.

"It was the right thing to do," Ellner said. "This man saved his own life.".....

yet ANOTHER stupid connecticut criminal

helpful hint: when you're on a court recess (being in court to answer larceny charges at that!)

During Court Break, Hebron Man Arrested Again

A Hebron man who was at Rockville Superior Court Wednesday to answer a larceny charge for stealing a GPS unit then trying to sell it back to its owner decided to use a court recess to buy a bottle of Vodka, drink the entire bottle in front of the courthouse, then break into cars parked in front of the courthouse, police said.

Among the items that police said Thomas Peno, 51, of Wellswood Road, took from unlocked cars were a cell phone and keys.

When Peno returned to court, judicial marshals took him into custody for being drunk and disorderly, police said. They then realized he matched the description of the man who was seen breaking into cars................

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

a giant giant giant WTF???????

blackwater in salem CONNECTICUT? yeah, just what we need. more guns. oh yeah and that prince gatsu piedi of a man, erik prince is selling blackwater xe (a pile o' shite by any other name..............). c'mon salem, do you really want ANYTHING to do with blackwater (and what they've done and what they will do????)

Coming soon: Blackwater Pro Shops with indoor firing ranges.

By Tanya Somanader
Since its contractors infamously shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians, Blackwater has rebranded itself, trying to insist that it’s a reformed company. It even changed its name to “Xe” last year. But at this year’s NRA convention, ThinkProgress discovered that the corporation was still marketing the Blackwater brand on merchandise like baseball hats, shot glasses, beach towels, and guns, which could be bought online. Now, the site Soldier Systems reports that Blackwater enthusiasts will be able to buy their goods in persons, at two new stores opening in Fayetteville, NC and Salem, CT:..........

Blackwater: The Retail Store

Blackwater, the private military firm that perhaps ranks among the world's most scandal-ridden companies, has decided to go into the retail business. After such scandals as bribing Iraqi officials, stealing U.S. weapons, and killing innocent civilians, the company has taken the opportunity to expand from its core business of killing people into the new field of selling people things. The Blackwater Pro Shops, which will sell the same quality good available at its online store, are planned for Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Salem, Connecticut. It goes without saying that both stores will contain a firing range........

pic: from the first (thinkprogress) link

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

this would be pretty cool for the town of windsor

it's right near where i work as well. the space is huge (of the former INDOOR racing track) and it's just going to waste. i sure do hope this movie comes to fruition

Director Plans To Film New Movie In Windsor

The director of the 1988 film "Bull Durham" said Friday that he wants to shoot a boxing film in Connecticut using a former indoor motorbike racing venue on Day Hill Road as the primary sound stage.

Ron Shelton, who directed Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon in "Bull Durham," said he hopes to begin shooting "Pound for Pound," a film set in Detroit, by the fall.

"I can find Detroit in Hartford, I can find Detroit in Bridgeport," Shelton said in an interview at 1001 Day Hill Road, the shopping plaza where Mototown USA operated.

The film would be made for $15 million or less, said Shelton, who did not name any cast members.

If Shelton reaches final terms with Leslie Greif, a veteran Hollywood producer, and his partners, it could prove to be a coup for Tommy DeFranzo, the builder and entrepreneur who owns the former Mototown site. DeFranzo is one of Greif's partners.............

Sunday, June 06, 2010

you want my answer? no. no is my answer

without hesitation. without guilt. without a second throught. NO.

abusers will always abuse. there is no screening as this article goes on to describe. there is no cure. i don't care about being pc. there is NO cure for an abuser other than locking them up and throwing away the key. it's something within their ugly disease infested souls. it's the need for power and control (not unlike someone who 'sexually' assaults).

Should Abusers Get A Second Chance?