Saturday, September 26, 2009

the half door's 10th anniversary is today

the half door

do stop by if you're in the greater hartford area. it's a low country boil AND a bbq. i'm vegan BUT i will tell you everyone was raving about the chow AND i brought my pops home some ribs and my car actually smelled GOOD (i'm not even kidding).

anyway, you will not see me tonight. if you know me you know i keep odd hours. i did my time there earlier. DO GO. music, food, beverages and of course eddie and erin behind the bar

perhaps more evidence found in the murder case of annie le

wow, i would have thought they went over that area with a fine tooth comb. it's rather odd an employee found the new evidence in a drain pipe (as in what was an employee doing looking in a drain pipe???? although i guess the pipe could have been clogged and maintenance could have been asked to look into it and THEY found the clothing. hmmmmmmm don't know. all speculation on my part)

and once again there are ALL sorts of links in the courant story which is the link below

Potential New Evidence In Yale Murder Case
The Hartford Courant

NEW HAVEN — - State police on Sunday returned to the Yale research lab building where the body of 24-year-old graduate student Annie Le was found a week earlier after the discovery of potential new evidence.

The State Police Central District Crime Squad was called to 10 Amistad St. after an employee discovered clothing in the basement area, apparently in some kind of drain pipe. The evidence was removed for testing.

On Wednesday, the Western District Crime Squad was called to the building to flush out and search other drain pipes in the basement area. No additional evidence was found.

Officer Joe Avery, a New Haven police spokesman, said police recovered "possible evidence or something related to the case," but he declined to elaborate.

"We've never really been totally out of there," Avery said. "We've been back and forth, and we're still in and out of there. This is a big case, and we're going to cross every 't' and dot every 'i.'"............

Funeral Set Today In California For Slain Yale Graduate Student Annie Le
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - A funeral for Annie Le, the Yale graduate student killed earlier this month, has been scheduled for today in California, a family spokesman said.

Family members and close friends will attend the funeral at Holy Trinity Church in El Dorado Hills, Calif., said the Rev. Dennis Smith, a New Haven pastor who has served as a family spokesman.......

Friday, September 25, 2009

the moral of the story is

don't come across the border from ny and try to sing karaoke in connecticut! there are lovely pics of the SUSPECTS at the link below if you're so inclined to see 'em

Belted After Belting Out Badly

More than a New York woman’s ego was wounded when six women beat her up over a bad karaoke performance in Stamford, police said.

The 25-year-old woman from Port Chester, New York, was singing at Bobby Valentine’s Restaurant on Wednesday night when six women made some derogatory comments about the victim’s inability to sing, police said. What she was singing, we have no idea.

Then, in a move that makes Simon Cowell seem kind, the girl fight started, according to police.....

more smoke fire and angels (book) coverage


smoke fire and angels

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my friend mark robinson

was interviewed by wfsb yesterday

they don't say anywhere in the interview ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK (which can be purchased through the site smoke fire and angels) go to a fund for the victims and their families. SO I'M SAYING IT (again).

i read half of the book a long time ago when mark gave me an initial draft of the first few chapters. i was impressed then but i am more impressed now. mark not only tells you the story of the victims and those that shared their lives BUT he even tells you about the inner workings of a dump truck, the history (as in geology) of how avon mountain got here. he gives us background on the angels (including one doc who treated people at the scene and disappeared into the smoke never to be identified). mark did amazing reasearch.

the book is $20.00 (all inclusive). order it from the site please (if you get it in borders they keep part of the proceeds). OR if you see me anywhere, i have copies. i'll always have copies with me. just stop me and say HEY A ROSE IS A ROSE, toss one o' them thar books over ta me!

channel 3 video link

Surivor Details Avon Mountain Crash In Book
Author Tells Stories Of Victims, Rescuers

A survivor of the deadly Avon Mountain crash is telling his story in a new book.A dump truck slammed into traffic at the base of the mountain in 2005, killing five people.Crash survivor Mark Robinson not only lived through the crash, but also interviewed nearly 100 witnesses and victims for the book, “Smoke, Fire And Angels.”“I don’t remember a thing – it’s just a blank in my mind – and so naturally I’ve had a curiosity,” Robinson said. “I was in the front row of this event and I don’t remember a thing.”On July 29, 2005, Robinson said he was on Route 44 headed from Canton to Hartford, where he worked at ING. He said he was thinking about how he should have left an hour earlier.....

smoke fire and angels

just a couple of my previous postings


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i knew andy at cool justice would have a posting

and his is the one i want to link to

Jim Irwin, 1936-2009, Friend Of Young Writers

Irwin founded the Young Writers Trust in 1998. Douskey, an original board member of The Trust, has also served as President of IMPAC University in Punta Gorda, FL.

Today, the Connecticut Young Writers competition continues to affirm the work of young poets and writers while celebrating their accomplishments. The Young Writers Trust has given more than $182,000 to Connecticut’s best young writers since 1998.

IMPAC Chairman Jim Irwin and retired Connecticut State University System Chancellor William Cibes expanded the Young Writers Program from Litchfield County to cover the entire state in 2000.

IMPAC, a leading global productivity firm, sponsors the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, which, at 100,000 euros, is the largest in the world for a single work of fiction.

Jim Irwin was a great friend to young writers all over the world. He was a fierce and relentless advocate for free expression.............
-- Photos Courtesy of Connecticut Young Writers Trust
Jim Irwin, right, at the Litchfield Inn several years ago with friend and colleague Franz Douskey, the poet and writer.

domestic violence - BREAK THE CYCLE

over the years i've worked at various shelters for women and children. i've done everything from yard work to washing windows to cooking to holding the hand of a crying woman to holding the hand of a laughing woman.

shelters for victims of domestic abuse are (unfortunately) more than necessary. i have read due to the economy, many (in other states) have been closing. we can't let that happen UNTIL WE STAMP OUT ABUSE

interval house

Men Announce Domestic Violence Initiative
The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD — - Some 30 prominent men from businesses, television news stations, law enforcement and several other agencies in Connecticut gathered at the Legislative Office Building this morning to announce a new initiative in the battle against domestic violence.

The men pledged to help Interval House, a non-profit domestic violence intervention and prevention program, combat the crime by helping to educate children and families to raising money,

"Domestic violence is a cycle that can stop if we provide the leadership. I truly believe that men can make a difference. We're coming to learn, listen and lend a hand, but also to lead," said Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is chairman of Interval House's Men Against Domestic Violence Campaign: "Men Make a Difference." They have been recruiting men to join their efforts since July.

One of way of breaking the cycle is awareness, Blumenthal said, and several television news stations have vowed to help with education and outreach. Brad Drazen, a news anchor for WVIT 30 ( NBC Connecticut), is planning on doing public service announcements with Blumenthal..............

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

that's a wrap on the investigation of the murder of annie le

may she rest in peace. may her family, friends and fiance find peace in their lives as well. the world was devastated, i can only imagine how they feel

New Haven Police Done With Le's Murder Investigation; No More Arrests Expected
The Hartford Courant

NEW HAVEN — - Police have wrapped up their investigation of the slaying of Yale graduate student Annie Le and are not expecting more arrests, the police chief said Monday.

Police Chief James Lewis said that police on Saturday seized a vehicle owned by the father of Raymond Clark III, but he declined to say why police sought a search warrant for the vehicle.

"But don't read anything into that," Lewis said. "It doesn't mean that somebody else is going to be arrested. We're finishing up the process of looking at evidence and sometimes you never know where that evidence will take you. But for now, we've made the only arrest we expect to make. "

Clark, 24, an animal laboratory technician at Yale, is charged with murder in the killing of Le, a third-year doctoral student in pharmacology at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.......

............In a press release, police said that Dearington asked the department to clarify a report in The New York Post that said the suspect "broke the bones and mangled the body of" Le "to fit it through a wall."

"This information is false and this myth must be dispelled at the request of the state's attorney," Lewis said in the press release.

Lewis told The Courant that such a report needed to be corrected.

"We'd prefer not to have inaccurate statements out there, particularly ones that are so shocking to the public," he said........