Saturday, April 22, 2006

a ghost in mystic?

i thought this was interesting. i am NOT saying there is a ghost on this ship though. i think 99% of these types of incidents are either fakes or have another explanation. i DO believe there IS something outworldly going on in 1% (give or take) of the 'sightings'. i know, i myself have seen things..........

Paranormal specialists review strange sightings on Mystic ship
April 22, 2006
MYSTIC, Conn. --Specialists in paranormal research are investigating whether a historic whaling ship might be home to the ghost of a long-ago seafarer.
A five-member team from the Rhode Island Paranormal Research group visited Mystic Seaport on Friday night to spend time on the Charles W. Morgan, a wooden whaling ship where several visitors have reported seeing the apparition.
The 165-year-old craft made 37 ocean voyages in search of whales during the 60 years it was in use. About 1,000 men worked on the Morgan over those decades.
The ship, due for a $3.5 million restoration next year, one of the main attractions at the Mystic Seaport maritime museum.
The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group became interested in the Morgan after receiving reports from three different groups of people about the apparition.
The visitors said that while touring the ship last summer, they saw a man in what appeared to be 19th-century clothing working below deck. They said the man, who had a pipe in his mouth, nodded at them but did not speak.
When they went returned to the main deck and asked a museum interpreter what the man was doing, they were told that no one was down below and that no one was assigned to be on the boat that day.
"I automatically questioned it, but they insisted they saw something down there," Andrew Laird, founder of the paranormal research group, told The Day of New London.
He said that when he asked the three groups for more details, they responded with the same accounts. The three groups were from Massachusetts, Arizona and New York and did not know each other.
They visited within a week's time of each other.
"The fact that we had three reports that were the same made everyone's eyebrows go up," Laird said......

Friday, April 21, 2006

plan b

shawn (black tee) and al (hat) working on their new venture: plan b

it was formerly the cypress (on park road). it SHOULD be open in another month or so. it will feature AMERICAN beers (like the half door features IMPORTED beers). i got a chance to peek at the menu too. it looks WONDERFUL (well if you're a carnivore that is. there WILL be a few vegetarian options though). i can't wait till it opens! i'll keep you posted

Thursday, April 20, 2006

my advice is LET HIM GO

i'm not being cruel or cold. i know what i'm talking about. YOU'LL get sick (not just mentally BUT PHYSICALLY TOO). you'll stay awake worrying at night (or even the day). you'll have things stolen out of your home and purse (by him). you'll be lied to. oh sure he'll say he's sorry and it won't happen again. THAT is a lie too

when someone is addicted to crack or alcohol or another drug, they become ANOTHER PERSON. they are NOT the one you love. THEY JUST AREN'T.

on the other hand, i believe in miracles because i've seen it happen. someone CAN turn their life around (they will ALWAYS be an addict but they can go for the rest of their lives without drinking a drop or taking a hit) and become who you love again. it happened in my life. i have that person back. it didn't work the first time (hell, i don't know if it ever does the first time) but it DID end up working. it wasn't MY decision. i could yell or cry or get sick till i was blue in the face. it did NO GOOD. when this person made up THEIR OWN MIND TO STOP and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT HONESTLY, well then it worked.

you are NOT doing yourself or your kids or this man one bit of good if you take him back like he is. don't do it. just don't do it.

Enabling, Or Simply Loving?"
Helen UbiƱas
April 20, 2006
Everything had been so good that Easter day. Ernestine Austin and her fiance, Michael Faienza, had gone to her soon-to-be in-laws' for dinner. The kids had run Faienza ragged playing ring-around-the-rosy while the adults watched from the deck. Then someone brought out the bourbon. Austin dumped out a few glasses and warned Faienza to stop. But he didn't; he was replacing one drug with another. That's what they argued about in the car. You read the story about the drunken dad who ran over his fiancee's foot before taking off with his kid on Easter Sunday, and probably thought the same thing I did: Clearly the guy has some issues - but what about that mother? First she says the good Samaritans who put their lives on the line to help her overreacted. And then she shows up at court this week and pleads with the judge to go easy on him. If you're like me, you wanted to drive over to her house and scream. I decided to call instead.Believe me, Austin told me Wednesday morning, she knows what she sounds like. But it's not so simple. It never is.For the past four months, she's been reeling with the discovery that the man she is engaged to marry is addicted to crack. He'd been addicted before she found out, but no one would have known, she insists. He had a job, a new car. He was a functioning addict. At first, she told him it was all or nothing. Either he stopped or he was out. He promised to change.................

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

to the one or ones who did this: may you one day understand what you've done

i wasn't going to write about this at all. not because i didn't care (i do. i'm repulsed) but because i didn't want to give any sort of mention to a sick mind. is this the work of kids like the middle school incident a while ago? is this the work of teenagers? is this the work of an adult?

do kids and teenagers understand what a swastika means? do they know what sort of feelings and memories it invokes?

it's NOT a joke. it's not a gag. it is beyond distasteful. i hope the culprit(s) is caught soon and brought to justice. justice as in being made to go to the holocaust museum. sitting down and watching shoah. talking to survivors. talking to people of ALL races and religions who have been slaughtered and discriminated against

the holocaust shoah page

Vandals strike Holocaust Memorial twice this week

(West Hartford-WTNH April 18, 2006 9:10 PM)_ For the second time in a week someone has painted a swastika on a Holocaust Memorial in West Hartford.
by News Channel 8's Jamie Muro
"Growing up in Israel, I grew up in hate."
Rabbi Joseph Gopin must find ways to explain why a blatant message of hate continues to appear not only to his flock but to his son.
"It says that someone wants to show that they are angry at all the Jews." says Mendy Gopin-the Rabbi's son...............

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


april 18th 6:45 am

little tree with tiny white flowers

april 18th 6:45 am

here are 500 men and women

we must add to our thoughts and prayers list:

500 Connecticut National Guard soldiers head to Afghanistan

HARTFORD, Conn. --State military officials announced Monday that 500 soldiers from a New Haven-based National Guard unit have been deployed to Afghanistan.
The 102nd Infantry Battalion of New Haven had been training at Fort Bragg, N.C., since January. The battalion was mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, said Maj. Gen. Thaddeus J. Martin, commander of the Connecticut National Guard.
The 102nd will be deployed for up to 18 months.............

Monday, April 17, 2006

i went to sit-n-knit on friday

they're in west hartford center and have a new space. they just moved across the street (lasalle road) from where they were. however, they have MUCH more room and what a cheery place it is!

here's some of the stash i have from sit-n-knit

fabulous felted bags by nicky epstein (with the book opened to the fuschias handbag).
yarn from top center: the white is: classic elite (i'm STILL working on that second skull scarf), the fuzzy hairy blue/green yarn is: cabaret from stacy charles. the blue and purple yarns are cotton and linen from maggi knits. the yellow with pom poms is of course pom pom by filatura di crosa. i am going to attempt my first socks (soon) and i got a couple different (non-wool) sock yarns. the varigated is silk color by regia (well that DOES have a bit of wool in in) and the lime green and other varigated yarn is fixation by cascade (cotton with just a tad; 1/7% elastic). i have forgotten what the ball to the left of the classic elite is. it was in a big hank hanging up and i JUST HAD to have it. it's 550 yards too! it is so lovely, wish the picture did it justice. anyway, the people at sit-n-knit are GRAND. i love that store!

these pictures are from late friday afternoon

it was drizzling out and i saw a pair of shoes just sitting there. they weren't that old or beat up at all, but there they were and there they stayed

a rose bush beginning

Sunday, April 16, 2006