Saturday, November 22, 2008


NO, i mean as in EXTRA. i mean as in OLIVE OIL (a staple in MY home).

#1) i thought there WERE standards that had to be met
#2) who knew connecticut was so progressive olive oil-wise?
#3) come on now, a baby can tell if something is REAL olive oil or a mix.

Oil Vey: The State's First to Define 'Virgin' Olive Oil
State declares what's in a 'virgin' oil.

By Andrew Pergam
The International Olive Council -- yes, there is an Olive Council and it's based in Madrid -- has been pushing for this move for a while: Connecticut has become the first in the U.S. to set standards for that culinary staple.

Now, in a nutshell, olive oil can only be sold as "Extra Virgin" or "Virgin" if it contains no other substances, such as peanut oil.

The state Department of Consumer Protection began working on the issue two years ago, after a Norwalk importer complained............

Connecticut takes on slippery olive oil standards
By SUSAN HAIGH Associated Press Writer

Nov 21st, 2008 | HARTFORD, Conn. -- When food importer Luciano Sclafani spied a three-liter tin of extra virgin olive oil a couple of years ago selling for $9.99, he could tell without tasting a drop that it wasn't legitimate.

Lab tests proved him right. The oil, which should have sold for $25 or $30, was a cheap knockoff, 90 percent soybean oil and 10 percent pomace, the oil that's collected from the ground flesh and pits after pressing.

"Olive oil is the closest thing to my heart that I sell," said Sclafani, president of his family's 97-year-old food-importing and distribution business in Norwalk, Conn.

His revelation helped lead to Friday's announcement by Connecticut consumer protection officials that Connecticut is now the first in the nation to set quality standards for olive oil.........

AP – Luciano Sclafani shows some of the extra virgin olive oil that he sells, at his company's warehouse in …

Thursday, November 20, 2008

giant f**kwad

smug son of a thousand bitches. look at his face! he is NOT sorry for one second. do i blame him? HELL NO, i blame the DEMOCRATS for that piece o' steamin' shite that is known as da LIEbs

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#1 ) i am shocked

that i didn't hear about this until NOW (the avon cop's emails and barack obama)

like i commented on andy's blog; the cool justice report i worked in avon for more than 1/2 of my life. i saw what i saw when i worked there (meaning i saw who got stopped and who didn't).

how can ANYONE with half a brain pass misinformation on (of the sort that was happening with barack obama). i saw people (on videos, i never saw one in person) foaming at the mouth to get a noose out (and i'm NOT exaggerating either). i saw certain other people (one of whom was sareveil) egg these neo-facist neo-nazis on.

do people REALLY think barack obama is the devil? i don't know. i KNOW SOME PEOPLE THINK I AM (really they do. i'm not just saying that to make a point for this story. i've written that about me before)

  • Court Documents: Schwapp v. Town of Avon

  • Avon Cops Forwarded An Obama Smear Before The Election

  • School To Jail Tracking System For People Of Color In Connecticut

  • Failing to obey the posted limit (colin's original posting)

    if this is true, it's a sad day indeed

    my heart just sank and i feel sick to my stomach. as i've said before i could have forgiven da liebs if he would have supported mccain BUT DIDN'T SPEW HIS FILTH AGAINST OBAMA. nope, da liebs let fly with ALL SORTS OF SHITE about obama. now, we're letting him stay? NO NO AND NO. da liebs MUST GO

    and i know it's a while away, but the good people of connecticut MUST KICK DA LIEBS TO the curb next time he comes up for re-election. he's scum of the lowest variety

    i don't have it within me to forgive sarevil (she was responsible for stirring up the prejudical pot of fear) nor will i forgive da liebs
    Democrats Showing Leniency With Lieberman, Source Says
    By JESSE HAMILTON | The Hartford Courant

    WASHINGTON - Sen. Joe Lieberman may get away with a minor punishment Tuesday morning when the Democratic caucus considers his case -- keeping his most prominent Senate position as chairman of the homeland security and governmental affairs committee, but potentially being stripped of a lesser role, according to a congressional source.

    One of his two subcommittee chairmanships -- one with oversight over the Environmental Protection Agency and aspects of global warming -- is on the chopping block, the source said, adding that the negotiations concluded with "a general spirit of reconciliation."

    That outcome is far less than some of the most angry Democrats called for, but it fits with the tone of satisfied dominance in this post-election Democratic Party -- including the leniency called for by President-elect Barack Obama.

    When Lieberman stood on a Republican National Convention stage in September and told the nation that Obama wasn't ready to be president, Lieberman was going against the party that had granted him the chairmanships of one powerful committee and two subcommittees.........