Saturday, November 07, 2009

as i've mentioned before, my pops lives in the asylum avenue hood

i travel the road daily as do hundreds if not thousands of others. i've ranted and railed about the traffic islands. they're dangerous and unnecessary and cost the fair citizens of west hartfordmucho bucks. i didn't see the accident. i saw the aftermath, i witnessed the ambulances and police cars and other emergency vehicles attempting to traverse down asylum. it was clogged with traffic as it is EVERY day in the morning rush and evening rush. one lane each way. the ambulances were driving on the wrong side of the road because they couldn't get through on the (correct) right side. those islands. now, i don't know if they had anything to do with the horrific accident and death of robert j. sivage. i don't know what happened at all. only that mr sivage was struck in the road, and later died. my thoughts and most sincere sympathy go out to his friends and family. he was far from home too.

the construction on asylum continues. there are many police officers now. cars with flashing lights at either end of the construction zone. there is also an orange vested worker whose sole job (as it appears to me) is to stand there and hold a sign saying 'slow'.

this SHOULD have happened from the get go. the street is horrid and as i said quite dangerous NOW THAT THE NEW SAFETY TRAFFIC ISLANDS ARE HERE.

so if you're on asylum DRIVE SAFELY AND SLOWLY. i am going to be watching and i will either stop you myself or report you

i saw this sign and the flowers yesterday. i didn't know what it was all about. now i do

oh and a shout out to paul garavel. he did the RIGHT thing

Family, Strangers Pay Tribute To Man Fatally Injured By SUV

BWEST HARTFORD — - As police continue their investigation into the accident that claimed the life of a construction worker on Asylum Avenue, a reminder of the life lost sits on a lawn near the spot where Robert J. Sivage was fatally injured.

There's a small bench, six pots of mums and a photograph of Sivage, the construction worker from Austin, Texas, who died after being struck by an SUV just as he and his co-workers were getting ready to leave the work site.

His family gathered at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center to be with him when life support was withdrawn on Oct. 28, the day after the accident. Sivage's heart, lungs and kidneys were harvested to give life to three other people.

Later, Sivage's family gathered near where he was injured to remember him and to erect a small memorial.

Paul Garavel saw the family and wanted to talk to them. He'd heard the accident — a sickening thump, but no sounds of hard braking or a skid — then looked out his kitchen window. "I saw that poor guy lying there," Garavel recalled.

"They had it across the street, over there on the tree, just some balloons and flowers," Garavel said. "Don't leave it over there," he told them. "Put it on my front lawn. It will be more prominent and I'll take care of it."...........

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

i would welcome ned lamont

as the governor of our fair state of connecticut. if he decides to run, as of right now, he has my support. JODI MUST GO

plus ned beat da liebs fair and square

Democrat Ned Lamont Exploring A Run For Governor; Shakes Up Democratic Field Vs. Gov. M. Jodi Rell

in a few days

we're all going to have to use ALL TEN DIGITS to dial connecticut phone numbers. yes, even if it's to your next door neighbor

Nine Days To 10-Digit Dialing
The Hartford Courant

Your fingers are about to work a little harder.

Starting Nov. 14, all telephone calls made in Connecticut will need an area code -- even to your next-door neighbor, even to your spouse upstairs. Cellphone calls are no exception. Calls outside the local calling area will still need a 1 before the area code, while local calls will require 10-digit dialing, without the 1.

The move is part of the state's evolution to two new area codes. Starting Dec. 12, new numbers given out in the 203 area code could carry an area code of 475. Sometime in 2010, new numbers in the 860 area could be assigned with a 959 area code...........

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i HOPE this is good news

it sure SOUNDS like good news at the outset. it couldn't hurt either the fair citizens of new britain or connecticut. we'll have to watch and make sure there are no (more) job cuts either here OR there

Stanley to buy Black & Decker for $4.5 billion in stock

Stanley Works agreed to buy Black & Decker Corp. for $4.5 billion in stock, in a deal that will enable the companies — household names in the U.S. tools industry — to cut costs and exert more influence on pricing. (Wall Street Journal)

Both companies have felt the pressures of the recession, particularly given their close links with the housing industry. The companies expect the combination, which has been approved by both companies’ boards, will result in savings of $350 million a year and to add to earnings by the third year.

The transaction would represent “a landmark move in the tools industry” and one that makes strong sense as the housing market resumes some growth and raw materials prices rebound, said Brian Sozzi, retail analyst at Wall Street Strategies. Together the companies have greater purchasing power.j........................

Stanley Works Shares Rise After Purchase Of Black & Decker

The Hartford Courant
Wall Street cheered The Stanley Works' purchase of Black & Decker Corp. today, sending shares of Stanley up strongly after executives made their case for the creation of a merged tools giant with large cost savings.

Stanley shares closed at $49.61 on the New York Stock Exchange, up $4.46, or 9.9 percent from Monday's close on a flat day for the Dow – indicating that investors believe the acquisition will boost Stanley's per-share performance. Shares of the companies making large acquisitions often slump immediately after an announcement.

Shares of Towson, Maryland-based Black & Decker closed at $62, up a whopping 31 percent.

The companies said late Monday they had agreed to combine, forming Stanley Black & Decker, with headquarters in New Britain and Stanley's top executives running the company. Black & Decker shareholders would receive 1.275 shares of Stanley stock for each of their old shares. At Monday's close, that would have been a 22 percent premium for Black & Decker shareholders.

In a conference call with analysts early in the day, Stanley CEO John Lundgren and Black & Decker CEO Nolan Archibald said the first order of business would be the integration of the businesses -- a task Lundgren called "a huge challenge," given their scale...........

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this is sort of a big deal.

if you live or work or hang in the enfield area, be aware there were FOUR CASES OF RABIES found there recently. that's a LOT of rabies and remember, that's only what they've found.

in additon to HUMANS BEING CAREFUL, have your pets vaccinated against rabies. not as a favor to me, BUT BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW

Enfield Police Warn Residents of Rabid Animals

Four Wild Animals Test Positive For Rabies


Raccoons may look cute, but don't get too close. A young girl in Enfield learned the hard way. She bent over to take a picture of the furry fellow, and was scratched. It turns out the raccoon tested positive for rabies.
That wasn't the only case of rabies. In fact, four animals in Enfield have come back from the lab as rabid since September.
"Rabies can be a deadly disease," said Ashley McMann, an Enfield animal control officer. "Definitely people should be cautious."
McMann says people should stay away from not only wild animals, but any animal they are not familiar with. She said just because an animal looks nice, does not mean it's not dangerous. Also, animal control is saying that pet owners need to be aware as well.............

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