Friday, March 09, 2007

my first kool aid dyed yarn

and a mitered square

max and tucker are ok!

thanks to the fire departments of oakdale, colchester, salem and gardne lake

i say thanks too. it has been NASTY cold (and NASTY windy) OUT

Dogs rescued from icy lake

(Montville-WTNH) _ Two dogs were rescued from Gardner Lake Wednesday afternoon after they fell through ice into the cold water.
"They'll be fine," Tony Lasaracina, the dogs' owner told News Channel 8.
Firefighters were called to the lake around 2:40 p.m. after a teen-aged neighbor saw the dogs on the ice, called his mother, and she spotted one in the water. .............

photo: news channel 8/chopper 8

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

do you REALLY think this would be an issue if

let's say for example the episcopalians wanted to build a church? i sure as heck don't.

Town Vs. Buddhists Temple Dispute In State's High Court

By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer

Many members of the Cambodian Buddhist Society of Connecticut fled the "killing fields" of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime three decades ago. Their crucible now is a pitched legal battle over whether they can build a temple on 10 acres they own in Newtown.The state Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether Newtown's denial of a special permit for the temple rises to a violation of state and federal laws that bar political entities from putting undue burdens on the exercise of religious freedom...

The Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission, in its unanimous decision in February 2003 denying the special permit application, stated in part: "Although the commission would welcome the Buddhist religion into the community, the planned and expected future level of activity proposed ... is too intense." .............. (yeah, TOO intense because connecticut is just TEEMING with buddhists)

if this isn't one of THE most disturbing stories you have ever heard....

i don't know what kind of stories you listen to


Man allegedly told toddler to stab "Mommy"

by News Channel 8's Kent Pierce

(Bridgeport-WTNH) _ Bridgeport police say a man stabbed the mother of a toddler several times and then told the child to do the same.
It started as an argument in their first floor apartment Saturday Night. Fermin Rodriguez, 21, accused his 17 year-old wife of cheating on him.
"According to the victim it had been a verbal dispute, then at around 12 midnight on the fourth he became violent," Capt. Lynn Kerwin, Bridgeport Police, said.
Police say Fermin Rodriguez started slashing his wife Keyschla Rodriguez with a steak knife, all right in front of the couple's one and a half year old daughter. ..........

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

more than two months later

the san francisco da files charges. it's about DAMN time

DA files charges in Yale choir beating case
(San Francisco-AP) _ The San Francisco district attorney has filed charges against two young men for their alleged role in the vicious beating attack against a visiting a choir group from Yale.
Arrest warrants have been issued for Richard Aicardi and Brian Dwyer. The New Year's Day assault left several of the young men from Yale severely injured.
According to court documents, the alleged assault took place after a party on New Year's Eve at a house in the city's Richmond District...............

they HAVE jobs, they just don't have insurance

instead of sending BILLIONS to iraq (and other places that do NOT warrant it - some do by the way) why not spend it on OUR OWN CHILDREN? health care AND education and NOW. we need it NOW

Insuring Connecticut's children
by News Channel 8's Mark Davis (Hartford-WTNH) _
There are thousands of uninsured children and leaders at both the state and federal level are calling for an expansion of the HUSKY health care program.
Sandy Prisk of East Hartford came to the Capitol today to explain that with three kids and four jobs between her and her husband, the HUSKY health care program is a necessity.
"It's one less thing that I need to worry about for my kids. I know that there's insurance and I can go to the doctor when they need to go to the doctor," said Prisk.
The importance of good health care for kids is apparently obvious to almost everyone. The New Haven based Connecticut Voices for Children group released a survey today that shows nearly 90% of the public wants uninsured children covered......

Monday, March 05, 2007

i am guessing

THIS is the reason the half door was SO crowded for brunch and lunch yesterday - one couldn't MOVE. people were waiting for tables. i've seen it crowded for brunch, but NOT like it was yesterday. good for hartford businesses!!!

Big East Tournament brings big money to Hartford
by News Channel 8's Jamie Muro

(Hartford-WTNH) _ The women's Big East Tournament is bringing smiles to basketball fans and business owners.
Tom Parker of Coach's Sports Bar and Grille says this weekend has been great for business.
"People are out and about. The city did a really good job promoting the event, they dropped ticket prices this year and after the game today, people just kept coming and coming and coming," said Parker............

i went to hall

and i was NO angel (still not) but i'd NEVER think of defacing property like this

Vandals deface a West Hartford school

(West Hartford-WTNH) _ Obscene messages were spray painted on the exterior of the Northwest Catholic High School and police say it stems from a rivalry with nearby William Hall High School.
Workers were attempting to remove the paint but had limited success and there are still images with 4-letter words on the building. A West Hartford police officer is still on the scene, patrolling the area in case the vandals decide to return...........

Sunday, March 04, 2007

from my left nutmeg

i too was wondering why the hell the democrats let da liebs give the democratic radio speech. they ASKED him???? wtf?????????????

they're really acting like a bunch of no-balls republicans

thanks mattw for bringing shays to our attention on this. NOT that it will do one bit of good. BUT WE will know in our hearts and the soldiers will know in THEIR hearts too

Chris Shays and Walter Reed

by mattw on Sat Mar 03, 2007 at 16:03:59 PM EST

Did anyone notice this? I did not notice this. Someone on the Courant's bulletin board pointed it out to me:
Mr. Lightman glosses over the fact that Chris Shays, who was not only the top Republican, but also that subcommittee's chairman during all the years that wounded veterans were subjected to such horrific treatment at the facility, did nothing to expose those abuses and did nothing to bring the situation to light.
Shays is a crafty son of a bitch, and despite being the top Republican on the committee, has avoided issuing a press release on the Walter Reed hearings. (However, while this has been in the news, he was awarded a "Humane Legislator of the Year" award, apparently for his work with the Blackwater widows.) He obviously doesn't want to draw attention to himself on this issue, because there's a pretty good chance that whatever gets thrown at him on Walter Reed is going to stick...........I want to say, as disappointed as I am that Lieberman delivered the Democratic radio response to the Walter Reed fiasco, I'm reminded
of an event where Shays and Lieberman had a lot of good things to say about one another, and I can't help but think that there's the beginning of a good story in this............

yeah, the mill rate is coming down

BUT the 'value' of my pop's house (he will be 80 this year and he is on a VERY fixed income) HAS ALMOST DOUBLED. bam!

.........."It's a major issue for the future of this community - how we handle these kinds of tax shifts and increases in values," Van Winkle said. "It's important to the strength of this community. It's not meant to be a community where we chase people away if you bought your house here, raised your family here and retired here. It's not to our interest to see those people have to move away from West Hartford."...........

Blue Back's Impact Felt Overtakes Westfarms On Town Grand List

By DANIEL P. JONES, Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD -- The still-under-construction Blue Back Square development has overtaken Westfarms mall as the town's top taxpayer, according to the new list of assessed values for property in town.Even before any part of Blue Back Square was complete, the development's assessed value as of Oct. 1 was $39.7 million, easily surpassing by $5 million the value of the portion of Westfarms - nearly a third - that is in town. .............

............In addition to the change in the Top 10 list, the assessed value of real estate in town grew in 2006 by 71 percent from the year before - an increase overwhelmingly due to a delayed state-mandated revaluation that was West Hartford's first in seven years...............

perhaps they WILL implement this though (keep your fingers crossed)

..........To address such issues, the town council is considering phasing in the effect of revaluation over a period of perhaps five years, and it is considering a property tax freeze for residents 70 and older who meet income eligibility requirements............

but what will happen to the younger people who have bought houses? or middle aged people? i can't wait to see that tax bill. i'm already steaming