Saturday, April 10, 2010

if found guilty

he should be punished to the FULL extent of the law. he caused a woman to ALMOST be raped (allegedly, i HAVE to say that), not even mentioning what he (allegedly) did to the family whose house was listed in the ad

oh and don't comment on my blog if you're going to tell me what a nice guy he is (either the one who allegedly placed the ad or the one who allegedly assaulted the 18 year old) and how i don't know the whole story.

no, i don't know the whole story but i don't need to know the whole story. what i already know is too much.

Man Charged With Posting Fake Craigslist Soccer Mom Sex Ad

The Hartford Courant
Police have charged an unemployed chef with posting a sexually oriented ad on Craigslist this week that said " West Hartford soccer mom ... looking for group sex."

A Newington man who responded to the ad is charged with sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman who lives near the house listed in the ad.

Philip Conran, 42, turned himself in Friday morning to face charges that include second-degree harassment, second-degree breach of peace, second-degree reckless endangerment, criminal liability for fourth-degree sexual assault, criminal liability for first-degree trespass and criminal liability for disorderly conduct. Conran, accompanied by his attorney, posted $75,000 bail and is due in Superior Court in Hartford on April 22.

Conran, a neighbor of the house listed in the ad, is also under investigation for two other sexually oriented notices placed on the Internet and targeting the house.............


i've done several postings about this subject on my main blog. this one i'll do here since it deals with THE GIANT THREAT TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES OF CONNECTICUT

again, WTF??????????

the bishop says the new law "would undermine the mission of the Catholic Church in Connecticut."
hey i have some questions,

1) if one isn't guilty, one has NOTHING to worry about, right?
2) what about the VICTIMS? they're worthless but your church isn't?
3) what about the pedophiles? what would you have us do with/to them? leave them be?

if you are catholic or if you're NOT catholic i too urge you to contact your representatives TODAY and DEMAND they pass this bill. there ARE victims and there ARE perps. the perps (catholic or not) MUST pay the piper

Hartford Archbishop Urges Parishes To Fight Legislation On Child Sex Abuse Cases

B The Hartford Courant

A proposal to extend the civil statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases could have a "devastating financial effect" on the state's Catholic dioceses, Hartford Archbishop Henry J. Mansell wrote to pastors this week, urging them to include a letter opposing the bill in parish bulletins this weekend.

The letter says the bill, now pending in the legislature, would put "all Church institutions, including your parish, at risk," and warns that it could lead to bankruptcy, threaten the assets of parishes even without a history of abuse, and "would undermine the mission of the Catholic Church in Connecticut."

"The bottom line is that this is terrible public policy, discriminatory by its nature, and a huge threat to us all," says the letter, signed by Mansell, Bishop William E. Lori of the Bridgeport diocese, and Bishop Michael R. Cote of Norwich.

"We must stop this bill now," the letter says. The bishops ask parishioners to contact their representatives "TODAY!!!"............

Thursday, April 08, 2010

i thought i was going to bust a gut

i read the original story (you know the one where the capital police gave permission TO THE TEABAGGERS TO FLY THEIR FLAG OVER THE CAPITAL) at work. i couldn't write about it as blogger (as well as pandora, facebook, youtube, radio station websites as in WWUH and the like) is blocked at work. oh i understand and can live with all of that EXCEPT the streaming music (pandora and stations like wwuh). that was blocked just recently and i'm pissed. BUT that is NOT what i'm pissed about right now. i'm pissed about this teabagger flag shite

as it turns out they gave them UNpermission to fly their flag over the capital so it WILL NOT happen. WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

i guess someone tread on 'em (even though they claim they'll do it anyway by bringing their own flagpole. that, i don't care about. as long as that symbol of teabaggery is NOT flown officially over our capital (i believe that flag is also used by the marines. THAT is different. i would not have an issue with it being used in relation to the marines)

'Don't Tread On Me' Flag Will Not Fly Over Capitol After All

By The Hartford Courant

Tea Party activists won't be permitted to fly the Gadsden Flag over the state Capitol after all.

State Capitol police today reversed an earlier decision to allow the bright yellow "Don't Tread On Me" banner to flutter from the highly visible flagpole after learning that activists had planned a political rally following the flag-raising ceremony.

But Tea Party activists said today they plan to go ahead with the flag-raising – they plan to bring their own flagpole.

"It went from being a flag-raising ceremony to a political event,'' Acting Capitol police Chief Walter Lee said. "They are using it as a launching pad for [candidates for] public office."

Tea Party activists view the flag as a historic symbol of American defiance, but critics say the familiar flag with the image of a coiled rattlesnake is now associated with the controversial political movement........

this is pretty cool

i didn't know it existed. i just checked it out. i'm going to use that site often i'm sure

Farmers, Consumers Take Advantage of Online Farmers Market

Special to The Courant

Just in time for the start of growing season, farmers and consumers on the hunt for fresh, local fruits, vegetables, eggs and other farm products have found each other on a new online match-making service. The Shared Harvest Connecticut website, launched in March, is a fast-growing virtual farmers market that is helping to build a bridge between farmers and consumers.

Shared Harvest Connecticut, found at, is an offshoot of the Edibles Advocate Alliance, which offers small business consulting and support for grassroots, agricultural and socially innovative organizations.

"Our primary goal is to create and support sustainable food systems," says Emily Brooks, founder and CEO of the alliance. "We have to work with the consumer and provide education and opportunities to buy local food and support local agriculture. We also have to work with producers and farmers to get them set up to be the best business they can be.".............

90 something degrees on april 7th is NOT right

Record High Broken Today At Bradley


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

congratulations to uconn

where men are men and


UConn Caps Perfect Season With 7th Championship

UConn overcomes 12-point first half to squeeze past Stanford for second straight title

pic: he Huskies carry Geno Auriemma off the court in San Antonio after defeating Stanford to finish their second consecutive undefeated season. (Bettina Hansen / Hartford Courant)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

i sure do hope they find whoever placed this ad

it was a VERY dangerous. this isn't funny. it's NOT a joke. i know the west hartford police will do their absolute best to find out who is responsible. at that point i want them prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law.

Man Answers Fake Craigslist Ad, Goes To Wrong West Hartford House

The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD - Police say that when a man answered a craigslist ad that read, "Married West Hartford soccer mom ... looking for group sex," he not only answered a fake ad, but went to the wrong house.

The chain of events that followed led to the arrest Monday of Richard Zeh, 29, of Newington, on several charges, including second-degree burglary, fourth-degree sexual assault, first-degree criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. His bail was set at $250,000, and he remained in custody after his arrest. And police were trying to determine who placed the ad.

Police Lt. Stephen Estes said that when Zeh let himself into the house, he was confronted by an 18-year-old woman. When Zeh told the woman he was responding to the ad, Estes said, the woman said she had no idea what he was talking about and repeatedly told him to leave. Zeh wouldn't take no for an answer, Estes said.

"He's insistent — he thinks she's playing hard to get," Estes said. The woman grew increasingly nervous and feared she was going to be sexually assaulted, Estes said. Zeh then showed her the craigslist ad, Estes said, and she told him he was at the wrong house. Zeh left for the house listed in the ad, Estes said...........

Monday, April 05, 2010

i'm not saying...........i'm just saying..........

as i posted the other day, if you listed to her npr interview and are STILL going to vote for her (providing she doesn't drop out first) well then, i think there is something VERY wrong with YOU

now this (although i'm not surprised)

McMahon's Answers On Vetting Questionnaire In '09 May Catch Up With Her

Government Watch
Linda McMahon resigned last week from the State Board of Education, saying that newly issued restrictions on board members' political activities could cause legal complications as she runs for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

But she still may encounter complications — political ones — because of some questionable answers that she gave in January of 2009 on a questionnaire that she filled out for Gov. M. Jodi Rell's office when the governor was poised to nominate her to the board.

McMahon, until recently the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, answered "no" to five questions to which it appears the answer should — or arguably should — have been "yes."

The Courant recently obtained a copy of the questionnaire McMahon signed Jan. 9, 2009. It was notarized, and she certified that her answers were true, complete and correct................

Sunday, April 04, 2010

to the family and friends of

oh my goddess he was sooo young. well, that doesn't matter. any age is too young to be killed in war
tyler owen griffin, i am so very sorry for your loss.

my thoughts and prayers are with you

Voluntown Marine, 19, Killed In Afghanistan
Tyler Owen Griffin, 19, of Voluntown, Conn. and a 2008 graduate of Griswold High School, was killed overseas.

Hartford Courant

Tyler Owen Griffin, a 19-year-old Marine lance corporal from Voluntown, was recently killed in Afghanistan.

Voluntown First Selectman Ronald Millovitsch said he spoke to Griffin's stepfather, who confirmed that his stepson had been killed. The stepfather told Millovitsch the only thing keeping Griffin's mother going is that her son was pursuing his dream.

"The son had always wanted to be a Marine, and he got to be a Marine," Millovitsch said.

After the death was confirmed, Millovitsch said, he lowered the four public flags in the town of 2,600 to half-staff. "This town will go out of its way to help any way we can," he said.

• Two Facebook pages have been created to memorialize Griffin. To view them click here, and here.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered U.S. and state flags flown at half-staff until Griffin's burial............

pic: U.S. Marine Tyler Owen Griffin, 19, of Voluntown, Conn. and a 2008 graduate of Griswold High School, was killed in Afghanistan. (Photo Courtesy Of Family / April 3, 2010)