Monday, December 27, 2010

i read this early this morning

and just did NOT want to believe it. i'm guessing there has to be at least a tiny bit of truth to it if the feds are investigating it. man, if true, i hope EVERYONE who drove others out of the town (based on ethnicity, race, religion or whatever) gets theirs and gets it good.

it's an ap story so click on the link 

Citing police abuse, Hispanics leaving East Haven

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

congratulations grrrls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not into sports as a rule (don't chu be talkin' bout my red sox though) but i DO have to give a wicked loud shout out to the uconn women's basketball team and everyone associated with them. an amazing group of people who accomplished an amazing amazing thing!

(and i hope my popi and his special friend had a GREAT time at the game last night)

No. 89: UConn tops UCLA, beats Florida St 93-62
 Associated Press

Richard Deitsch
Richard Deitsch
HARTFORD, Conn. -- The game wasn't competitive. Coronations rarely are. UConn won its 89th consecutive game on Tuesday night, a 93-62 win over Florida State that morphed from basketball game into a blue and white pep rally in the second half.
The victory tops the 88-game winning streak set by John Wooden's UCLA men's team from 1971-74, and leaves the UConn women at the top of the list among major-college basketball's longest winning streaks. In the game's waning seconds, the crowd at the XL Center held signs in the air with the number "89," serenading the team with the sweet sounds of those digits. Behind the Florida State bench, fans unfurled a large tribute banner to UConn coach Geno Auriemma. It read THE SORCERER OF STORRS...............

Read more:

Maya Moore added 10 rebounds, three assists, three blocks and a steal to go along with her career-high points total as the Huskies improved to 11-0.
Damian Strohmeyer/SI

uconn huskies women's basketball

Friday, December 17, 2010

Funeral details set for Lt Matt Dirrane

details in the courant

Can't get link to work-doing this from my phone so use this:,0,114849.story

Monday, December 13, 2010

my thoughts go out to everyone at company 2 (ladder 5) on sisson avenue

in the west end and all the other hartford firefighters too. it's a close knit brother and sisterhood. that house is the one i know the best. it's in the hood i hang in. i know many who work at that house. i didn't know matt, but i have seen him. it's a sad week. to his family and friends, i am so very sorry for your loss (and the loss to the city of hartford)

Hartford Firefighter Killed In Costa Rica

The Hartford Courant
A 16-year veteran Hartford firefighter died Saturday while on vacation in Costa Rica after being hit by a vehicle.

Martin "Matt" Dirrane, 50, who worked at on Ladder 5 at 150 Sisson Avenue was apparently crossing the street when he was struck by the vehicle............. 

Hartford Firefighter Killed While On Vacation

Family Friend: Lieutenant Hit By Car, Lost Too Much Blood

The Hartford Firefighters Association says Hartford Lt. Matt Dirrane was killed Saturday in Costa Rica, where he was vacationing.

A source close to the Dirrane family tells Eyewitness News Dirrane died in the hospital. That family friend tells us Dirrane was hit by a car while he was returning a rental bike. The friend says Dirrane was rushed to a Costa Rican hospital where doctors amputated Dirrane's leg and later died. The friend also questions hospital conditions where Dirrane was treated..............


 here's a facebook memorial page for matt dirrane


Firefighter Killed While On Vacation

Lt. Martin “Matt” Dirrane died after he was struck by a car while he was on a bike.
“He was taken to a small hospital and they tried to stabilize him and ultimately sometime yesterday he succumbed to his injuries,” said District Fire Chief Carol Stiles.
Chief Stiles said Lt. Dirrane was stationed at Company 2 Ladder 5 on Sisson Avenue in Hartford. A black bunting was hanging outside the fire house to remember the 50-year-old.
“So the guys are struggling with it,” said Chief Stiles. “The guys and girls are struggling with it. It's tough. Nobody expected this to happen. We're just trying to get over it, the shock at this point.”.......

Saturday, December 11, 2010

lovely lovely lovely

Rare Bluebird Spotted At Bradley Airport
The Hartford Courant

Birders have been flocking to Bradley International Airport since a mountain bluebird was spotted there on Tuesday.

The mountain bluebird, a denizen of the Western United States, is rarely seen east of the Rocky Mountains, according to Milan Bull, senior director of science and conservation at the Connecticut Audubon Society.

"This is what keeps bird watchers on their toes," said Bull. "You never know what you're going to see.".......... 

pic: Birders are a-twitter about a mountain bluebird spotted at Bradley Airport on Tuesday. The bird is rarely seen east of the Rockies. (Rollin Tebbetts / Bradley Airport operations manager)

bert jansch at the wadsworth tonight!

An Evening with Legendary Musician Bert Jansch

Join the Hartford Party Starters Union and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art for an intimate, one evening only performance with legendary folk musician Bert Jansch.
Jansch has recorded at least 25 albums and influenced artists ranging from Paul Simon, Jimmy Page and Neil Young.
Special guests will include Pegi Young and Heirlooms.
Saturday, December 11, doors open at 7:30 pm.
Tickets are almost sold out.
$25 in advance and $30 at the door.
Click here to purchase tickets
Here’s what the Hartford Advocate had to say about this rare performance:
“If one of the world’s legendary guitarists — a man whom Neil Young likened to “Jimi Hendrix on the acoustic guitar” — performed in Hartford and you missed it, you’d feel pretty doggone sheepish, right? Here’s your chance, then, to avoid sheep status. Bert Jansch, an icon of the U.K. folk-rock scene for the past half-century whose influence is admitted by cross-generational acolytes will play a solo acoustic concert at the Wadsworth Atheneum.
It’s a fitting venue for someone whom many would say was a living work of art. Those lucky enough to attend the Wadsworth show — a rare New England appearance for Jansch in an even rarer intimate 284-seat venue — will have many words of praise to pass along to the sheep who stayed away, with the rest of the herd.” – Hartford Advocate, December 8, 2010

Bert Jansch

Pegi Young

Heirlooms [Hartford, Connecticut]

Friday, December 10, 2010

the smithsonian may pussy out

but  real art ways ISN'T chicken

now, i've not seen this and i don't know if i will. the POINT being, i just want to be ABLE to see it if i so wish to. i don't want my art censored especially because of batshite 'religious' valued loudmouth asswipes.

Uncut version of David Wojnarowiscz’s censored video ‘A Fire In My Belly’
Posted by Marc Campbell 

A Fire in My Belly from ppow_gallery on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

perhaps it is a GOOD idea

he retire from west hartford government

is it me or is this story just downright ODD ODD and ODD?

West Hartford Town Councilman Arrested

The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD — Police arrested Town Councilman Rob Durbin on Tuesday after he allegedly followed police officers responding to a domestic dispute and then persistently offered free legal aid to the residents involved.

Officers who arrived at 50 Cortland St. around 1:48 p.m. Tuesday said they became aware of a man trying to open the door of the home that police responded to.

The man, identified as Durbin, 35, said that he had noticed the cruisers' lights and sirens and followed police to the house, authorities said. When an officer told Durbin not to enter the home because they were in the middle of an investigation, the councilman responded that he knew the people involved in the dispute and again tried to enter the home as the officer held the door closed, Lt. Jeremy Clark said.


Saturday, December 04, 2010

if you've never been to the hill-stead NOW is a good time

it's a VERY SHORT hop skip and drive (there's even a highway exit VERY close) from hartford. there is NO excuse. get your arse down there. 

American Collector's Christmas'

Employees Planning Special Event Sunday To 'Meet' The Pope Riddle Family

The Hartford Courant


At the Hill-Stead Museum on Mountain Road, it is Christmas — in 1921.
Theodate Pope Riddle, a pioneering female architect whose work includes Avon Old Farms School, and her husband, John Riddle, are preparing to go to Argentina, where John will be the U.S. ambassador. But first, they must host holiday visitors at their estate, which Pope Riddle designed for her parents as a retirement home at the turn of the century.................

the hill-stead museum

(pic from the hill-stead website linked above)


shout out to fidelco

and of course newman's own for providing the funding so  Air Force Senior Airman Michael Malarsie can have a guide dog.

Wounded Airman Receives Guide Dog From Fidelco


newman's own

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday morning humor

Fox News ‘is my favorite,’ Sen. Lieberman declares

By David Edwards

Former Dem wishes press would stop reporting on Wikileaks
Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman isn't hiding his love for Rupert Murdoch's media empire.
In a Monday interview on Fox Business News' Imus in the Morning, the senator from Connecticut declared that the Fox Business Network, Fox News and anything Murdoch owned were his "favorite."
Host Don Imus asked Lieberman if thought The New York Times should be prosecuted for reporting on secret State Department cables released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks............

once again i have to tip my hat to ag richard blumenthal

he shot down a pre paid credit card (that sucked people dry with all sorts of EXTRA charges) which was sponsored by the kardashians (or had their name on it or whatever). a bunch o' dipshites known for their bodies and certainly NOT their brains OR for that matter their precious ethics (which they say they possess. i LAUGH AND LAUGH over that one). they have 'worked hard' at projecting a positive public personae (if that includes making all sorts of naked sex tapes and having boob jobs, well then they're NOT lying when they have their rep say they've worked long and hard to project a POSITIVE PUBLIC IMAGE). oh, if naked sex tapes isn't a positive public image portrayer, THEN THEY'RE FULL O' SHITE.

honies, dick blumenthal was doing his job and he did it correctly AND ethically. he uncovered some shady practices on a PRODUCT YOU AT THE VERY LEAST ENDORSED

href=",0,4140368.story">Kardashian Sisters End Agreement With Issuer Of 'Kardashian Kard' After Blumenthal Raises Objections The Hartford Courant

The Kardashian sisters — Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — withdrew their endorsement Monday of the "Kardashian Kard," a prepaid debit card issued Nov. 9 by University National Bank of St. Paul, Minn.
Dennis Roach, attorney for the Kardashians, said Monday the three sisters were terminating their agreement with the card's issuers after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal launched an investigation Friday into the card's "predatory fees."
The investigation has threatened their "honest" and "ethical" reputation," Roach wrote in a letter to the card's issuers Monday.............

Sunday, November 28, 2010

uh oh, some peeps are NOT too happy

with the festival of lights moving from constitution plaza to bushnell park. uh oh. uh oh. uh oh

Facebook Site Created To Move Festival Back To The Plaza


Friday, November 26, 2010

the hartford festival of lights starts today

it's moving to bushnell park this year. i personally think that's a LOT better than constitution plaza. we'll see though 
so if you're in the hood at about 5 pm, why don't you join in on the festivities? walk along with the pack from the former home, the plaza, to the new home, bushnell park! 

Festival Of Light Starts Friday At Bushnell Park
The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD In a new twist on an old tradition, the Festival of Light will open Friday at Constitution Plaza, but will migrate across town to Bushnell Park, where visitors can see the giant Christmas tree and sip free hot chocolate.
Starting at 5 p.m., Mayor Pedro Segarra, cast members of the Hartford Stage Company's "A Christmas Carol," and Sonar, the Wolf Pack's mascot, will lead a procession from Constitution Plaza to Bushnell Park, passing through State House Square on the way.
During the march, they will be joined by Pucky, a mascot for the Connecticut Whale, and Santa, who will be riding a Zamboni ice-grooming machine. The public is invited to walk with the group or cheer them on along the route, which includes Asylum and Trumbull streets...........

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a new no kill animal shelter in bloomfield!

 i drive through bloomfield EVERY day (well every work day) and i had NO idea. this is most wonderful!
it would be even MORE wonderful if people had their pets spayed and neutered.

 it would be even MORE wonderful if people who can't or don't want to care for animals DON'T ADOPT ONE TO BEGIN WITH

Foundation Readies $5 Million No-Kill Animal Rescue Center

The Hartford Courant

Life began to turn around for Lolly on a hot day this past summer.

Abandoned in a
Waterbury garage with three other starving dogs, Lolly, a Rottweiler-shepherd mix, got a second chance when the landlord, unable to locate the evicted tenants, placed a call to The Simon Foundation.

"I had my Subaru and one crate," recalled Stephanie Ferguson, the foundation's indefatigable executive director. "We scrounged them up and in under four minutes we had four Rottweilers in my Subaru.".....

the simon foundation

pic: Austin York, 24, and girlfriend Kelsey Loureiro, 21, both of Granby, volunteer by bottle-feeding puppies at the Simon Foundation's new no-kill animal shelter in Bloomfield. York and Loureiro adopted a rottweiler-shepherd mix named Lolly from the shelter two months ago and come back to volunteer in their spare time. (Bettina Hansen, Hartford Courant / November 14, 2010)

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: watch a 1964 beatles concert FREE on itunes

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: watch a 1964 beatles concert FREE on itunes

Saturday, November 20, 2010

andy thibault at the cool justice report


since i've met addy and seen her box, i'll just re-post this part from cool justice (click on the link above to see  ALL of andy's posting)

-- Addy Wallops Rachel Clark during their 6-round welterweight bout 1-29-10 @ Mohegan Sun; ref Joe Cusano monitors the action
-- photo by Bob Thiesfield

Hartford welterweight Addy Irizarry
(8-4, 2 KOs)
in 6 round bout
Jill Emery

Irizarry is a popular fighter who works as a correctional officer.

Emery is the IFBA champion (this is a non-title fight) and one of the top women amateur boxers in US history.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

greater hartford school fairs..............check 'em out!

November 17, 2010

Contact: Jim Caradonio, Bureau Chief, Greater Hartford Regional School Choice Office,
Jenny Smith, Pita Group, 860.293.0157 ext. 15;

Your Great Opportunity to explore the region’s diverse schools and programs
First of seven School Choice Fairs in the Greater Hartford region
to be held this Saturday at A.I. Prince Technical High School in Hartford
HARTFORD, Conn., November 17, 2010 -- Want to explore the many great opportunities for your child’s education within the Greater Hartford region? Bring the family to the first of seven Regional School Choice Fairs this Saturday, November 20 from 9 a.m. to noon at Prince Technical High School, 500 Brookfield Street in Hartford.

The school choice fairs will feature booths and information about the dozens of magnet schools as well as Open Choice options for Hartford and suburban students from preschool to grade 12.

Parents, grandparents, guardians and students can chat with helpful staff at the Greater Hartford Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) and its partners, the Capitol Region Education Council, Hartford Public Schools’ Host Magnet Program, Connecticut River Academy and the Connecticut technical high school program.

“Our goal is to improve access for students throughout the region who may apply to public schools outside their community or district,” said Jim Caradonio, RSCO bureau chief. “Through our seven open houses in November, December and January, families can learn about the many schools and specialized programs in our region that emphasize exciting educational themes such as arts and culture, environmental studies, science, technology, math, and engineering, global studies and social justice. The Greater Hartford Regional School Choice office provides opportunities for both urban and suburban students to get a first-hand glimpse of what these schools offer them and the process by which they can apply to schools that match their interests and skills.”

A complete list of RSCO’s school choice fairs follows below. For more information, call the Greater Hartford Regional School Choice Office at 860.757.6188 or visit their web site at <>

Saturday, November 20, 9 am - noon
Prince Technical High School
500 Brookfield Street, Hartford

Tuesday, November 30, 5:30 – 8 pm
Avon High School
510 W Avon Road, Avon Snow Date & Time: Wednesday, December 1, 5:30 – 8 pm

Saturday, December 11, 9:00 am - noon
Mary Hooker Environmental Magnet School 200 Sherbrooke Avenue, Hartford Snow Date & Time: Sunday, December 12, 1 – 4 pm
Tuesday, December 14, 5:30 – 8 pm
RHAM Middle School
25 RHAM Road, Hebron
Snow Date & Time: Wednesday, December 15, 5:30 – 8 pm

Wednesday, January 5, 5:30 – 8 pm
University of Hartford Magnet School
196 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford Snow Date & Time: Thursday, January 6, 5:30 – 8 pm
Wednesday, January 12, 5:30 – 8 pm
Granby High School, 315 Salmon Brook Street, Granby
Snow Date & Time: Thursday, January 13, 5:30 – 8 pm
Wednesday, January 19, 5:30 – 8 pm Cromwell High School, 34 Evergreen Road, Cromwell
Snow Date & Time: Thursday, January 20, 5:30 – 8 pm


they got 'em

(but remember, he is a SUSPECT. he has not been proven guilty of the assault in west hartford). i'm just saying, they got the SUSPECT.

shout out to the peeps at the homeless shelter in springfield that recognized monroig-rosario.

West Hartford Rape Suspect Returned To Connecticut
A man suspected of pulling a woman off a busy road and raping her last month was in the custody of local police Wednesday, a day after he was captured in Massachusetts, police said.
Eddie Monroig-Rosario waived extradition during his arraignment Wednesday in Springfield District Court and was brought to Connecticut soon afterward.
He arrived at the West Hartford Police Department in the afternoon and shielded his face as he was brought from the back of an unmarked police car, handcuffed and barefoot, into the building....

pic: West Hartford police detectives Dane Semper (left) and Gino Giansanti (right) escort Eddie Monroig-Rosario - barefoot - into police headquarters to answer charges that he raped a jogger in West Hartford last month. He was found near a homeless shelter in Springfield. (CLOE POISSON / HARTFORD COURANT / November 17, 2010)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

once again, i'm saddened i don't believe in hell

but i can STILL IMAGINE someone like this BURNING IN IT FOR ETERNITY (i wish no one harm. as i said, in my mind, i can't help but imagine this though). it's in the courant, but it's an ap article so you'll have to click on the link

even though david weaving has a HISTORY OF DUI, he wasn't charged with dui, the day he hit and killed a 14  year old connecticut boy who was riding his bike. he WAS charged with manslaughter and is pulling down 10 for that.

weaving was going 83 miles an hour in a 40 something zone. he attempted to pass another car and hit and killed the 14 year old boy. and weaving has the stones to sue the boys parents? NO. NO and NO. BURN BABY BURN (figuratively NOT literally)

Conn. driver in prison for manslaughter blames parents for death of boy he ran over

we do not KNOW if this is him

he is a suspect. he is wanted. if you know him or have info on him, please PLEASE do the right thing and call the west hartford police department

Anyone who sees Monroig-Rosario is asked to call West Hartford police at 860-523-5203............

Police ID Suspect In West Hartford Sex Assault

Man Wanted In Jogger's Assault

West Hartford police have identified a suspect in the sexual assault of a jogger in the town.Police said they have obtained a warrant for the arrest of Eddie Monroig-Rosario, also known as Eric Rosario-Romero, in connection with a sexual assault on Fern Street.Police said Monroig-Rosario was identified as a suspect in the case after officers gathered physical evidence at the scene of the crime and made a match from the lab’s database.............


Police Name Suspect In West Hartford Rape


Police are searching for a 31-year-old man who they believe raped a jogger on Fern Street last month.

Eddie Monroig-Rosario was linked to the crime by forensic evidence.

Police have a warrant charging him with first-degree sexual assault, strangulation and unlawful restraint, police chief James Strillacci said...........

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

why don't you go the SAFER (and SMARTER) route

if you have issues with work or your boss or things of that nature, BITCH IN PRIVATE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND DON'T DO IT ON FACEBOOK 

i personally can't believe some of the things i've read out there. unbelievably racist, homophobic, stupid, threatening and on and on.  anyone who thinks their words are PRIVATE on social networking sites is sadly uninformed. NOTHING is private. even if you don't 'friend' me, chances are i COULD read what you've written. so i'd keep that in mind the next time i sat down at my keyboard

Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post

In what labor officials and lawyers view as a ground-breaking case involving workers and social media, the National Labor Relations Board has accused a company of illegally firing an employee after she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook page. 
This is the first case in which the labor board has stepped in to argue that workers’ criticisms of their bosses or companies on a social networking site are generally a protected activity and that employers would be violating the law by punishing workers for such statements.
The labor relations board announced last week that it had filed a complaint against an ambulance service, American Medical Response of Connecticut, that fired an emergency medical technician, accusing her, among other things, of violating a policy that bars employees from depicting the company “in any way” on Facebook or other social media sites in which they post pictures of themselves............

Monday, November 08, 2010

geeze, bout time

Foley Concedes Governor's Race To Malloy

Republican Tom Foley conceded the gubernatorial election Monday to Democrat Dannel Malloy, saying that various problems with voting in Bridgeport were not enough to overturn the outcome of the race.
The official results show that Foley lost by more than 5,600 votes out of more than 1.1 million cast - a tiny percentage and the closest governor's race in Connecticut in more than 55 years. For nearly a week, Republicans focused on problems in Bridgeport, which ran out of ballots and switched to photocopied ballots in a mistake-ridden process............

Saturday, November 06, 2010

i liked her a great deal

i especially liked her voice and her smile. she was a damn fine actress

Movie star Jill Clayburgh dies at 66
Washington Post Staff Writer  

Jill Clayburgh, 66, a veteran movie, stage and television performer who described herself as shy but was known for portraying the strengths as well as the vulnerabilities of modern women in a way that won her a large and loyal following, died Friday at her home in Lakeville, Conn.
Her husband, playwright David Rabe, told the Associated Press that she had suffered for 21 years from chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Adept at demonstrating both intelligence and emotional texture, she was regarded as one of the first film figures to bring depth and subtlety to roles that reflected the sensibilities and attitudes of the growing women's movement................

Jill Clayburgh Dies at 66; Starred in Feminist Roles

Jill Clayburgh, an Oscar-nominated actress known for portraying strong, independent women, died on Friday at her home in Lakeville, Conn. She was 66.
The cause was chronic leukemia, with which she had lived for 21 years, her husband, the playwright David Rabe, said.
Ms. Clayburgh, who began her career in films and on Broadway in the late 1960s, was among the first generation of young actresses — including Ellen Burstyn, Carrie Snodgress and Marsha Mason — who regularly portrayed characters sprung from the new feminist ethos: smart, capable and gritty, sometimes neurotic, but no less glamorous for all that............
pic: Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times
Jill Clayburgh in 2002. More Photos »

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

i voted

and i voted at morley school. i voted at 6 am. one used to vote in the front of the school in the auditorium. now one has to vote in the BACK of the school in the gym. i parked on the gym side, but the gates weren't open yet so i had to drive around to the front  side and walk around to the gym side. it was PITCH BLACK. no lights on the school grounds and NO lights on IN the school (at the front). there was a rape VERY near that school a few days ago. someone wasn't thinking. fine, it will be daylight soon, but as i type this, it's STILL pitch out. whoever is in charge, the police, the school, the town hall, the registrar of voters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let this happen again next year. 

1) make sure the gate is open at the REAR of the school
2) make sure LIGHTS are on, on the grounds
3) make sure LIGHTS ARE ON IN the front of the school.

it will be dark out early this evening and people will still be voting. can you do something prior to tonight?

oh, one more thing, linda mcmahon should NOT hold ANY public office in connecticut. i heard on the radio, vincey was going to be giving out FREE WWE/WWF (whatever the hell it's called now) stuff at 'selected' polls. someone (i think they said the justice dept but not sure) put the kibosh on THAT (thank the goddess). and i heard vincey complaining he was being unfairly treated. UNFAIR my big fat arse. stfu vince AND linda

just looked it up, here's vince crying:
<a href="">Under pressure from feds, WWE cancels poll-day giveaway

It's not often that Vince McMahon calls someone a bully.
But the World Wrestling Entertainment chief executive, who is married to Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, is referring to the Justice Department in those terms.
McMahon pulled the plug Monday on a planned Election Day giveaway of wrestling merchandise at select polling locations across Connecticut, citing pressure from the Justice Department, whom he accused of abusing its power............

Thursday, October 28, 2010

just saw a linda "i think it's ok to show women abused" mcmahon

in it she tells me she's running because she's gone through the SAME hardships you and i have gone through. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. wonder how MY bank balance compares to HER bank balance.

can i afford to pop in millions and millions and millions of my OWN money to a campaign if i decided to run for office?

did i chair a multi multi multi million dollar company?

hmmmmmmmmmmm linda 'i think it's ok for women to get the shite kicked out of 'em' mcmahon, you like christine o'donnell are NOT JUST LIKE ME.  i thank the great goddess for that

this happened in a neighborhood i travel through every day

morning (as in VERY early) and night. if i'm walking, i'm not unsafe or reckless, don't get me wrong. BUT, i feel safe (or FELT safe) in this neighborhood. i'm usually out earlier than when this happened, but still, i always felt safe. at 5, 6 and 7 am, there are TONS of joggers and walkers and dog walkers and people on bicycles. it's that kind of neighborhood. heck, i went to morley (elementary school) which is in that hood. it's MY hood

to everyone male and female who do outdoor activities alone, GET A LITTLE TINY CANISTER OF PEPPER SPRAY at the very least. the BEST idea is to go out with a friend though.

it can't happen here. well YES, this proves it CAN

West Hartford Police: Jogger Sexually Assaulted On Fern Street

Detectives talked with neighbors and are checking with neighboring police departments about unsolved sexual assaults as they investigate the assault of a woman who was jogging along Fern Street shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday morning
The woman was treated at a local hospital and released. Other than the sexual assault, she was not injured, police said.
The woman told police she was attacked by a man who dragged her into some bushes in the front yard of 311 Fern St. When the assault ended, she sought help from the residents, who called police at 6:56 a.m. The homeowners declined to comment..............

Jogger Sexually Assaulted in West Hartford


Police are asking West Hartford residents to go out in pairs as the search goes on for for the man who sexually assaulted a jogger on Wednesday morning.
The man grabbed the woman from behind on Fern Street around 6:50 a.m., pulled into bushes and sexually assaulted her, police said. She ran to a neighboring home for help and was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries.
Police believe it was a random attack and neighbors are shaken by what happened this morning in their quiet neighborhood.
The assault happened just blocks from West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka's house.
"I woke up this morning and talked to my wife about it," he said. "It's the kind of thing that shakes you to your core."............

View more news videos at:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

that's where you're WRONG

you're FUCKING WRONG. violence against and abuse of women is NOT entertainment. it never was and it never should be. she promoted it. she's backing off now, but the damage is done (so to speak). please do NOT vote for linda mcmahon. a vote for her is a slap in the face to women

do you see what you're turning out? when young people (men and women, boys and girls) think women getting the shite kicked out of them (figuratively as well as literally) is ENTERTAINMENT

Linda McMahon Smacks Down Women


Jackson Katz

It is mind-boggling that the voters of Connecticut would even consider electing the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment to high political office -- until you realize what an abysmal job the news media have done of holding her accountable for the actual product she produced.
Make no mistake about it: until Linda McMahon decided to run as a Republican for the United States Senate, she was one-half of one of the most culturally destructive, and blatantly misogynistic, business partnerships in the history of popular entertainment. Under Linda and her husband Vince McMahon's leadership, the WWE has featured some of the most brutal, violent and hateful depictions of women in all of media culture over the past twenty years.
But incredibly, the rampant misogyny of McMahon's WWE has gotten scant coverage during this fall's U.S. senate campaign in Connecticut..................


Sunday, October 24, 2010

look what's coming to the mark twain house, both on october 30th!

A Steampunk Tea Party
Saturday, October 30, 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Tea and treats hosted by the morbidly mad hatter Miss Kitty. Experience the weird and wonderful world of Victorian Science Fiction. According to Miss Kitty, “Steampunk is the future as imagined through the eyes of the past. It is mechanical gears and boilers, dirtiness mixed with shininess of brass and copper with the deep red of cherrywood. It is a time for tea and gadgets, airships and ether."
Tickets: $10. 860-280-3130
Mark Twain & The Army of Darkness
Saturday, October 30, at 4:00 p.m.
Three authors who have given some of Mark Twain's characters a mutant makeover will ply their creepy wares in a panel: Don Borchert (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead); W. Bill Czolgosz (appearing via Skype, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & Zombie Jim) and Joe R. Lansdale (Dread Island).  Program moderator is Sam Hatch, host of WWUH's Culture Dogs. Also, a sneak peek at scenes from a new zombie movie being shot in Connecticut - Ninja Zombies!
Tickets, $5; free for members. Reserve by calling 860-280-3130

you know if you live in connecticut and  you have never been, you are just plain silly. please DO go for a visit to the mark twain house and museum

pic was taken of a poster through a window, hence the not-goodness of it

Saturday, October 23, 2010

dangerous minds has a GREAT posting on the rockville rocket

meant to post it the other day, but here it is NOW. there are a few videos as well. stop on by. it's a WONDERFUL website anyway

 by Richard Metzger
Clean cut, All-American crooner Gene Pitney was a massive star in the 1960s—and remained popular in Europe—but he is all but forgotten today in the country of his birth. Pitney possessed one of the most distinctive male voices of the 60s, a high pitched, quavering vibrato that made his songs of unrequited love and losers promising to prove themselves to their women particularly moving..................

Monday, October 11, 2010

no linda, you giant piece o' steamin' shite,

i do NOT think it's entertainment when women are beaten up or when women are demeaned. it is not a question of first amendment rights. it's a question of how you portray women. how you want your sons to treat your daughters. how you want your daughters to have confidence as they're growing up. 

i've seen what you and yours can do and i don't like it one iota. if the good people of connecticut elect someone of your ilk, i will feel sorrier for them than i did when they re-elected da LIEbs. 

JUST SAY NO (to linda)

McMahon: WWE has a right to make women ‘bark like a dog’
By David Edwards

Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon is happy that World Wrestling Entertainment has toned down its often-risque tone, but she supports her company's First Amendment rights in the face of criticism from women's groups.
Speaking to ABC's Christiane Amanpour, McMahon wouldn't condemn an act where her husband ordered a woman to "bark like a dog."
Asked if, as a senator, she would campaign against that sort of portrayal of women, McMahon responded, "I do believe in the First Amendment rights."
"So you don't think there's anything wrong with it," asserted Amanpour.
"Well, content providers are clearly creating scenarios from an entertainment point of view.......... 

Saturday, October 09, 2010

liveblogging the hartford marathon from the half door

don't know if any of y'all tried to get around hartford or west hartford this morning. if you did, YOU DIDN'T

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

dick vs linda

no matter what, that woman is responsible for 'professional wrestling'. there are drugs in that line of 'work' (some of the wrestlers on occasion have been known to have some drug issues, i'm not accusing her of taking them). men beating up on men for 'sport' and for 'fun'. WOMEN getting the shite kicked out of 'em by other women AND BY MEN. i will NEVER EVER have anything to do with someone who is responsible for either hurting women directly or portraying women as sex objects who can take a beating. no linda,  you do NOT deserve to be an elected ANYTHING in MY STATE


Blumenthal, McMahon Spar In Televised Debate

After waging a proxy war for months over the airwaves and through the mail, U.S. Senate candidates Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon faced one another Monday night and sparred over their records and their ideas on how to restart the economy.

In the high-stakes televised debate, neither candidate committed any major gaffes. Blumenthal, a Democrat, once again apologized for misstating his military record. McMahon, a Republican, acknowledged that the firm she once ran, World Wrestling Entertainment, had hired D.C. lobbyists. But there was scant mention of steroids, "Girls Gone Wild" or any of the other controversies surrounding WWE.............

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the police said they acted appropriately

and i agree with them if their job is to allow women to be murdered. (the judge called 'em romeo and juliet by the way. again, NOT taking the victim of domestic abuse seriously)

ms notice went to the police SEVERAL times (even the day before and the morning of her murder). her (alleged) murderer SHOULD HAVE been arrested because he (allegedly) plainly violated the restraining order. 

nope. he wasn't arrested and ms notice wasn't taken seriously and now she's dead. 

i am sorry for her loss. i am sorry victims of domestic abuse aren't taken seriously (and connecticut is a state with a fairly decent record as far as that kind of thing goes). of course there are always false complaints filed. this one OBVIOUSLY was real.

Victim's Mother: 'People Dropped The Ball'

Domestic Violence Victim's Attempts To Get Help Mishandled, Report States


Whether it was a court appearance or a trip to a police station, Tiana Notice talked to authorities about her troubles with her ex-boyfriend more than a half-dozen times in the six weeks before she died, allegedly at his hands, according to a report by the state victim advocate.

Along the way, she was met by lethargy, dismissive attitudes and even sarcasm, her parents and the state victim advocate said Tuesday.

"I'm basically here to be her voice, because her voice was silenced because people dropped the ball," said Notice's mother, Kathy Lewis, at the Legislative Office Building Tuesday.

On Friday, Feb. 13, the day before she died, Notice went to the Waterbury police station with a copy of her restraining order and a written statement from a witness and told police Carter had called her at work in violation of the order. She talked to an officer who couldn't confirm the existence of the order, the report states. It characterizes the way the officer treated her as "at best condescending."

Notice was so frustrated that when she left, she called her mother and recounted that she had said to the officer:

"What is it going to take before you guys do something! When I am dead?"

Lewis twice called the Waterbury police -- once on the night of Feb. 13, 2009 and again the next morning. The officer she talked to Friday night told her to have her daughter come back Tuesday. The department was shortstaffed on the long, Presidents Day holiday weekend, the report states..........

Thursday, September 23, 2010

harvest moon

i don't think linda knows

what the word conflate means

(she does have a set on her, if she's using jfk in her ads. i've not seen them. well anytime i'm around a tv and a linda ad comes on, i either change it, or leave the room. she really DOES make me want to vomit). ah in reading further, it's a web ad only. and linda and her staff have NO plans to pull the ad. nice peeps HUH?

JFK Nephew Asks McMahon To Pull Ad

Archival Footage, Words Of Former President Used By Candidate

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon's online campaign ad using John F. Kennedy's words and image has drawn criticism from a member of the former president's politically prominent family.
McMahon's new ad features archival footage of JFK speaking in August 1963 about the need for a tax cut, saying the move will help stave off a recession and create new jobs.
But Edward M. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the president and son of former Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, called the ad "dishonest' because it implies JFK would have supported McMahon's tax policy.
"You attempt to conflate your economic policies with those of President Kennedy's in order to capitalize on his legacy,'' Kennedy wrote to the McMahon campaign. "Please stop misleading voters."...........

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Monday, September 20, 2010

anyone else having issues

calling up the courant online? i had problems yesterday but eventually i WAS able to get it. today, not at all.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

this happened in the 1600's but..........

if some people had their druthers, it would be happening (well they're doing everything they can to MAKE it happen) today too and on a national level

Witchcraft Trial Changed State's Law

Challenge To Woman's Conviction Led To A Stricter Standard

Connecticut is celebrating the 375th anniversary of its founding with special events all year. This is one of an occasional series looking back at the earliest chapters in the state's history.
Katherine Harrison didn't set out to change Connecticut law, but she did.
Until 1666, she appeared to live an ordinary life in Wethersfield, where she lived with her three daughters and her husband, the town crier.
But after her husband's death in 1666, her neighbors accused her of being a witch. She was accused of magically causing death, appearing with a spectral apparition and of using astrology to predict the future.................

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Friday, September 17, 2010

from the flickr photostream of the library of congress

mr and mrs andrew lyman

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lyman, Polish tobacco farmers near Windsor Locks, Connecticut (LOC)

Delano, Jack, photographer.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lyman, Polish tobacco farmers near Windsor Locks, Connecticut
1940 Sept.
1 negative : safety ; 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches or smaller.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a sad day

i worked in avon FOREVER and have eaten in avon old farms hundreds of times. i loved it's oldness, it's creakiness, it's unevenness. i loved the fires in the winter. 

i DON'T love avon mountain. i DON'T love what they're doing (is it going to be safer? it sure isn't right now). i'm not sure i'd want MY restaurant at the end of a runaway truck ramp either

at any rate, i shall miss you avon old farms inn 

Avon Old Farms Inn Closes

The Avon Old Farms Inn restaurant, a landmark at the foot of Avon Mountain where generations of Hartford area residents held private gatherings, has closed.

The property had been in foreclosure proceedings since March 2009, according to court records. The owner, Shawn Daigle, reached an agreement last week with GE Capital in lieu of foreclosure, Bartley Halloran, a lawyer for Daigle said.

"GE Capital now owns the property, and Daigle has lost all the equity he invested," Halloran said Wednesday.................

Thursday, September 09, 2010

et tu connecticut/hartford?

don't get me wrong, i don't want ANY prayers at town, city, state or national meetings. separation of church and state and all. yeah, that lil' thing

HOWEVER, the world is NOT going to come to an end if an imam says a prayer. again, i don't want ANY prayers (and i'm incensed at THAT fact, not WHAT prayer is said). i'm no fan of islam, then again, i'm no fan of catholicism, judaism, any protestantisms and on and on.

there are other things we should be worrying about. so demand NO prayer (of ANY kind) in city hall. NONE. then i'm all over being wit cha

Islamic Prayer Proposal At Hartford Council Meeting Draws Fire

The city council's plan to diversify its pre-meeting prayers to include an Islamic invocation — announced days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks — has sparked an outpouring of angry calls and e-mails from infuriated residents.
City Councilman Luis Cotto, who proposed having local imams lead the invocations at council meetings Monday and Sept. 27, said the council's website has been inundated with criticism.
Cotto said his goal in having an Islamic prayer was to protest what he called "the current wave of Islamophobia" in this country. It was also intended, he said, as a commentary on recent events, including the proposed Sept. 11 Quran burning by the leader of a small Florida church and the uproar over a planned mosque near ground zero in New York..........