Monday, January 24, 2011

a shout out to the

 hartford denim company!!!

i heard the following on npr radio the other day and was very happy! i know dave (and i've met marshall, but don't know him very well). dave is a cool dude and i  know how very excited he and they were to start this company. i know the pride he shows. i know how hard they all work. i've seen the jeans and touched the jeans and they are VERY well made.

Hartford Blue Jeans, Made By Hand
By Catie Talarski
It's not uncommon to see men in suits walking around downtown Hartford - but the city’s role as the Insurance capital has been slowly fading.  So what’s next? A group of young men are hoping Hartford might become the new capital of fashion.  As part of our small business project, WNPRs Catie Talarski reports how the men are doing their part. One stitch at a time.
Walking into the workshop of the Hartford Denim Company, three things stand out.
 Denim, Leather, and Beards.
Marshall Deming laughs, “I was told I would be out of the club if I didn’t grow a beard”
The impressive amount of unruly facial hair is worn by Marshall Deming, Dave Marcoux, and Luke Davis.  They certainly don't look like the typical downtown businessmen...................

pic: chion wolf
here's a link to a TON of photos by chion wolf: Hartford Denim Company

Sunday, January 23, 2011

take just one moment to look at these photos

you won't be sorry. it will start your sunday off JUST right. i promise 

for the love of dog
Mark Mirko
In photographing people with their pets I have seen relationships between friends, workmates, companions and family members. Dogs and cats seem to dominate the pet landscape but, of course, the range of species people choose to call pets can be as varied as the situations we find ourselves in with these sublime beings. These images are just a small selection from circumstances between people and their pets that I have been fortunate to witness during the past 10-years as a Courant photographer...............
06.01.2010 - West Hartford, CT - With a painting he made of the Buddha behind him, Alan Schiffer comforts his dog Molly after she was barking at people at the door of the West Hartford Art League studio on Raymond Road. Schiffer, a clinical psychologist, said he started coming to the class about three months ago because painting was something he always wanted to try. Art instructor Deb Wadsworth, who teaches Schiffer's class, said she invited him to bring Molly after he left her outside when he first started coming to the class. "They were inseperable," she said, " adding that none of the other students seemed to mind.


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