Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i just want to say those peeps at sonic

are genius. for (what seems to me at least) a couple of years they've been running commercials on local tv stations. i know i've asked 'is there a sonic around here?' every time i've seen the commercial.

it's a good way to get it in people's minds. no sonics (yet) BUT commercials. get the fine citizens of connecticut thinking about it and they will have NO CHOICE but to get in their cars and drive on over (once it's actually built and open that is)

(on another note, my parents used to bring me to the yankee silversmith and i have fond memories of it)

Ground-Breaking Today For Sonic Restaurant In Wallingford

by Mara Lee

Usually it's chain-restaurant-deprived folks who start a Facebook page begging for a company to open a location locally.

But Robert Mesite, who grew up working in his father's Villa Capri restaurant in Wallingford, turned that notion on its head when he asked Facebook users in November where they'd like to see a Sonic restaurant.

Mesite, who breaks ground on the state's first Sonic location in Wallingford today, has plans for several more Sonic outlets in Connecticut. He didn't take the Facebook users' advice — the No. 1 choice was the Berlin Turnpike, which has a moratorium on drive-throughs — but it's all part of the buzz as a fast-food chain expands into the state.......