Thursday, April 29, 2010

this isn't a woman's issue

it's a HUMAN issue. if this is true, if she was fired for being ill (and/or carrying the breast cancer gene) then i'm sure men could be fired just as easily for carrying a let's say, prostate cancer gene (although i don't know if that exists yet)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

because the bishops corner office

isn't crowded ENOUGH (that's sarcasm in case you didn't know). i'll just stop in the windsor or bloomfield offices instead.

LaSalle Road Post Office Branch Likely To Close
The LaSalle Road post office branch, the town center's spot for stamps, mail and conversation since 1952, likely will close this year, to be replaced by a smaller storefront facility elsewhere downtown.

The U.S. Postal Service is planning to sell its 0.79-acre parcel at 102 LaSalle Road, town officials said Monday. It is one of three branches that the USPS has in town.

Town Manager Ronald Van Winkle said the property to be sold is a rarity — developable land in the town center. Very few properties in the center ever come up for sale, he said. The parcel is assessed by the town at nearly $1 million, but likely would be sold for more.

The brick post office, built in 1952 and altered several times since, covers about a third of the property.

this is a start.......

All Three Domestic Violence Bills Pass The House

Members from both sides of the aisle came together Tuesday to combat domestic violence.

The House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill that would establish a pilot program for the electronic monitoring of domestic violence offenders. It also unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would make sure school personnel learn about teen dating and domestic violence as part of their in-service training, and it approved, 125-19, a bill that would ensure that money promised to domestic violence victims' shelters and rape crisis centers is distributed promptly.

The bills are a direct result of a bipartisan task force formed last fall by House Speaker Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden. After several domestic violence-related deaths in Connecticut, Donovan asked lawmakers to come up with ways that the state can improve its response to domestic violence incidents.

The domestic violence bill that has received the most attention deals with the judicial system......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

west hartford tax rates GOING UP AGAIN

the story makes it sound like they're (the town) doing us a favor because it COULD have gone up more. now, i distinctly remember years ago being told if we let them build black and blue square (and gave them OUR money to do so), our taxes WOULD GO DOWN. someone has some 'splainin' to do.....................

West Hartford Approves $216.7 Million Budget

The Hartford Courant

Last-minute adjustments to a proposed municipal budget totaled about $2.5 million in reductions, producing a $216.7 million budget that was passed Monday night by the town council.

The new budget will take effect July 1, unless a referendum is triggered by petitions. The budget requires a tax rate of 38.38 mills, a 2.24 percent increase.

The current tax rate is 37.54, which means that a taxpayer is charged $37.54 for every $1,000 of assessed taxable property. Prior to the final changes, the proposed 2010-11 budget was $219.1 million, which would have required a tax rate of 38.91 mills, a 3.7 percent increase.

The reduced budget is possible because of nearly two dozen adjustments to trim $922,000 from the general government budget for 2010-11 and $1.5 million in long-term debt. To make some of the adjustments, the town is using a portion of the money from its $4.5 million Blue Back Square settlement to pay for some items..........

Monday, April 26, 2010

the hartford courant

really HAS been doing a wonderful job of late, reporting on violence against women. i do have to salute them

this is one right on article by the way. i strongly urge you to click the link to read the WHOLE (it's short, just DO it) thing
note: in the right hand sidebar of the courant article there are all sorts of other links to similar stories you should read

Unmasking The Common College-Age Rapist
I've been told it was my fault because I was drinking. Because I shouldn't have been hanging out with a group of guys who were drinking. I shouldn't have let him in. I must've been flirting. I must've been wearing something provocative. I obviously wanted it at the time and just changed my mind later.

Say whatever you want. It doesn't hurt me anymore. It used to, but now I understand. You want to feel safe. You want to feel like rape is avoidable and rare and only happens to foolish girls who don't follow the rules. Not to you, or to your daughter, or anyone you love. You want to believe that only monsters commit "real" rape, terrifying men who look nothing like you or your friends. You want to think that when nice-seeming boys get accused of rape, they were provoked, or are victims themselves of some kind of sexual misunderstanding. You want to feel in control. Who doesn't?

There's just one problem: Every time we spend our energy telling a girl not to have a beer or look at a guy in public lest she somehow "invites" him to commit a violent felony against her, every time we imagine rapists as hulking strangers in the bushes and not the charming guy down the street, we create the exact diversion rapists count on to keep raping with impunity............

counter quo

my new ink


as you may or may not know, when i got my knitting fairy tattoo, her shoes just would NOT heal. i eventually went to the doctor and he ended up having to make her shoe-less (check out her feet in the top picture). the fact i had just been tattooed was coincidental. it had NOTHING to do with the skin cancer. so it's been about a year and i got the go ahead from my doc to get her touched up. i made an appointment with pat macdonald (who did the original knitting fairy) and i told him i'd also like some stars around my lower arm (eventually the arm will be a sleeve). i'm not linking to pat's shop because he's going to a new one on may 5th. i believe he said he's going to west springfield (i know he said it's by the big e fairgrounds). when i get his new info, i'll post it.'s my NEW arm (and yeah, the knitting fairy as you can see if you look closely, is still shoeless. pat won't do it for at least another year. he said the skin had to heal even more. the ink would just spread around too much now and it would be a hot mess. so, i will just have to wait.)

i'm so very happy. i LOVE my pentagram. i love my stars, they're all different and i love my moon. thanks pat!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

well i guess we can thank the goddess

she actually wasn't driving.............. (think about it)

New Haven Police To Woman: 911 Isn't A Taxi Service

it's an ap article so i can't print any of it BUT, let's just say one fine citizen of our fair state, called 911 SIX TIMES to request a ride home to meriden from a new haven club.


west hartford peeps, get ready for

new recycling bins (and recycling every TWO weeks instead of every week). it's actually a GOOD idea i think,0,7939243.story">West Hartford Homes To Receive Bins For Single-Stream Recycling
By BILL LEUKHARDT The Hartford Courant
New 95-gallon recycling barrels, — more than five times the capacity of the 18-gallon bins now in use — will be delivered to 22,000 residences in the next few weeks as the town prepares to go to single-stream recycling.

That means people can cram glass, paper, plastics, etc. into the new blue bin, without separating. By increasing recycling town-wide, it should save the town money by reducing the weight of trash tossed out for disposal.

"We estimate we might save as much as $100,000 in tipping fees," Town Manager Ron Van Winkle said Monday. Officials expect the amount of trash disposed for $63-a-ton to decrease and the amount of revenue-generating recyclables to increase.

The new system is scheduled to start June 7. The private contractor that collects residential trash has new vehicles with robotic arms to quickly pick up and empty the larger recycling containers.

MORE stupid connecticut crimes and/or criminals

helpful hints

when the police show up at your residence, do NOT and i repeat, DO NOT

tell them you are going to kill your son (no matter HOW drunk you are)
lead them to your car where you have a rifle (no matter HOW drunk you are)
lead them to your handbag which is chuck full o' ammunition (no matter HOW drunk you are)
lead them to your stash of pot (no matter HOW drunk you are)


Mother And Son Arrested Hours Apart

The Hartford Courant
A mother and her son will have adjoining cells in the Vernon police lockup this weekend after their arrests Friday night.

Manchester police had taken 19-year-old Cort Hancock to stay with his mother and step-father at the Howard Johnson motel on Route 30 about 5:20 p.m. Hancock had been tossed out of the Manchester homeless shelter because he'd been drinking and was causing a disturbance, police said.

When Hancock and the two Manchester officers arrived at the motel, they were greeted by Hancock's mother, Vicky Domingue, who police said was highly intoxicated herself. When the Manchester officers explained why they were dropping her son at her motel room, she said she was going to shoot her son and announced she was going to get her .22-caliber rifle.