Friday, August 17, 2007

cockfighting in bloomfield

thank the goddess animal control officer christine sparks HEARD the sounds of roosters crowing and investigated.

i'm only sorry this story does NOT have the name of the man who has the warrant out on him. i'd like to know it AND publish it. perhaps if this scum had part of his anatamy surgically removed and fake ones attached he'd learn his lesson

Police Raid Alleged Cockfighting Operation

By CAROLYN MOREAU The Hartford Courant
BLOOMFIELD - Police broke up what they described as a well-organized cockfighting operation in Bloomfield early Thursday morning, seizing 14 roosters and 17 hens.Some of the roosters had had their spurs surgically removed, their combs cut away, and feathers on their legs, rear ends and backs were shaved. Police said that fighting birds regularly have their spurs removed so that artificial metal spurs can be attached. Metal spurs cause more severe injuries in a cockfight and these injuries are more visible to spectators if the lower feathers are removed.Some of the roosters carried scars typically seen in fighting cocks, police said. Police entered the home at 10 Sandra Drive shortly after 6 a.m.. They'd obtained a search warrant after Bloomfield Animal Control Officer Christine Sparks heard the sound of roosters crowing while investigating an unrelated animal control problem on Sandra Drive...........


ryan riddle gets his benefits. WHICH of course are due him. being SHOT in iraq and all....

Southington vet to receive benefits

by News Channel 8's Alan Cohn

Southington (WTNH) _ The Veteran's Administration has reversed its initial decision to deny benefits to a soldier injured in Iraq.
For months, the VA stubbornly stuck to its decision that it could not find any evidence that Ryan Riddle was shot in Baghdad and deserved combat-related benefits.
Riddle received the call from VA's Director of Benefits and he could not be more relieved saying, "I thought it was about time. Thank God everything has been made right. It's a big relief off my shoulder, like someone came and picked up that boulder off my shoulder."
Riddle's military records were lost after he was discharged from the Army, and when he first applied for combat-related benefits, the VA told him for all they knew he was "shot on the streets of Hartford."................

Thursday, August 16, 2007

please understand. i do NOT condone

as a matter of fact, a person would be taking their life in their hands by attempting this with any kitty i personally know.

i just HAD to share though

welcome home to

the 143rd Combat Support Battalion!!!

thank you for serving but we sure are wicked happy you're home now (and we pray here to STAY)

Waterbury guard unit returns from Iraq

by News Channel 8's Tricia Taskey

Waterbury (WTNH) _ It was a happy homecoming Wednesday for dozens of members of a National Guard Unit out of Waterbury.
Seventy soldiers from the 143rd Combat Support Battalion arrived home Wednesday morning after a year of deployment in Iraq.
Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children waited as the bus holding their loved ones finally arrived.
"Nobody knows what parents go through when they have a child in the service. People talk about the war, but nobody knows what goes on until you have your own child is there," said Lucy Cruz, mother of soldier.
"You're being thrust from a 2-person household to a single parent. You're a mom and a dad, doing everything. Get this one to baseball practice, this one to dance. Don't forget cough medicine on the way home so you're not going out in the middle of the night to get it," said Melissa Couture, wife of soldier........

and here's a video of some of the homecoming

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i was going to wait until this weekend

to write a review of my favorite new tv show, john from cincinnati. the last episode of season one (and, as it turns out FOREVER) aired sunday night. i watched it monday on demand. the review is (yes, i'm still going to write it) going to be rather long and i just don't have the time right now. i specifically waited until the last show to write the review.

yesterday, i read the show was CANCELLED already. i think i read it on cnn, but not sure. (i just saw this too HBO Cancels 'John From Cincinnati')

my friend chris (he loves it as much as i do) and i are in deep despair. we are going to contact some lawyers and sue hbo for them wasting our time (THAT my dears was humor. we're not in the same league as the several million dollar pants lawsuit dude).

chris and i are PISSED

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

speaking of my new specks....

my eye doctor is in the center. i dreaded going BUT i did have to pick up my new glasses AND i had to stop at sit-n-knit on lasalle road. i needed a few more skeins of the BEAUTIFUL and SOFT natural focus ecologie cotton (100% pima dyed with plant dyes. the colors are subtle and gentle). i have enough for the edging, i needed three other colors for the flowers.

i'm making THIS:

for a friend of mine (wedding shower gift). the cover version is not made out of cotton, but i wanted to use it. each flower has a crystal sewn in the center. it's lovely. you make the edging first (which is the part i'm working on). then the individual flowers. they get sewn onto the edging (which has been folded in half and sewn in an oval)

i digress. i wanted to go down boulevard then take a right onto woodrow or four mile or whatever - then a right onto farmington ave so i wouldn't have to maneuver through the center itself. NOOOOOOOOOOO CONSTRUCTION corner of bouleavard and main. NO LIGHT four stop signs. it was UGLY. i get to the eye doctor (a sweatbomb i will say) and pick up my new specs. i'm not quite sure about them. i'm having an issue or two. i'll wear them a few days and see if i bond with them. anyway, i was going to leave my car in the doc's parking lot (shared with other bid-nez') but it was hot and i was cranky so i drove to lasalle. CONSTRUCTION farmington and lasalle. UGLY UGLY UGLY. the two GOOD parts were i found a parking spot RIGHT in front of sit-n-knit (thank the great parking spot goddess her own bad self) and of course sit-n-knit itself. i just LOVE LOVE LOVE that store! (barbara and richard got a new kitty too. her name is pearl)

anyway, i picked up a few more skeins, picked up some sock yarn (made out of corn) and a couple of other yarns i can't remember at this second. i DO have my eye on some incredible wool crepe from mountain colors. hand dyed and gorgeous. have to think about that though


these people have an imaginary lil' friend

jesus, JUST like king george does!

(i just got new glasses YESTERDAY and i don't see him)

let's hear it for russ feingold

telling da liebs what we should ALL be telling da liebs (we have a constitution. it's as simple as that)

Some senators still care about liberties


Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold earns my "Brett Favre Medal of Courage" award.
With time running out before the Senate's August recess, Feingold kept his eye on the ball — refusing to give Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman a pass for his continued coddling of the Bush administration.
At issue was a Senate bill expanding (for at least the next six months) the ability of the Bush administration to listen in on foreign conversations as part of its war on terror.
The measure, which was signed into law on Sunday, allows the attorney general and the director of national intelligence to "authorize the acquisition of foreign intelligence information" without the approval of the special court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
Civil libertarians claim the bill goes too far because virtually any conversation on foreign soil could be tapped. (That could include telephone interviews between, say, this reporter and Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, when he is in Iraq, or those helpful hotline folks working in Bangladesh.)
Most Democrats in Congress also questioned giving broader powers to the Bush administration, given its track record. As they see it, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has not been very forthright about the entire eavesdropping program.............

Monday, August 13, 2007

that's right da liebs wants to see

just how many countries we can equip to KILL KILL KILL at the higest body count

da liebs has the NERVE to say this will cement the relationship into an important one! i don't understand people who think like this. think only in terms of weapsons and destruction and killing

i hope everyone who voted for da liebs is sorry. i am sorry FOR them

Lieberman to push for India and U.S. nuclear deal in Congress

By Gavin Rabinowitz, Associated Press Writer

NEW DELHI --Sen. Joe Lieberman said Sunday he would work to ensure the United States accepts a nuclear deal that allows the shipment of nuclear fuel and technology to India.
The broad nuclear deal, which was recently agreed upon by officials and lawmakers in Washington and New Delhi, has run into some resistance in both countries and must still be passed by Congress.
"I will do everything I can to help see it through the United States Senate," Lieberman, I-Conn., told reporters during a three-day visit to India.
Lieberman said he hoped the agreement would transform the U.S.-India relationship "into the most important bilateral relationship we have in the next century of our history."
The senator, who met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and leaders of the opposition, said he was confident the bill would pass in both houses...............