Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the police said they acted appropriately

and i agree with them if their job is to allow women to be murdered. (the judge called 'em romeo and juliet by the way. again, NOT taking the victim of domestic abuse seriously)

ms notice went to the police SEVERAL times (even the day before and the morning of her murder). her (alleged) murderer SHOULD HAVE been arrested because he (allegedly) plainly violated the restraining order. 

nope. he wasn't arrested and ms notice wasn't taken seriously and now she's dead. 

i am sorry for her loss. i am sorry victims of domestic abuse aren't taken seriously (and connecticut is a state with a fairly decent record as far as that kind of thing goes). of course there are always false complaints filed. this one OBVIOUSLY was real.

Victim's Mother: 'People Dropped The Ball'

Domestic Violence Victim's Attempts To Get Help Mishandled, Report States


Whether it was a court appearance or a trip to a police station, Tiana Notice talked to authorities about her troubles with her ex-boyfriend more than a half-dozen times in the six weeks before she died, allegedly at his hands, according to a report by the state victim advocate.

Along the way, she was met by lethargy, dismissive attitudes and even sarcasm, her parents and the state victim advocate said Tuesday.

"I'm basically here to be her voice, because her voice was silenced because people dropped the ball," said Notice's mother, Kathy Lewis, at the Legislative Office Building Tuesday.

On Friday, Feb. 13, the day before she died, Notice went to the Waterbury police station with a copy of her restraining order and a written statement from a witness and told police Carter had called her at work in violation of the order. She talked to an officer who couldn't confirm the existence of the order, the report states. It characterizes the way the officer treated her as "at best condescending."

Notice was so frustrated that when she left, she called her mother and recounted that she had said to the officer:

"What is it going to take before you guys do something! When I am dead?"

Lewis twice called the Waterbury police -- once on the night of Feb. 13, 2009 and again the next morning. The officer she talked to Friday night told her to have her daughter come back Tuesday. The department was shortstaffed on the long, Presidents Day holiday weekend, the report states..........