Tuesday, April 13, 2010

holy (so to speak) shite!!! if i EVER went back to church

(don't worry, it's NOT likely) i know which one it would be

and it sure wouldn't be at any of the connecticut ones. (see a posting or two ago regarding the catholic church in connecticut)

Priest calls for pope's resignation

From Adam Reiss, CNN

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts (CNN) -- The phones are ringing off the hook at the parish of St. Michael's Church, where the Rev. James Scahill called in a sermon last weekend for the pope to resign over the church's sexual abuse scandal.

Pope Benedict XVI has found himself tied to the crisis after news broke last month that 30 years ago, when he was an archbishop, he approved accommodations in his diocese for a priest accused of child sex abuse so the priest could undergo therapy.

The priest, who was not identified, was let go from church service in 2008, according to church officials in Germany..............