Saturday, November 11, 2006

connecticut has three covered bridges



cornwall bridge

comstock bridge

bull's bridge


one of THE best

analysis of part of the connecticut election i have read. well, it's about more than connecticut, but it starts with our fair state

THE LOW POST: The Worst Show on Television
An election night diary

When I woke up in my hotel in Pittsburgh the morning after the elections there was a yellow legal pad and a Pittsburgh Pirates novelty pen ($4.95 in the Sheraton gift shop) splayed on the bedspread, the pad containing about nine pages of single-spaced notes. The night before, after coming home from Rick Santorum's concession speech downtown, I'd flopped in bed, popped a sleeping pill and started frantically taking notes from the various cable-news election spectaculars.
There is a lot of garbage and nonsense in these notes (i.e. "10:47 p.m. Chris Matthews' mouth always looks like it just had a cock in it/something about the way he moves his lips/creepy") but on the whole it is a fairly accurate representation of the long arc of depression I followed before finally falling asleep late in the morning:
10:25 p.m. CNN showing Joe Lieberman's victory speech. Lieberman bearing leprechaunish grin, thanking everyone on planet earth. "And I thank," he shouts, "the firefighters of the state of Connecticut!"
Lieberman looks at firefighters in room and smiles, like he really likes firefighters. Then he looks back at the camera triumphantly with a look that says it all -- "Nice try, you fuckers! Get ready for six more years of ME!"
After that Lieberman starts blathering about his "Lieber leaders," drawing more cheers; he does the closed-fist/thumbs-up thing at the word "Lieber." Three years ago in New Hampshire, it was "Liebermaniacs." What's next? "Lieber-holes?" "Lieber peepers?" Worse? And I want to thank all the Lieberfuckers in the audience tonight, without whom this wonderful victory for all our Connecticut citizens would not have been possible... ................

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the first annual hartford film fest

i read about it the other day. the one thing that struck me is; ONE OF THE CINEMAS FEATURED IN THIS FEST IS; THE ART CINEMA (in the south end of hartford). if you're not familiar with the 'art' cinema it's one of the LAST REMAINING PORNO theaters in america. if you happen to venture there please DO stop in one of the italian bakeries OR restaurants. most all of them are unbelievable. oh and there's franklin giant grinders too. i could go for a pignoli cookie right about now with my steamin' cup o' joe. ah, the d&d market with all of their wonderful selections and smells. fond memories of the south end. as a child my parents would take my sisters and me to get lemon ice on those hot summer nights. every birthday i would have a rum cake (when i was 9 we moved from hartford to west hartford. i remember my 10th birthday, i got to invite all the grrrls in my class to my party. we had the rum cake. NOT ONE o' those grrrls took more than one bite of their cake. i was appalled. what FOOLS!!!)

Hartford Hosts Its First Film Fest

By SUSAN DUNNE Courant Staff Writer November 8 2006
The organizers of the first Hartford International Film Festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday, have big plans. They want to start an annual tradition, reach out to the community and offer films that Hartford-area filmgoers might otherwise never see.On top of all that, they want to make an honest woman of the Art Cinema."What an amazing theater it is! Although it was quite surreal to have a conversation about the festival while women were moaning in the background and men wandered in and out," Helder Mira, festival co-director, said of the Art.The 87-year-old landmark at 255 Franklin Ave. started out in 1919 as a mainstream theater and later morphed into an art-house cinema, but it now shows X-rated films almost exclusively. (Very infrequently it has shown Bollywood films, at the request of the local Indian community.)Tara Parrish, the driving force behind the four-day festival, said she made it her mission to get the Art involved."I pass it every day. I said, `I'm going to get the Art Cinema. That's going to be my thing,'" she said. "The owner was very eager. He really hasn't been asked for a long time to do anything other than what he usually does.".............

For film details, updates or to buy tickets, visit

hartford's south end
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while we're in the south end, we can't forget modern pastry either!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

connecticut stop of the day

the frog bridge in windham

well there's good news

and there's bad news.

i'm very happy about some of our connecticut election results and saddened (da liebs. it's such a HUGE mistake) - (and shocked in the case of shays) by other results.

nationally, it appears the democrats DO have control of the house at the very least. they damn well better make us proud

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Haven Fire-Em-Up Rally

from my left nutmeg

please VOTE today and ask you REALLY want someone in office who supports an unlawful war based upon lies?

Monday, November 06, 2006

another lovely article on matthew costa

i've written about him before and i also dedicated a piece i wrote for the peace train to him (and justin brady who also perished in the accident)

i've said it before and will repeat myself, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE MATTHEW COSTAs. MANY more. may his family retain ALL of the good and happy memories of him.

please know he DID make a difference in this world.

A Promising Life Of Giving Cut Down In Tragic Mishap

Matthew Costa, 24, of Cheshire, died Sept. 3.
By ANNE M. HAMILTON Special To The Courant November 5 2006

Matthew Costa combined a deep-seated idealism with practicality and, in his own unassuming way, set an example for others.He was a serious philosophy major who loved soccer, volleyball and the guitar, on which he played both classical and popular music.He starred in a play in high school and was interested in politics. He was so intrigued by West Africa that he extended his Peace Corps commitment and was planning to be a lawyer so he could help others.Costa grew up in Cheshire, the son of Frank Costa and Pam Cameron, and had a younger sister, Danielle. Wiry and athletic, he started playing soccer when he was 5 and excelled at running and jumping. He had an independent spirit: Around age 6, Costa flew alone to Washington to visit his grandparents, and the pilot invited him to sit in the cockpit.In middle school, he participated in a student ambassador program that sent him to England, Scotland and Wales."He understood that the world was way bigger than Cheshire," his mother said. In high school, Costa was elected treasurer of his class.His mathematical skills earned him a scholarship to the University of Connecticut to study actuarial science, but he turned it down in favor of a broader liberal arts education."He thought of college as a way of becoming an educated person, not as a vocational-technical idea," his mother said. Costa chose Tulane University in New Orleans because it offered a contrast to his Connecticut upbringing. It was in the South, in a city far from home.His college major was philosophy, and when his grandfather urged him to be practical and think of his future, "he said he was more concerned with public service," said Bernard Levin, his grandfather. "He wanted to use law to help people who were underprivileged.""People just liked being around him," said Todd Gilbert, a college friend. "He was incredibly funny. He made you smile."...........

we MUST get out of iraq now

and da liebs AIN'T gonna do it. he's sticking right by king george on this immoral unjust war based upon lies. 2,831 (went up two since saturday) of our men and women have died. if i were religions, i'd say THAT WAS A SING. that's why i'm voting for ned lamont. he may be inexperienced, but there is only one way to get that experience. DO THE JOB.

Lamont presses anti-war pitch in final stretch

By Andrew Miga, Associated Press Writer November 4, 2006
HARTFORD, Conn. --For Ned Lamont, Iraq is front and center. Again.
Trailing Sen. Joe Lieberman with just a few days left, Lamont has returned to the powerful anti-war message that energized Democrats and vaulted him past Lieberman in last August's primary.
"Joe Lieberman was cheering on this president every step of the way in one of the worst foreign policy decisions we've made in a generation," Lamont said during a campaign stop Saturday in Waterbury.
One of Lamont's final TV ads ends with a pitch to voters that frames their choice in blunt terms: "A vote for Joe Lieberman is a vote for more war."
Lieberman complained Friday that it was "reprehensible" to equate a vote for him with more war.
Some analysts warn it could too little, too late for the politically inexperienced Lamont, who is fighting a seasoned 18-year incumbent who just six years ago was his party's vice presidential choice.
"This is a one-issue election," said Ken Dautrich, a University of Connecticut public policy professor. "What people care about is the war and the failed policies of President Bush. This is a campaign where it's enough to be a one-issue candidate. Just look at the headlines every day out of Iraq."........

Simpsons 2006 Treehouse of Horror Clip

Sunday, November 05, 2006

here's an election checklist

from bigpath

(much much much more on their site. please check it out)

i wonder if da liebs read the nyt a couple of days ago and saw this

on tuesday, can you support someone who supports THIS? i sure as hell cannot and WILL NOT

lance corporal juan valdez-castillo survived. 2,829 others DID NOT

Joao Silva for The New York Times
Sgt. Jesse E. Leach of the Marines assisted Lance Cpl. Juan Valdez-Castillo, who was shot by a sniper in the town of Karma. He survived.

Published: November 4, 2006
KARMA, Iraq, Nov. 3 — The bullet passed through Lance Cpl. Juan Valdez-Castillo as his Marine patrol moved down a muddy urban lane. It was a single shot. The lance corporal fell against a wall, tried to stand and fell again.

His squad leader, Sgt. Jesse E. Leach, faced where the shot had come from, raised his rifle and grenade launcher and quickly stepped between the sniper and the bloodied marine. He walked backward, scanning, ready to fire.
Shielding the marine with his own thick body, he grabbed the corporal by a strap and dragged him across a muddy road to a line of tall reeds, where they were concealed. He put down his weapon, shouted orders and cut open the lance corporal’s uniform, exposing a bubbling wound.
Lance Corporal Valdez-Castillo, shot through the right arm and torso, was saved. But the patrol was temporarily stuck. The marines were engaged in the task of calling for a casualty evacuation while staring down their barrels at dozens of windows that faced them, as if waiting for a ghost’s next move.........

we MUST bring our men and women home now. we cannot allow them to be killed or wounded FOR NO REASON. we DO NOT BELONG IN IRAQ. we never have. WE created the violence there both against us and against themselves.

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if it were me, i wouldn't be proud to have bigots endorse me

but it's NOT me, it's da liebs.

CT-SEN: Lieberman Touts Endorsement from Anti-Gay Religious Leaders

A group of New Haven Latino clergy known for virulently opposing gay rights measures threw their support behind U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's reelection campaign Thursday in a speech that focused on family values and faith. The group said the senator’s opposition to gay marriage contributed to their endorsing him: "We will not support a candidate that will go against the values of the traditional family as we know it and the Bible teaches us."..............

(the bible also teaches us to offer our daughters to sodomites too. remember that)