Friday, January 14, 2011


be still my beating heart!!!

Sunday alcohol sales gets Malloy's support

HARTFORD -- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he's prepared to honor a campaign promise and approve Sunday sales of alcohol in retail outlets, finally ending a blue law that is as old as Connecticut.
The chief opponent of the legislation was defeated in the November election, and the millions of dollars of anticipated extra tax revenue are sorely needed. But the bill has to emerge from the House and Senate and get to Malloy's desk......................
 photo taken at plan b west hartford

Thursday, January 13, 2011

all i know is, i went on my back porch at 12:30 am YESTERDAY

and shoveled the snow off (ok, i had a butt too). when i went out at 4:00 am, i couldn't even open the porch door, there was that much snow built up. i haven't gone out at ALL yet, but i will be leaving for work shortly. even if the roads are still bad, i don't mind since it's so early and there are very FEW people out there now. pics from my porch yesterday afternoon (01/12/2011)

As Snow Stops, Clean-Up Efforts Continue

A fierce, record-breaking Nor'easter that battered the state Wednesday dumped more than 22 inches of snow at Bradley International Airport — making it the biggest 24-hour snowfall on record — and created widespread travel havoc.
The state is just starting to dig out from the snow that sharply limited flights at Bradley International Airport, clogged roadways, shut down schools, and prompted many would-be commuters to stay home.
Many schools, however, made the decision to cancel school for a second day....................

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bombogenesis anyone?

yeah, i didn't know what it meant either. it DID sound like a gypsy kings song though, no?

Fox CT Forecast: Snowstorm Threatens For Tuesday Night
Fox CT

We have another major storm on our hands that could rival the "christmas blizzard" in snowfall amounts.

A low pressure system bringing a wintry mess to South Carolina and Virginia tonight will lose steam as it moves up the East Coast. At the same time a pocket of energy moving from the Midwest will join it, creating conditions for what is called a "bombogenesis." Bombogenesis is a sudden and rapid drop in pressure that brings with it an explosion of intense precipitation and wind............