Friday, April 24, 2009

water ban lifted for a few towns but NOT west hartford

man, they unplugged ALL of the coffee pots at work yesterday. of course i had some with me when i went in (at 3:30 am) so that was all well and good. however, they didn't start making coffee until much much later in the morning (in the cafeteria). they boiled all of the water first. usually we can make our own. each wing on each floor has their own coffee maker (and THAT coffee and tea are FREE. the cafeteria beverages are NOT free). so i'm guessing that coffee will still be unavailable. at about 11 am the powers that be decided to allow us to have free bottled water from the cafeteria. that really was nice and i did appreciate it. i'm wondering though, how LONG prior to the bloomfield couple discovering the water critters have we actually been drinking the tainted water?????? and if the critters are NOT harmful as the mdc claim, why then go to all the precautions of boiling our water? to be honest with y'all, i had a rough day at work yesterday and i went out for a beverage afterwards. YES, I HAD ICE ICE BABY

MDC Finds Copepods And Rotifers In Water; Boil Advisory Lifted For 4 Towns
|The Hartford Courant
Residents of East Hartford, Glastonbury, Portland and South Windsor no longer need to boil water for consumption, according to the Metropolitan District Commission and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

After the discovery of microscopic organisms called copepods and rotifers in a Bloomfield home earlier this week, the MDC advised many of its customers to boil their water for one minute before consuming it. Residents of Bloomfield, Windsor, Hartford, West Hartford and parts of East Granby and Windsor Locks should continue to boil their water through the weekend while testing continues through the system, according to a statement from the MDC.........

the world of copepods



A drawing by Giesbrecht (1892) of the Copepoda, Sapphirina auronitens Claus, 1863

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Water Alert Lifted in 5 Towns


he boil water alert has been lifted in East Hartford, Glastonbury, Portland, South Windsor, and 12 homes that were affected in Manchester. The warning is still in efffect for Hartford, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Windsor, and parts of East Granby and Windsor Locks MDC water customers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

if you're in one of these ten towns

and i AM, we are being advised to boil our drinking water (shite)
Bloomfield, Glastonbury, Portland, Windsor, Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, South Windsor and parts of East Granby and Windsor Locks

Residents Of MDC Towns Being Advised To Boil Drinking Water
|Hartford Courant
Residents of 10 towns served by the Metropolitan District Commission are being advised to boil their drinking water for one minute as a precautionary measure.

The advisory was issued today at the request of the state Department of Public Health for the towns of Bloomfield, Glastonbury, Portland, Windsor, Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, South Windsor and parts of East Granby and Windsor Locks. The practice should be followed until further notice, the MDC said in a statement.

The MDC said it is conducting a study to determine why microscopic aquatic organisms called "copepods" and "rotifers" have been detected in the drinking water distribution system coming through the district's Reservoir No. 6 water treatment facility in Bloomfield.