Friday, August 27, 2010

here's the deal

she's scum NOT a cool person.

yesterday, i was out for a bit and when i came home,. my answering machine happened to be taking a message. i was ignoring it, figuring it would shut off any second. it went on and on and on and on. i went in and started to listen. it was some sort  of q&a avec linda. she was foaming at the mouth about the kazillions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS STORMING THE SHORES OF CONNECTICUT (NOT UNLIKE SOME SORT OF WWII  OR PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING SETTING) AND SUCKING THE BLOOD OUT OF OUR BABIES STEALING ALL OF OUR JOBS! (our jobs ARE being sucked away by people NOT from america, but they're NOT landing here, it's NOT a connecticut problem it's a NATIONAL problem, a TON of big bid-nez is in the practice of hiring off shore, unfortunately it's perfectly legal). that's neither here nor there. i'm guessing there are a FEW illegal aliens in connecticut. they're mowing linda's people's lawns and washing linda's people's restaurant dishes. is linda (or for that matter are YOU) going to wash restaurant dishes? chances are NO you're not. there's nothing wrong with doing that for a living, but again, chances are YOU ain't gonna be doin' it.

linda don't call my house again. don't have your peeps call my house. i think you're a steamin' pile o' shite. i'm NOT voting for you. i'd NEVER vote for you. 

and here's yet ANOTHER cute story about her
(it's ap, so click the link for the whole story)

Father Of Wrestler Who Died Is Upset By Linda McMahon's Comment