Saturday, October 21, 2006

the animal sanctuary is finally opened!!!

please have your pets spayed or neutered so we don't have to worry about this. we have PLENTY of other things to worry about, don't we? please don't adopt an animal in the first place if you cannot handle it or you're only doing it for status or becuase you think it will match your furniture.

animals are living beings and they take time and money and care. they need love and attention.

Animal sanctuary opens

(Waterford-WTNH, Oct. 20, 2006 5:55 PM) _ Keeping canines and cats comfortable while they await a new home is the goal of the New Companion Animal Sanctuary. The Humane Society wants to make sure pets have a home-like environment.
by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj
This looks like a typical home and that is the idea.
"We wanted it to feel like a home environment for these dogs," Holly Hawkins Bourne from the Humane Society said. "The shelter is really super stressful."
When you start to walk around you see the house caters to four legged friends. Dog beds are scattered throughout the home. The cat room comes complete with a cat tree to climb on. And you might have guessed what will be tuned into the TV.
"We're getting cable installed and they'll be watching Animal Planet," she said.
It is a dog's life. The Connecticut Humane Society calls it it's Companion Animal Sanctuary. Built on 63 acres of land in Waterford with a fenced-in dog run, it is where dogs and cats go after being kept in kennels if they have not been adopted within 120 days.
The Connecticut Humane Society does not put a time limit on how long it takes to adopt one of these guys, so while they are here the idea is keep them as comfortable as possible, keeping them happier and therefore healthier............

i for one am glad you're home lance corporal mikolajcik

i'm sorry you lost a friend. i'm sorry you got injured. i'm sorry ANY of you are over there. i want you ALL home. ALL OF YOU.

thank you for serving and thank you for continuing to want to serve (but like i said, i'm glad you're home)

Wounded Burlington Marine wants to return to duty

(San Antonio, Texas-WTNH, Oct. 21, 2006 12:25 AM) _ Just weeks ago Connecticut Marine Jason Mikolajcik was on duty in Iraq when a car bomb exploded a few feet away. Although he barely survived the blast, he is determined to head back to the front lines
by Michael Herzenberg
Bomb's are the weapons of choice for insurgents in Iraq. Lance Corporal Jason Mikolajcik was three feet from a car bomb in Falluja when it exploded.
"We were searching vehicles to come into the city and we finished with the car that was in our bay and going to the next car up and pulled in and I watched the guy squint his eyes and boom."
Second and third degree burns cover parts of the Burlington native's body, and shrapnel tore into his head...........

sign in the west end of hartford

(but what the HELL does it mean??????)

2:30 p m october 20 2006

the last flower of the season in the rain

4:03 p m october 20 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

oh my



uh oh

well, the FIRST thing i do with fruit or vegetables when i get them home is wash them in a colendar in the sink. i check the bananas too before leaving them on the counter.

Black widow spider found in supermarket grapes

By Shelley K. Wong, Associated Press Writer October 19, 2006
HARTFORD, Conn. --Price Chopper removed a brand of black seedless grapes from the shelves at its Newington supermarket Thursday after a woman said she found a poisonous black widow spider.
Sheryl Rosen of Rocky Hill bought a bag of Autumn Royal black seedless grapes on sale Tuesday. It wasn't until Thursday, when she was eating some grapes at work, that she found the spider in the bag.
"I couldn't believe it," said Rosen, who was not injured. "I never thought I'd see a black widow around here."
The spider was taken to the Connecticut Poison Control Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center, where Rosen works, and verified as a black widow.
"Right now, we have it in a jar and we will wait until we hear if anyone is investigating further about the source," said Bernard Sangalli, toxicologist and administrative director of the center.......

i am sorry mr woodward, i most heartily DISAGREE WITH YOU

i don't think the colonists had the best interests of ALL at heart. i DO think they could be cruel. there is NO excuse for excuting people because they were different or did things others judged to be odd or not within 'normal limits'. if the relatives want pardons, pardons they SHOULD have. and tell me mr woodword, WHY the HELL did the settlers leave their native lands to begin with? think about it

Pardons sought for victims of Connecticut's witch hunts

NEW LONDON, Conn. --Justice is being sought for 17th century victims of Connecticut's witch hunts.
A group of Connecticut residents, some of whom are descendants of victims executed as witches, are calling on the state to issue pardons.
"We need to right this wrong," said Debra Avery, a ninth-generation descendant of an accused Connecticut witch. "It's making a public statement that these people were all wrongly put to death."
She and others have asked the state Board of Pardons and Paroles to exonerate the victims of Connecticut's witch trials. However, the agency says it pardons only the living.
Puritans in Connecticut interrogated dozens of accused witches between 1647 and 1663, and tried and hanged eight people.
Avery's ancestor was Mary Sanford, a 39-year-old mother of five who was accused of witchcraft by neighbors because she drank sherry at night in the woods behind her home. She was tried in Hartford, found guilty and hanged.
The witch trials in Connecticut ended when Gov. John Winthrop Jr. imposed standardized and objective evidence for trying witches.
Walter Woodward, Connecticut's state historian and a University of Connecticut history professor who has researched Connecticut's witch trials, questioned the call for pardons.
Most early settlers were deeply religious and believed strongly that the devil existed and worked through humans, he said. Accusations of witchcraft were taken seriously in the colonies, where settlers lived in fear of disease and attacks by Indians.............

Thursday, October 19, 2006

connecticut spot of the day


Old Newgate Prison

i have NEVER heard such a thing

and i pray it is NOT true

something obviously attacked the horse though

Woman Says Coyotes Attacked Horse

Another Connecticut community is on edge Wednesday night over a coyote attack, NBC 30 News reported.
The attack comes just days after an attack in Washington, and this time, residents said, the coyotes became so aggressive they attacked a horse.
A spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Protection told NBC 30 News coyotes attacking a horse is pretty much unheard of, but people in North Stonington said they believe a pack of coyotes did exactly that.

The 1-year-and-a-half- year-old quarter horse has some severe injuries. The colt, confined to a stall for his own safety, is nursing dozens of bites, and cuts 8 inches long and 3 inches deep.
"He did a lot of crying, I wanted to sleep out here with him," Christine Bomster said.............


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

another example of my brilliance


this week at work between 11 and 1, there is a breast cancer awareness display set up. several women are staffing it. there's information and food and all sorts of things. i didn't stop yesterday and i wasn't going to stop today either, but i was walking by with someone and she stopped. there were three molded breasts made out of some kind of flesh feeling material. they were to demonstrate how to do a self examination. one had a lump in it one had a fibroid in it and i don't know what the third had in it. my friend was touching them and the woman at the display was explaining the one with the 'dimple' in it was the one with the lump/tumor. someone had decided to perform surgery on it and remove the lump. so i, in all of my glory said, 'oh some IDIOT decided to play doctor' (of course meaning someone deliberately set out to ruin it). the woman said, 'oh well, no not really. it was a mentally handicapped person who did it'. what the hell could i say? i said 'sorry' and i scrammed outta there tout suite.

a second coyote attack in connecticut

Coyote Attacks Connecticut Jogger

WASHINGTON, Conn. -- For the second time in just two months, a coyote has attacked a person in Connecticut.
Last month, a New York woman was bitten at a Branford rest stop, and now a jogger in Washington, Conn., was taken to the hospital Tuesday after being attacked by a coyote.
Hugh Rogers had to have 15 stitches on his right forearm after he said he was brutally attacked by what he said was a coyote on West Churchill Road in Washington.............

website of the day; please check this out

the daily pulse

monday, they had a connecticut battleground edition

This is the second Daily Pulse- Battleground Edition. I looked at every Connecticut paper I could find, and came up with these editorials about politics and elections. I hope you find them as interesting as I do, and if anybody out there is interested in helping to put together new "Battleground Editions," please let me know.In today's Daily Pulse we find a columnist flat-out calling Bush a liar, an editorial wondering about Governor Rell's honesty, a third questioning Shay's sanity, and a whole bunch of Lieberman/Lamont. Lieberman the Republican? Joe's War? It will be interesting to see if today's debate moved any polls. So read on, and enjoy The Daily Pulse........................

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

protecting women, my big fat ass!!!

question for you docs -

who is going to look after this child after she or he is born if the parents are unable to? ARE YOU? (we all know the answer to that)

this really steams me

a while back i used to pay short term disability claims. i KNOW liars and i KNOW people who actually NEED and DESERVE the benefits. i've seen people with horrible illnesses or injuries come back to work in RECORD time and i've seen people who have a hangnail and take six months off. THIS woman really does take the cake

State worker allegedly took workers' comp while playing football

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. --A state employee who worked at a reform school was arrested Monday on charges she collected workers' compensation while playing professional football, prosecutors said.
Corynthia D. Simpson, 34, of Middletown was arrested by state inspectors and charged with two counts of fraud and one count of third-degree forgery, according to the chief states attorney's office.
Simpson's attorney, M.H. "Reese" Norris, declined comment Monday.
Simpson was out of work from the Juvenile Training School for a purported job-related injury while she was also playing tackle football for the Connecticut Crush of the National Women's Football Association, prosecutors said.
Simpson played as a defensive and offensive lineman for the Crush, which plays in what authorities called the world's largest women's tackle football league.
Simpson played in all games this season, including one in June in which she made 10 tackles, prosecutors said............

connecticut web site of the day

well, they USED to be in connecticut. now they're in ny, ten minutes from their OLD location of salisbury connecticut. close enough for me


CODE.TV recently visited our Tasting Room in Millerton NY. View the video to get a glimpse of our Tasting Room, our Teas, and Michael Harney too.
All our loose teas are available to taste and consider. Just keep in mind that there have been many who have planned for a quick stop, but ended up staying for hours, tasting tea, perusing the shop, and discussing every aspect of the world of tea! For a wonderfully detailed description of our shop, and not to mention a good bit of unqualified praise, see the comments from a recent Tasting Room visitor.
Here's what The New York Times had to say about our Tasting Room --"The tasting room is filled with teapots, teas, fancy foods, accessories, antique hotel silver, a collection of needlepoint, cottage-themed cozies and garden benches ... One wall has more than 150 varieties in gold-labeled black canisters. For tasting, canisters are arranged on two long counters, dry leaves in front on labeled covers, then small bowls to drink from."The New York Times, Sunday, July 30, 2000We're open 7 days a week, Monday - Saturday 10:00 to 5:00, and Sundays from 11:00 to 4:00Our address is Main Street, The Railroad Plaza, Millerton, NY. See Yahoo Maps for a detailed map or driving directions. (518)789-2121 .

Monday, October 16, 2006

musician of the day

i was flipping channels yesterday and came across a little filler between programs on the western mass pbs station, wgby

the filler was a young woman who was singing. her name is sonya kitchell

she has an amazing voice. the brief clip also mentioned this western mass native is only 17 years old. i'm even MORE impressed now

why is it someone like sonya isn't on the radio more than someone like brittney?

connecticut web site of the day

dumb connecticut laws

In order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

what sort of person

could kill another by pounding nails into their heart and liver? how does someone's wiring get that far disconnected?

60-Yr. Sentence For 1 Of 6 Accused Of Nailing Man To Death

NORWICH, Conn. -- A judge handed down a 60-year prison sentence Friday to one of six people accused of killing a Norwich man by beating him and pounding nails into his heart and liver.
Michael Pires Sr., 51, received the maximum possible sentence for his murder conviction in the June 2004 death of William Derose, 43, a friend of Pires' son.
Derose was severely beaten, kicked and struck with a dumbbell before 1½-inch nails were pounded into his torso, authorities said. A medical examiner testified during Pires' trial that the nails caused Derose's death...........