Friday, March 27, 2009

she's not done yet

but i was so happy with her and i couldn't wait to post a picture (or two) of her until she was completed (the wings and the big yarn ball she's sitting on have to be done). pictures are crappy.. i took them upsidedown and spinned them around.

i really LOVE her. i got her done at liberty tattoo in berlin by pat macdonald (his pops and i go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back)

anyway, if you're in the mood for some ink, stop on by liberty they'll hook you up

and yes, i'll post her when she's DONE as well

in all fairness my knitting fairy is loosely based on a drawing on saw on the internet (i can't find her again or i'd give credit where credit is due). i told pat i wanted her to have a bun and have knitting needles sticking out of it. i wanted her to have wings and i wanted her to be sitting on a big ball of yarn. i wanted a raven in there somewhere and i wanted some purples. HE came up with the drawing which i will say once again I LOVE

i think he got it right

he just needs an suv and a designer dog

Monday, March 23, 2009

i just got the following email:

BurnBrite BurnBrite Logo 2009
My film, Crushing Pennies, will be
shown at the Kent Film Festival this Saturday.
We will be having another "official premiere" soon in the next few months if you cannot make it to Kent.

Connecticut Independent film, Crushing Pennies to be Screened at the Kent Film Festival - March 28, 2009
FavoriteMedia and BurnBrite Promotions are proud to announce the debut of the independent film, Crushing Pennies, at the Kent Film Festival in Kent, CT, on Saturday, March 28, 2009.

Crushing Pennies is a 35-minute drama, shot entirely on location in Connecticut with a Connecticut cast and crew. Showcasing the delusional world of married couple, Irene (Leah Dashe) and Gabe (Jesse Murphy), Crushing Pennies explores the subconscious world created by the two main characters' mutually shared delusions. As Irene and Gabe sink deeper into this imaginary world, they find it difficult to distinguish between reality and illusion. Their quest for help from a professional marriage counselor leads them and the audience to a surprising conclusion to their problems. To view the trailer, visit YouTube here.

Ryan Casey, Director of FavoriteMedia and BurnBrite Promotions is a Connecticut filmmaker who wrote and directed Crushing Pennies.
Casey has his BA in Film Production from Keene State College and is currently attaining his Master's Degree at The University of Hartford. Casey is currently in pre-production of his feature film, Catching Sparks, which will also be shot in Connecticut.

Crushing Pennies Movie Still Leah Dancing
Above: A scene from Crushing Pennies - Joe Medina (Left) watches Leah Dashe (Right) with intrigue.
Cinematography for Crushing Pennies was done by Dave Sikora. Sikora is a graduate of Full Sail University, located in Winter Park, Florida.
Crushing Pennies
is the second short film by Casey. The first, The Icon of 2nd Street starred local Connecticut native, Troy Farrand with cinematography done by Jeff Hoyt of KJ Films.
Crushing Pennies and Casey will be featured at the Bristol Historical Society's Younger Artists Series in June. Check our blog for that (BurnBrite Blog) - information will be posted soon.
Connecticut-based FavoriteMedia provides turn-key solutions for independent filmmakers and local acting talent to produce quality original films that celebrate Connecticut locations.
BurnBrite Promotions brings these films to targeted audiences through independent film screenings and effective web-based promotional and distribution methods.

The Kent Film Festival screens films created by a richly diverse group of talent - students of film and independent filmmakers screen alongside well-seasoned film professionals. Tickets are available now for presale and web reserve via the festival website at:

For more information, contact Ryan Casey at: