Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hey west hartford town council...

eff you!!!! (twice)

i thought black and blue square was going to bring out taxes down. well I NEVER really thought that, but that's what you said. did you lie? noooooooooooooooo

now you say you have to raise our taxes AGAIN? they're ALREADY effing outrageous. i think you are going to have some mighty mighty angry peeps on your hands. i think if you're not careful you're going to have a LOT of migration AWAY from your precious lil' town. i think you're full of shite and if you didn't waste your money on stupid, unnecessary AND DANGEROUS (i have personally witnessed five accidents) shite like islands on asylum avenue, you'd have SAVED some money.

didn't we as a town lend money (well bonds) to black and blue? wasn't it in the tens of millions? did they pay it back yet? if not, MAKE THEM. it's OUR money

don't cut jobs or services or raise our taxes. DO YOUR JOBS

Proposed West Hartford Budget Cuts School, Town Jobs
The Hartford Courant

WEST HARTFORD - A proposed $219.1 million budget that officials say reflects the anemic reality of recession was given to the town council Tuesday night for review.

If adopted as submitted by Town Manager Ronald Van Winkle, the 2010-11 budget would require a 3.6 percent hike in the tax rate to 38.91 mills, effective July 1. Town officials who put together the proposal said the money sought will allow the town to continue essential services, meet contractual obligations and maintain property, without any new services or programs.

It will be several years until the town sees an end to severe revenue shortages caused by the national recession, which began in late 2007 and probably hit bottom last year, Van Winkle said.

The proposal eliminates 27 school and 5 town government positions to hold down expenses.

What the actual budget will be when adopted in late April is not clear, because the town council and the board of education will be busy in the next six weeks analyzing their portions of the budget, making any changes they deem necessary.

Council members asked a few questions about the proposal, which they received just before the meeting. Mayor Scott Slifka said the council and the school board will be checking the proposals in meetings and will seek public comment in hearings next month................

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