Tuesday, June 21, 2011


elizabeth park
is such a wonderful place. i grew up right next to it. i walked there almost every day. in the winter we skated and skated and skated. that's where i learned how to play ice hockey (on figure skates mind you). the boyz let ME, a rose is a rose, the ONLY grrrl play! hmmmmmm is THAT where i got it from???????

hands off of the park you vandals. it's an escape. don't damage it. love it. it's there for YOU just as much as it's there for me

Damaged Tree Expected To Survive, But Some Limbs Could Be Trimmed

The Hartford CourantThe vandalized tree at Elizabeth Park is expected to survive, but will be "somewhat disfigured" after a few of its long, sleepy limbs were severely damaged over the weekend, the park's foreman said Monday.

One thick branch that curves skyward will likely die, Rocco Cianfarani said. It was stripped smooth of its bark sometime during the annual Rose Weekend Festival and carved haphazardly with names, initials, hearts and other signs of juvenile love or boredom.
If the limb starts to brown, Cianfarani said, the park will saw it off. Another branch might also die.
"It will be standing, it just won't look as nice as it does," Cianfarani said of the red cedar, believed to be at least a century old and original to Elizabeth Park. "It's a shame."

Police were investigating the vandalism on Monday after the park filed a formal police report in the morning............

pic: Damaged tree limbs at Elizabeth Park in Hartford. (Vanessa de la Torre / Hartford Courant / June 19, 2011)

Monday, June 20, 2011

don't forget this thursday is the faith middleton

food schmooze martini contest in hartford

come on out and vote for your favorite

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 
6PM to 9:30 PM 
At The Marquee 
960 Main Street 

(pssssssstt we know who i'll be voting for. ok, i'm NOT going, but if i was going to go, that's who i'd vote for)