Thursday, January 06, 2011

i wonder where the fault lays

this (ex) catholic priest was livin' it up all over the caribbean. i wonder who's fault it is after being found out to be a pedophile, the catholic church just started transferring him all over from place to place. moving him AGAIN after complaints came in at each of his stops. i wonder how the courant found his hiding place and the catholic church didn't NOR could the fbi i wonder who is at fault here. certainly NOT the pedophile and certainly NOT the catholic church. let's see who the church can blame (because they have that pesky history of blaming EVERYONE and EVERYTHING but THEMSELVES). FUCK THEM. yes, i mean it. there is nothing worse than allowing a child to be hurt. and they did allow it. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN

Pedophile Priest Who Escaped FBI Dies In Martinique
The Hartford Courant

Former Bridgeport priest Laurence F.X. Brett, one of the most notorious pedophiles to emerge during the priest-abuse scandals of the 1990s, has died on the Caribbean island of Martinique, where he apparently has been living under an alias for the past several years.

While the details surrounding Brett's death are sketchy, a French newspaper confirmed through government officials that Brett died on Christmas day. He was 73.

Brett apparently fell down the stairs in his apartment and hit his head, according to a friend of his who contacted The Courant.

He died at the Hospital Pierre Zobda-Quimann, the main hospital on the island. It is unclear if anyone has claimed his body. He was checked into the hospital under the name James Brett, which was his father's name...........

pic: Suspended Roman Catholic priest Laurence Brett is seen as he walks his dog along the back of the Koolbaai Village apartment complex, where he lives. (ALAN CHANIEWSKI / HARTFORD COURANT / August 28, 2002)