Friday, October 23, 2009

i was going to write about the

gangs in hartford schools disaster (i don't mean the gangs i mean the lies spewing forth regarding them). i don't have to because helen
ubinas did it. the comments on her article however, are shocking to
me. some of them think helen had ulterior motives. some of them
claimed helen was a hack.

well i don't personally KNOW helen, but i don't think she has any
other motive other than to tell a story the way she sees it

it has been PROVEN (by proven, the parties involved ADMITTED they
didn't 'tell the entire truth' and/or, they said they were
'misunderstood' (i.e. COVERUP).

sorry if the truth hurts BUT IT DOES

AS ANYONE WITH A BRAIN KNOWS (especially the parents of the students
of the hartford school system) THERE ARE GANGS NOT ONLY IN HARTFORD

'not meeting the federal definition of gangs' my big fat ass

king eddie HAS GOT TO GO (he's not the only one at fault BUT after all
he IS king)

Hartford School Superintendent Gave Parents A Show Of Arrogance, Disrespect
Helen UbiƱas
If I hadn't witnessed Hartford School Superintendent Steven Adamowski
berating parents for having the nerve to press for a public discussion
about gangs in city schools, I'd never have truly appreciated how deep
his disrespect runs.

He scolded Milly Arciniegas for allowing the press to attend the
meeting in a tone better reserved for a student than an involved
parent who also happens to be the president of the Hartford Parent
Organization Council.

He accused her of trying to call attention to her candidacy for the
school board.

And then he sniffed at the handful of parents in attendance; as if
such a small group wasn't worth his time.

"I'm very disappointed," he said.

"Wow," one of the other mothers mouthed.

Wow indeed. ........

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

et tu van?

$353.00?????????? no way. and at a casino????????????????// no way.

van morrison is my favorite in the entire universe. i love him. i had never seen him until just a few years ago. someone i insulted (because i believed he insulted me first. he claims he didn't but i know he did. i can be BRUTAL and of course i was. i ended up apologizing. as it turned out he had some connections) gave a friend of mine (for me) 2 tickets to go see van. i didn't get them until a few days after the incident. as i said, it was a surprise. i cried when i got them. i cried when i saw van morrison too.

solomon burke was his opening act. he blew me away. by the time van came on i was beside myself. i was absolutely silent and still and in awe for the WHOLE concert (there was a point for just a few seconds i had to direct my attention to someone sitting right in front of me. again, as i said, i can be brutal and THAT incident ended immediately).

there was no small talk. there was no chatting to the audience. there was just raw, beautiful, powerful soul and music. that said, you can see how much i love him. but i would NOT pay $353.00 to see him

van, i still love you the best and i always will. you ARE the best. i'll follow you into the mystic

Van Morrison Doing 'Astral Weeks' In Waterbury, At Foxwoods

The Hartford Courant

These days, an artist who released an album as poorly received as "Astral Weeks" was upon its debut in 1968 would find himself dropped in no time.

Instead, Van Morrison kept making records, and "Astral Weeks" grew in reputation like some half-forgotten secret, gathering word-of-mouth momentum until it was viewed as a landmark album — not only Morrison's best but one of the best of all time.

At once intimate and inscrutable, the album is an experimental masterpiece contrasting simple acoustic guitar with complicated percussion and lush string arrangements on eight songs mixing folk, soul and jazz. It's a powerful collection that has resonated deeply enough with fans over the years to land at No. 19 on Rolling Stone's 2003 list of the 500 best albums of all time.

Last year, 40 years after the release of "Astral Weeks," Morrison revived the album for a handful of performances in Los Angeles and New York, marking the first time he had ever performed many of the songs in concert. He reprises "Astral Weeks" at shows Saturday in Waterbury and Wednesday at MGM Grand at Foxwoods...........

caravan from the last waltz (with the band backing him up)

van morrison 5 part interview with the cbc

it's not what it seems

if you can shake your ass, i guess it must be all right

holy shite, van yucking it up with regis and kelly????????????

pic: Van Morrison sings in concert at the Tower Theater July 10, 2008 in Upper Darby, Penn. (TOM GRALISH, MCT / July 10, 2008)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i'm afraid of ALL bugs (even ants)

EXCEPT for lady bugs. we had tons of them on our windows at work yesterday (and i work on the fourth floor). they WERE swarming all about. it was kinda cool actually

(and for the record i'm not afraid of snakes or rats or the like. JUST BUGS)

When Ladybugs Attack


If you’ve seen ladybugs crawling all over the place today, you’re not alone.

The little crawlers -- also called Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle -- are out in force because the Nor’easter forced them, like the rest of us, indoors, according to the state entomologist.

Then, the suns came, and the bugs came out, looking for a place to winter. Miami, anyone?

In the meantime, they are apparently popping up everywhere, especially light-colored houses, the entomologist said. Not that Google and Twitter are scientific tools, but people from all over are posting about swarms and infestations of the bugs, so it seems Connecticut is not the only ladybug-central Tuesday.......

pic: Getty Images

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

an update on the death of jasper howard

Lawyer says an arrest imminent in death of UConn player

By Pat Eaton-Robb Associated Press

Attorney: Police Questioning Bloomfield Man In UConn Stabbing
The Hartford Courant

STORRS - Police have questioned -- but not arrested -- a Bloomfield man about his possible role in the stabbing death of a University of Connecticut football player over the weekend, a Hartford attorney said.

Deron Freeman said he represents a man who was questioned Sunday in connection with the killing of Jasper Howard. He declined to identify his client, but did say he is one of four men UConn police view as "main suspects."

Pictures: UConn Mourns Death Of Jasper Howard

UConn police arrived at the man's home Sunday and asked him to follow them back to Storrs for questioning, Freeman said Monday night. "He voluntarily submitted himself to questioning," the lawyer said.

The man's family contacted Freeman on Sunday because "police were questioning him for quite some time," Freeman said. He contacted police, told them he represented the man and told them to stop questioning him..........

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Monday, October 19, 2009


how could this happen? (well how could any violence happen). how could this happen on school grounds? what is inside of someone's mind allowing them to be able to stab (or shoot) another person?

i can get very angry indeed. i have never wanted to kill someone. EVER

jasper howard was 20. he was going to be a father. to his family, his friends, his teammates, my thoughts and prayers are with you

to whoever did this, you too are in my thoughts but for a totally different reason

UConn Football Player Killed In Campus Stabbing
The Hartford Courant
STORRS - About nine hours after his Huskies walked off Rentschler Field with a victory over Louisville, after a press conference filled with smiles and platitudes, UConn football coach Randy Edsall's phone rang. When the phone rings at that hour, Edsall said, it's never good.

Edsall would have to go to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford to identify a body.

Pictures: Jasper Howard's Career At UConn

Jasper Howard, a 5-foot-9, 174-pound junior cornerback for the Huskies, was dead after an on-campus stabbing early Sunday.

Howard, 20, who was soon to become a father, was stabbed near the Student Union. Police also said a second stabbing victim, a male who was with Howard, is not being identified but was treated and released from the hospital.

After he identified the body, Edsall broke the news to Howard's family and to the UConn players.

"There's nothing written in the manual in how to deal with these situations," Edsall said at an emotional press conference. "But I know this — this is a strong team, with strong leadership, and we'll get through it."....

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

read this story and if your jaw doesn't drop

like mine did, there is something wrong with you

a psychologist uses info from a patient he was treating to have an affair with the patient's wife. that's NOT the jaw dropping part. people are human. some are good and some are evil flaming assholes (i'm not pointing fingers in this story, i'm just saying some people are ok and some aren't). the jaw dropping point is

THE STATE Board of Examiners of Psychologists put the creature (the therapist) on probation for two years ALLOWING HIM TO CONTINUE TO PRACTICE. i hope every single person in connecticut reads this story. they can then make up their OWN minds if they would wish to be treated by a therapist who did such a thing. and i think you all know what i'm saying here.........

Threat Of Discipline Hangs Over Psychologist Accused Of Violating Patient Confidentiality
The Hartford Courant
A North Stonington psychologist is accused of having an inappropriate affair with the wife of one patient and of violating confidentiality rules with another.

Rick Blinderman was having trouble with his marriage, so he turned to therapy.

He started sessions with Reuben Spitz, a North Stonington psychologist.

It didn't turn out the way Blinderman had hoped.

He stopped the therapy in 2004, after less than a year. Months later, the therapist began having an affair with Blinderman's wife, Lori. And, court records say, Spitz used confidential details he learned in his therapy sessions with Rick Blinderman to convince Lori Blinderman to leave her husband.

The state Board of Examiners of Psychologists ruled that Spitz's affair with Lori Blinderman violated ethical standards and it put his license on probation for two years, allowing him to continue practicing with supervision. Spitz admitted to the affair but denied that it violated professional standards because he never treated her. He has appealed the board's ruling.........

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