Friday, July 20, 2007

from cv rick

alma the lamanite

a true story in eight parts. read it. it's worth it

you KNOW i had to publish this picture

(and please note the reason they think mom kills all of her babies)

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Man's best friend helped save this tiny cat.
A 15-day-old female panther named Milica has been adopted by a Rhodesian Ridgeback after her mother refused to feed her and tried to kill her in the Belgrade zoo.
"The mother panther has killed all her cubs since 1999," zookeeper Dragan Jovanovic said.
"We believe she has been traumatized by the sound of NATO bombs" during airstrikes in the Serbian capital intended to stop former President Slobodan Milosevic's crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists in 1999, he said............

i hope my car starts today

i have a dental appointment later this morning (a root canal. yeah, i'm dying to get there...).

i was driving home yesterday from my pop's house to mine, going down south quaker lane. all of a sudden, i was in the middle of a GIANT POND. i couldn't see it was raining so hard out or i wouldn't have ventured into that much water. i didn't stall and my brakes continued to work, so i'm guessing all will be fine. man did it RAIN. as i said, i was driving and i really couldn't see very much. thank the goddess i was going slowly anyway. if i lived further away from my popi i wouldn't have ventured out until the rain calmed down (well when i left, it really wasn't coming down that hard. within 30 seconds though, BAM)

ONE LITTLE RANT - HEY all of you ASSES. when it's raining out it's a STATE LAW TO TURN YOUR CAR LIGHTS ON. what the hell is the matter with you? you know it was hard to see out. it's important for OTHERS to see YOU while driving. i don't care if you care about yourselves or not. I CARE ABOUT ME, MY FRIENDS AND MY FAMILY. TURN YOUR DAMN LIGHTS ON YOU GIANT BUNCH O' STEAMIN' ID-JITS

Tornado-Like Storm Blows Through State
Residents Left To Clean Up After Damaging Storm

Residents clean-up after powerful storms

Was It A Twister? Maybe
Officials To Assess Storm Damage Today To See If Any Tornadoes Touched Down

picture: TIA ANN CHAPMAN( July 19, 2007)
Cars wade into flood waters at the corner of Prospect Street and Capitol Avenue in Hartford

Thursday, July 19, 2007

sunflowers for make a wish

how cool ARE sunflowers? answer: wicked cool!

and to benefit the make a wish foundation to boot. let's all get out there and buy some

Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream Inc., best known for its 50+ flavors of homemade ice cream and original waffle cones, will host its fourth annual “Sunflowers for Wishes” fundraiser to benefit the Connecticut Make-A-Wish foundation from July 21-29, 2007 from 10 a.m. to dusk each day

More than 300,000 sunflowers are expected to bloom on ten acres of farm land yielding sunflower bouquets that will be sold for $5.00 each. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to help create wishes for Connecticut children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Sunflower-themed t-shirts, notecards, and Buttonwood’s own sunflower ice cream will also be offered to support the Foundation. And new to the farm this year, Buttonwood Farm will introduce hayrides through the sunflowers, bringing joy and happiness to everyone who visits.Dates: July 21 - 29, 2007, 10:00 am - dusk.Buttonwood Farm, 473 Shetucket Turnpike, at the junction of Routes 201 and 165, in Griswold, CT(Click here for map)Phone: (860) 376-4081

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

do you know anything about mickey?

if so, please DO contact the meridan humane society (phone number at the end of the story. click the link. there's a video too!)

Meriden-WTNH) _ The Meriden Humane Society is offering a reward to anyone who has information about the neglect of a Schnauzer named Mickey.
Shaven and bathed but still covered in scabs, Mickey recovers at the Meriden Animal Hospital. The dog was abandoned in the overnight hours on Monday at the Meriden Humane Society. The animal's carrier was covered in filth according to Humane Society worker Jillian Cheney.
"It was literally the smell of rotting flesh and feces. It was horrible," said Cheney. "It looked like it had been attacked by something."
It turns out, maggots had embedded themselves into the dog's skin and were literally eating away at the dog.
"The pain he must have been going through and the smell must have been horrible," said Cheney.
The Humane Society it hoping reward money might entice someone to come forward with clues as to how the dog wound up in such a deplorable condition. ............

here he is

YOUR (not mine, i didn't vote for him) senator. i want NOTHING to do with him, other than to boot his ass OUT of the senate and ALL politics for that matter.
well here he is, your ONE TRICK PONY

Lieberman continues staunch stand on Iraq War

by News Channel 8's Mark Davis

(Hartford-WTNH) _ A year ago, Senator Joe Lieberman was in the final weeks of a bruising primary election he would eventually lose over his support for the war in Iraq.
As of today, Lieberman is the sole member of Congress from Connecticut not calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq. Fourth District Congressman Chris Shays has recently announced that he wants all troops out by the end of next year.
Many Republicans are even abandoning the president and despite that, Lieberman says he does not feel like he's being isolated now by both political parties and the public.
"A retreat would be major American defeat and a victory for Al Qaeda and Iran," said Lieberman. ......

Monday, July 16, 2007

my interpretation of the

(note: i used 18 stitches instead of the pattern's 24)

i made it as a going away gift for katy. she's moving (at least for a while) to nyc.