Tuesday, December 22, 2009

our christmas menu

everything homemade (unless i note otherwise)

lasagna (i didn't make the noodles this year. i do NOT have the time)
meatballs (separate from the lasagna i have a vegetarian niece)
cranberry sauce
vegan lasagna with added vegetables; mushrooms, butternut squash, eggplant, and whatever else i find in the fridge
mushroom tarts (some vegan some with cheese)
glazed carrots
cauliflower cheese tart (and something cauliflower vegan for me)
creamed corn (big bub won't eat any other kind of vegetable)
yukon gold spuds (i don't know how or what i'm going to do to them yet)
sweet potatoes (i don't know how or what i'm going to do to THEM yet either)
green bean casserole with HOMEMADE mushroom sauce and HOMEMADE fried onions
pickles - store bought
olives - store bought
italian bread-store bought

then my sister brings a GIANT salad and a roasted beast and some other kind of meat. she also brings a ton of desserts. one of my neice's husbands brings a big ol' ham. my OTHER (non cooking) sister makes ice. oh, and she bought an ice cream cake too.

Monday, December 21, 2009


i'm not even sure i have ANYTHING to say here except yeah, that's bambino and yeah, that's a bottle of mad dog 20 20 and yeah, it's a connecticut story

Woman Arrested for Demanding Three-Way Sex With Couple - Anna Bambino