Sunday, November 22, 2009

even peeps from other states

know what a GIANT asswipe da liebs is

dependable renegade sure knows:

Joe Lieberman: Still a fucking tool,


now with an extra serving of tool-ness:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) raised hackles among liberals earlier this week when he claimed that the public option wasn't a part of the 2008 presidential campaign. He repeated that claim to reporters tonight, though acknowledged, when pressed, that then-candidate Barack Obama did in fact include a public option in his campaign health care proposal.

And then there's this:

Anyway, I'm opposed to it."............

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it's more than 6% that's for sure

no survey, no study, nothing could ever prove it. 90% of women abused by their partners (and men abused by THEIR partners...but women are more likely to be the ones abused) will never in a million years admit the abuse. i have seen abused women. i have heard every excuse in the book. i have done what i could to make them know they are not alone, make them know there is help (but THEY have to work very hard as well) and to make them know it's NOT their fault.

sometimes my talks have paid off and the women have gotten out, sometimes i see the women crawl right back into the beds of their abusers

it crosses color lines. it crosses classes. it crosses ethnicities. it crosses religions. it just is. it's everywhere. we must all work to stop it. the first step is getting rid of the stigma. to treat women as equal citizens. to not sweep domestic violence under the rug. to NOT hold the victim to blame.

from this article it sure does seem like the library wanted to hide ms gillies away from the public AND from her coworkers. sure seems like they didn't want to help her

Fired Worker's Lawsuit Puts Spotlight On Workplace Treatment Of Domestic Violence Victims

Heather Gillies won praise for her work as a children's librarian at the Stonington Free Library. She was dedicated to the job, so much so that she performed a story-time program for children shortly after being beaten, allegedly by her husband.

But commitment to her job meant nothing to her bosses after they learned she was a battered wife, Gillies says in a recently filed lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses the library of wrongful discharge, firing Gillies in part because she was a victim of domestic violence.

Not so, says the library, which is denying Gillies' charges in a 27-page answer to her complaint. The library says it accommodated Gillies when she needed time off and supported her when employees there learned about the abuse.

The legal battle, brewing in Superior Court in New London, has captured the attention of advocates against domestic violence, who are crediting Gillies with shining light on what they say is the often overlooked issue of how the workplace deals with employees struggling with family violence.

Too often, advocates say, victims may not get the help they need because of fear that doing so may cost them their jobs.................

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one extra extra extra lucky dude

i read the headline and i winced

Chainsaw Falls On Man's Face, Causing Minor Injury