Thursday, June 22, 2006


that is why i support ned lamont

the more that comes out of the liebs mouth, the more i want to stuff a dirty sock in it. WHO created the iraqi terrorists coming after our soldiers? WE DID you giant weenie! the iraqis DID NOT ATTACK US UNTIL WE WENT OVER AND INVADED THEIR COUNTRY. we had NO RIGHT NONE WHAT SO EVER. we MUST leave

Lieberman Goes It Alone

Senator Breaks With Democrats In Otherwise Partisan Debate On Plans To Pull Troops From Iraq
Washington Bureau Chief June 22 2006
WASHINGTON -- A somber Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman stood alone on the Democratic side of the Senate Wednesday and broke with his colleagues on the Iraq war, announcing he would oppose today two Democratic-authored blueprints for pulling American troops out of Iraq. Lieberman, the first and so far only Democrat to declare plans to vote against both measures, spoke near the end of a tense day of partisan debate over Iraq policy. Setting a deadline for redeployment or withdrawal, he said, could have dire consequences."I fear that it would also send another message to our terrorist enemies and to the sectarian militias in Iraq," Lieberman argued, "that America is not prepared to see this fight through until the Iraqis themselves can take over.".............

it's rose weekend!

i know i've mentioned this before, but i'll mention it again. i grew up within walking distance of elizabeth park. i learned to ice skate (AND play hockey) there. i saw the rose gardens bloom every year. i walked through the green houses. i found wild onions hidden in a small patch of woods. i brought my dogs there. i brought my guitar there. i was very lucky indeed. oh, i have not been to the park in YEARS. i still live in the same town and my popi still lives in the same house i grew up in. i AM going to the park soon. i owe it to myself

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

liebs, you're full of steamin' shite

from today's washington post comes a great op-ed from harold meyerson

this from the liebs himself (quoted in mr meyerson's op ed): "I know I'm taking a position that is not popular within the party," Lieberman told Broder, "but that is a challenge for the party -- whether it will accept diversity of opinion or is on a kind of crusade or jihad of its own to have everybody toe the line. No successful political party has ever done that."

a jihad? whatttttttttttttttttt?????????? you're 'taking a position that is not popular within the party'???? whatttttttttttttt???????? it's not only NOT popular within the party but within the community of beings with BRAINS and a CONSCIENCE and MORALS. i accept diversity of opinion, i just don't accept invading a country based on lies, greed, revenge and goddess only knows what else!

that's why MY vote is going to ned lamont

whew, lewis lives!

(he IS a handsome beast)

Judge Spares Lewis The Cat, Grants Owner Special Probation

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- A judge spared the life of alleged neighbor-assaulter Lewis the cat on Tuesday, but ordered him to remain inside his owner's Fairfield home at all times.
"There are no exceptions. None," said Superior Court Judge Patrick Carroll, who also granted accelerated rehabilitation to Lewis' owner, Ruth Cisero.
Cisero's record will be cleared in two years if she completes 50 hours of community service and Lewis stays indoors. If Lewis does get out, Cisero could face up to six months in prison. An animal control officer, not a judge, would decide what happens to the cat.
Cisero was charged with reckless endangerment after neighbors complained that Lewis' long claws and stealth have allowed him to attack at least a half-dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car...............

(photo on the left, from the courant the one on the right from nbc 30

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

today is the day for lewis

FREE LEWIS! (send him to utah if need be, but LET HIM LIVE). there is NO NEED to kill that cat because he 'attacked' an avon lady. geeze, if he stays indoors there IS no further problem. of course i think this is rather funny EXCEPT the part about him having a death sentence. i do NOT think that is funny AT ALL. the courant article below names the neighbor who is INSISTING upon frying lewis.

"Crazy cat" gets offer of safe haven
(WTNH, June 19, 2006 6:15 PM) _ Fairfield's so-called "crazy cat" has already been banned from going outside and now he could be on the move.
A Utah organization called "The Best Friends Animal Society" is offering to give Lewis a safe haven.
Neighbors say Lewis has terrorized them, ambushing them with sharp claws.
A Bridgeport Superior Judge will decide the fate of the ferocious feline tomorrow.
He'll decide whether to give cat owner Ruth Cisero special probation and spare Lewis' life.


Utah organization offers sanctuary to Lewis the cat

19, 2006
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. --A Utah organization is offering a safe haven to Lewis the cat, a Fairfield feline whose alleged vicious attacks on neighbors have landed his owner in court.
Superior Court Judge Patrick Carroll is expected to decide Lewis' fate Tuesday when he considers an application for accelerated rehabilitation for the cat's owner, Ruth Cisero.
Neighbors say they have been terrorized by Lewis, claiming the cat's long claws and stealth have allowed it to attack at least a half-dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.
The Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah, which claims to be the country's largest no-kill animal sanctuary, has offered to take Lewis free of charge.
"If necessary to save the life of Lewis the cat, we agree to provide Lewis with a place to live out his life at our sanctuary," Russ Mead, Best Friends' general counsel, wrote in a letter to Carroll.
Tuesday's hearing is to determine whether Cisero should get special probation and have her cat's life spared.
Another judge told Cisero she would grant her special probation on the condition that she have Lewis put to death, which Cisero has refused to do..........


Now A Jailbird, Lewis The Cat Awaits His Fate

Lewis the Cat is akin to a capital felony convict: He faces a death sentence or life in prison - his owner's home - without possibility of release. His owner may learn his fate today.The fluffy feline's crime was attacking neighbors on nearby Sunset Circle in December and February."You wouldn't believe what this cat can do," victim Janet Kettman said Monday. "It's not just a scratching. It's a mauling."Since February Lewis has been under a lifetime restraining order. If owner Ruth Cisero moves, she must register him with the local animal control officer and keep him indoors. If she gives him away, the restraining order stays in effect and she remains responsible for him."Lewie," as Cisero calls him, has become an international cause celebre.He has a MySpace Web page created for him by Fairfield University graduate student Erin Reeves. By popular demand, Reeves now sells "Free Lewis" shirts, mugs and, yes, mousepads. (Reeves gives $3 per shirt to Cisero for her defense fund.) Lewis has an entry on Wikipedia and has made the international media. A large photograph of the long-haired Lewis ran in People magazine last week with the headline "Dead Cat Walking."But there is more to this story than a tabloid tabby............

a good editorial; why the liebs is running scared from ned lamont

why is the liebs starting to talk trash about ned lamont? i don't like that in a person. you can comment on someone's record and voting policies but there is a line. i don't like dirty ads from ANYONE. i never understood it. run on your OWN merits. suck it up liebs, your war mongering in fact SUCKS

from the journal inquirer

Democracy an insult to those who live only for power
For ludicrous and bizarre remarks, it would be hard to top the comments of Gen. Harry B. Harris, the commandant of the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo. Harris reasoned that the suicides of three prisoners of war who were kept without charge, counsel, or hope of release was an "act of asymmetrical warfare" against the United States.A lot of us are still saying "wow" about that one.
But first runner-up in the Spiro T. Agnew Foot-in-Mouth, Mind-in-Space Award this week is John F. Droney Jr., a former Connecticut Democratic chairman.Droney said Sen. Joe Lieberman should bolt the Democratic Party and run as an independent."I think to be terrorized through the summer by an extremely small group of the Democratic Party, much less the voting population, is total insanity for a person who is a three-term senator," Droney said.Terrorized?It's called an election, dude.We know that long-time incumbents don't expect such disturbances of the peace. And it may feel like terror, just as it is terrifying to a nobleman when the serfs ask for their wages. But truly, having to debate a primary opponent is not like being blown up or beheaded.The Lieberman campaign has, meanwhile, been peddling to the press and the public that it is Lamont, not Lieberman, who is right, or Republican-leaning. After all, Lamont is rich, he lives in Greenwich, and as a selectman there, he occasionally - hold your breath now - voted with the Republicans.So, let's see. Lamont is a closet Fallwellite backed by Trotskyites.Hmm. Seems unlikely..............

Monday, June 19, 2006

i haven't seen any yet this year

nor did i see any at all last year, but i do hope one day soon i'll see another. i had never seen one as a child. the first time i saw one was about six or seven years ago. i was amazed at their beauty

The Green Giant Is Back! A Rare Visitor, The Luna Moth, Is On The Increase
By STEVE GRANT Courant Staff Writer June 19 2006
It may not be quite time to celebrate yet, but one of the biggest and most beautiful moths in the U.S., one whose numbers had crashed in southern New England, seems to be making a comeback.In the past 10 years, scientists and naturalists agree, populations of the luna moth, a pale-green creature with a wingspan of more than 4 inches, have increased in Connecticut."Just from personal observation and hearing from other people, they do seem to be doing OK," said John Himmelman, author of "Discovering Moths: Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard" and a naturalist who attracts and monitors moths from his home in Killingworth using an ultraviolet light......


the angry chair

sounds like MY kind o' place! although i'm NOT 15-24, i sure do not fit in any type of mold. perhaps i'll pay them a visit.

'Do's All The Rage At The Angry Chair In Wethersfield, Way Out's Way In
The stylist at Cost Cutters was scandalized. She looked at David Esposito's bushy brown hair, then she looked at the picture of what he wanted his hair to look like: bright orange and choppy, like his favorite Japanese cartoon character. She said his hair would fall out first.But a customer who overheard the exchange had a suggestion: try The Angry Chair.Two visits, $110 and 51/2 hours later, Dan Mather, a stylist at The Angry Chair who sports miniature double Mohawks with blond tips, was putting the finishing touches on Esposito's red-orange shag cut. "For the day, do you want to go less funky?" Mather asks on this recent Thursday afternoon, rubbing pomade between his mauve-painted fingernails..........

hey droney, i'm PROUD to wear the tag (YOU came up with); weirdo

if it means bringing our MEN AND WOMEN HOME FROM IRAQ!!!

liebs MUST go, ned lamont will be our next senator from connecticut!!!

do you think people are weird because they dislike lies? they dislike being spied upon illegally? they dislike us torturing people who have NOT been convicted of ANY crime(s)? they dislike the fact that a MINIMUM of 2,501 of our men and women have come home in body bags because of oil and retribution (and no pictures of their flag draped coffins can be taken)? they dislike the fact thousands of our men and women have come home with missing limbs and other physical AND mental injuries because we were LIED TO? there are so many more, far too many to list right now


Senator Holds Party In Limbo Lieberman's Choice Risks Ripple Effect
By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer June 18 2006
With a surprising nonchalance, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is approaching a critical crossroads in his 36-year career as a Democratic politician.Will he remain a candidate in the Aug. 8 primary and give the final word on his re-election to Democratic voters, only half of whom approve of his performance?Or will Lieberman cede the Democratic nomination to challenger Ned Lamont and petition his way onto the November ballot?No later than mid-July, Lieberman will reach the point of no return. If he is going to run in November as a petitioning candidate, Lieberman would have to collect 7,500 signatures from registered voters by 4 p.m. on Aug. 9. A decision to quit the primary would ripple far beyond the Senate race, depressing the turnout for the Democratic gubernatorial primary and possibly undermining the efforts of three Democrats in tight contests with Republican congressional incumbents.And it could force hard choices for Lieberman's most active supporters, who would have to decide whether their own political fortunes are best served by loyalty to Lieberman or to the party. One ally has no doubts: Lieberman's old friend and Democratic state chairman, John F. Droney Jr., is publicly urging Lieberman to skip the primary, saying "every single weirdo in the left wing" enraged by Lieberman's support of the war in Iraq will turn out........