Wednesday, July 12, 2006

please keep these women and men

in your thoughts and prayers (along with everyone else serving)

Two Connecticut National Guard Units Heading Overseas

HARTFORD, Conn. -- The Connecticut National Guard said two units from eastern Connecticut are being mobilized for duty in Iraq.
About 30 soldiers from the 134th military police company of Norwich will be deployed for up to 18 months.
State Guard officials said about 20 soldiers from the 1109th Aviation Classification and Repair Depot in Groton are also being mobilized.
There will be a send-off ceremony Wednesday in Groton

tell me how this piece of (alleged) STINKING FILTH

can have a dozen supporters? or even ONE for that matter. the DNA EVIDENCE SAID HE FATHERED THE CHILD OF AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL. why would ANYONE, ANYONE support a man who could do this? WHY (he's not gone to trial yet so i will hold back a bit. ). anyone who supports him (with the dna evidence proving he indeed fathered the girl's child) should ALSO be thrown in the slammer

Minister Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Charges

HARTFORD, Conn. -- A Pentecostal minister accused of fathering the child of an 11-year-old member of his congregation pleaded not guilty Tuesday to rape charges.
Superior Court Judge Thomas Miano set bond at $750,000 for Modesto Reyes and ordered him to have no contact with the victim or her family.
Miano also admonished a group of about a dozen of Reyes' supporters for waving at him during his arraignment.
"In 30 years of doing this, I've never seen an outpouring of support like this," said Bill Gerace, Reyes' attorney.............

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i be a healer...........

virgina had one, connecticut had many (and some say the FIRST execution) as did other states. today really isn't that different (in my most humble AND knowing opinion)

Three-century-old Virginia witch is exonerated

Grace Sherwood was convicted through trial by water in 1706 VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (AP) -- The Witch of Pungo is no longer a witch.Gov. Timothy M. Kaine gave an informal pardon Monday to Grace Sherwood, who 300 years ago became Virginia's only person convicted as a witch tried by water."I am pleased to officially restore the good name of Grace Sherwood," Kaine wrote in a letter that Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf read aloud before a re-enactment of Sherwood's being dropped into the river."With 300 years of hindsight, we all certainly can agree that trial by water is an injustice," Kaine wrote. "We also can celebrate the fact that a woman's equality is constitutionally protected today, and women have the freedom to pursue their hopes and dreams." ( Watch the re-enactment of Sherwood's riverside trial -- :42 )Sherwood, a midwife who at times wore men's clothes and lived in what today is the rural Pungo neighborhood, later became known as "The Witch of Pungo."..........

i wrote about alse young a while ago. ties in

i wrote about sgt patrick stewart, here

as did left of center

i have PERSONAL experience with emus

so perhaps i should go out looking for them.

years ago when i went to visit friends in texas, we went to the texas state fair (where, i will tell you, i almost passed out for the FIRST time in my life STONE COLD SOBER mind you - due to the heat AND it was october) and besides being attacked (in a GOOD way) by pygmy goats, AN EMU SHAT ON MY SHOES

see? I DO KNOW EMUS!!!!

Emus on the loose

(Middletown-WTNH, July 10, 2006 2:38 PM) _ Farmers in West Simsbury are desperate to find their missing emus. Five of the large flightless birds are living at the Flamig Farm; two got loose this weekend and are still on a wild adventure. One was spotted in Simsbury. The last known sighting of the other bird was in Middletown this morning -- a good 45 miles away.
by News Channel 8's Jodi Latina
A drive in the country -- birds are chirping, cats purring, and an emu is missing. What?!
"We're looking for an emu. Yeah, big, runs real fast. Have you seen it?" asks the reporter."No I had not," says Pete Smigel.
Yes, state police and Middletown police report an emu is on the loose.
"Haven't seen it.""Would you know what to do if you had?" asks the reporter."I would call you.""What am I gonna do?""I don't know. I'd run!" says John Nemecek as he laughs......


some people stick to their beliefs

like ms keaney. she seems to tell it like it is and i like that in a person. i would disagree with her (personally) on one point though. IF the liebs wins the primary i will NOT support him. i just cannot

Lieberman confronted by voter on campaign stop

(WTNH, July 10, 2006 6:10 PM) _ With just 28 days to go until the state Democratic primary, Senator Joe Lieberman seems to be encountering a bit of political harassment.
Ned Lamont's campaign says they have nothing to do with it but Lieberman's campaign thinks otherwise.
by Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis
It has been a full week since Senator Lieberman announced he would hedge his bets on the outcome of the Democratic primary by circulating petitions to run as an Independent in November. Today, he got called on that strategy at one of his own campaign events.
In between events in the Hartford area today, Senator Lieberman made a quick trip to the Tigin Irish Pub in Stamford to get the endorsement of the Irish/American Democrats of Connecticut.
There were two anti-Lieberman picketers outside who claimed not to be part of the Lamont campaign.
Inside, I found myself in the middle of a verbal confrontation from someone who claimed to be a life-long Democrat and Lieberman supporter.
"I'm wondering why you're being a 'fair weather democrat' saying that you'll only respect the Democratic primary if you win, isn't that the epitome of a 'fair weather Democrat?" asks Maura Keaney."I'm gonna win," says Lieberman."And if you win I will respect that and I will support you 100 percent as will other Irish-American immigrants," says Keaney."I want ultimately to give a larger group, including a larger group of Democrats the opportunity to vote in November," says Lieberman."Aren't Democrats smart enough to know when the primary is?" asks Keaney."I hope so, and, in a way this is a challenge and look, this is the point of our system," says Lieberman....................
Ned Lamont Has a Messy Desk

(NOT, as messy as mine i must admit)

Monday, July 10, 2006

needleworks in newington is going out of business

they have been there for over 20 years. i'm sorry about that. i believe it has something to do with the landlord, but of course i'm not quite sure. the yarns are 1/2 price (good for me, but NOT good for them). i do wish them all the luck in the world

i got myself some

atacana hand dyed 100% alpaca
linie 285 smach crazy (poly)
plymouth carnival (rayon, nylon, poly)
noro iro 75% wool, 25% silk
cascade fixation (98.3 cotton, 1.7 nylon)
tahki poppy (nylon and cotton)
cascade lapin (poly)
lang tosca (55% wool, 343 acrylic)
cotton chenille by crystal palace

and the opink is gossamer karabella (kid mohair, nylon, poly). i've started a lace patter scarf