Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas eve

some cops in avon

racist or not? i know what i personally know (having worked in avon for more than 1/2 of my life). i also know if ANYONE feels guilty about bringing these emails to light, THEY SHOULD NOT

andy thibault at the cool justice report links us up to some articles

and here's colin mcenroe's story (he is the one that filed the initial complaint i believe)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

matthieu ricard

i heard him being interviewed by the bbc on npr this morning on my way to work. i was quite moved (note: if the video doesn't work, here's the link )

you know i read this yesterday

and could only shake my head. one would think ANYONE with half a brain couldn't support someone like sarevil palin for political office. i mean the women is beyond ignorant AND let's face it, she couldn't name ONE periodical she has read in the past? listen, i'm being KIND to her here, especially only mentioning that ONE thing.

i mean the courant story NAMES NAMES and all. i'd be MORTIFIED if people actually knew i admired someone like sarevil (who really did stir up the racial pot more than ANYONE or ANYTHING else). well, it seems like daniela altimari is sort of actually GUSHING about sarevil, doesn't it? i don't see where she reports any racism or people insisting barack obama is something he's not or how there are MORE barack obama posts than sarevil ones........... hmmmmm

Sarah Palin Fans In Connecticut Hold On To Hope
|The Hartford Courant
Sarah Palin lost the election, but to many, her light hasn't dimmed.

In fact, the Alaska governor, with her sassy, frontier-woman image and rock-ribbed, right-of-center politics, has become the repository for the hopes and dreams of conservative Republicans across the nation. Even here in liberal Connecticut, she has a devoted circle of fans.

"Most politicians say what they think people want them to say," said Melita Motherway, a 46-year-old mom and engineer from southeastern Connecticut. "She's different. She absolutely practices what she preaches."

As they set about restoring the shine to the national GOP's tarnished brand, many Republicans have seized upon Palin as the one who will lead them back to the win column, and help them endure the Barack Obama years............

......But supporters such as Motherway, Brislin and Trawick already have found an outlet for their pro-Palin activism. It's called, a social networking site with more than 60,000 members who are determined to stay connected and keep the conversation going...........

........Once on board, members can join groups: Rush Limbaugh Fans for Sarah Palin; Catholics for Sarah; and Pro Woman, Pro Life, to cite three examples. There are family pictures of the Palins. Husband Todd has a page of his own. And sprinkled throughout, there are personal testimonies from members about what they did to help Sarah. Praying for is her popular, especially following the arrest Thursday of Bristol Palin's boyfriend's mother.........

and then i came across this from larisa: where racists come to discuss "Christian values"

This is downright scary - - a bastion for those that evolution has left behind, including racists, anti-Semites, and the not so Christian Evangelical "end of times" crew. Oh, and of course the pro pre-life bunch too (anti-abortion is not what these people are... they are pro everything before and after life and the living). Here is Geoff Dunn describing this collective of the left behind in a HuffPo entry:

But what's interesting is that there are actually more blog topics about "Obama" than about "Palin." Of course, Obama's citizenship, birth certificate, and alleged Muslim upbringing are constantly questioned, along with his youthful drug use (though funny, Palin's admitted use of marijuana is not, and we won't even mention Levi Johnston's mother). There are also a lot of references to Obama being the anti-Christ: "He is the antichrist sent here to destroy America. Nobody knows who he is or where he was born."

And then there's some plain, downright nastiness and plenty of good ol' fashioned racism that, well, certainly doesn't sound Christian, if you catch my drift. When a blogger named James asks if anybody has bought the new Obama coins, SavantNoir responds: "[Y]es James, and i melted it down to see the look of agnoy on his face, made it a BB pellet and shot it into a pile of shit.".......