Saturday, March 31, 2007

it's already starting in west hartford because of black and blue square

i KNEW it would. didn't know it would be that soon.

i went to whole foods yesterday afternoon about noon. yes, i know it's usually a bit more crowded at that time. i know not only the regular crew of shoppers is there but some of the construction workers from black and blue also stop off to get lunch. they don't drive though, they walk across the street. there is a new light at the entrance of whole foods. it's jamming up the lot AND raymond road. i know they did build another entrance into whole foods from trout brook too AND there is an entrance from farmington avenue (which i use). the lot was a mess. all of the spots were full (of GIANT UNNEEDED AND UNNECESSARY i might add) SUVs. suvs being driven by ONE person, not entire families. SUVs taking up 1 1/2 parking spots.

the traffic was a nightmare and black and blue square isn't anywhere near open yet. i can only imagine

i'm already saying i told ya so

Friday, March 30, 2007

my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of private 1st class orlando gonzalez

(WTNH) _ A soldier born in Bridgeport and who has family in Shelton died in combat in Iraq.
Army Private 1st Class Orlando Gonzalez, 21, was killed in combat on Sunday in Baqubah, Iraq.
Pfc. Gonzalez was assigned to the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.
According to the Pentagon, Gonzalez and three others in his unit were killed when an IED, or improvised explosive device, went off near their vehicle.
Gonzalez was born and lived in Bridgeport until he was six. His father currently lives in Shelton..........

da liebs is living in the SAME world as mccain is

remember the other day mccain said it was SAFE to take walks through some iraqi neighborhoods? well i wanna see johnny and joey hand in hand strolling on a breezy summer's eve right down an iraqi main street or two! oh, WITHOUT armed security protective forces of course

every day you pick up the paper and read about the horrors. the people fleeing their homes for other countries. the retaliation killings, the bodies found.

i don't know WHAT soldiers they talked to that said it's getting better. i say put the crack pipe down, back away slowly AND COME BACK TO REALITY

Lieberman: Soldiers 'more confident' in Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Connecticut, told CNN Thursday he thinks the president's changed policy in Iraq has successfully decreased the violence in Baghdad and increased the confidence of U.S. forces there."Our soldiers told [Ret. Gen. Jack Keane] they feel more confident than ever as they go on patrol in Baghdad in the neighborhoods we've settled into with their Iraqi colleagues," Lieberman told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "The Iraqi people are coming out and protecting them because they have chased out the fanatics on both sides, those who were carrying out sectarian killings." (Watch video: CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Sen. Lieberman)"The American soldier is more confident walking the streets of Baghdad today and that's a very important change," he added.........

(one of the soldiers i correspond with was especially wary about 'walking the streets'. he told me they all have to bring their gas masks with them now. lots of chlorine attacks)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

justice for billy

sam fox should NOT be an ambassador

why we allowed the 'swift boat veterans' to skewer kerry is beyond me. unlike others who really didn't serve (even though they MAY have been in the texas air national guard), kerry served in vietnam. and according to reports (that ARE credible) he served bravely.

now to me the term 'swift boat veterans' has negative connotations. it SHOULD NOT HAVE.

Kerry shipmates, Dodd come out strong against swift-boat donor nomination
Posted by Bob Geiger
................"As Swift Boat veterans who served together in Vietnam, we strongly believe that Mr. Fox does not deserve to be confirmed for this position. We have been frustrated to hear some suggest that the 2004 election is in the past and we should 'get over it.' Those who make that argument forget that this wasn’t just about an election; John Kerry may have been the target of the lies of the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, but he wasn’t alone in having his military record falsely impugned."

Saying "for us, this is personal," the letter is signed by eleven Swift Boat sailors, including Jim Rassmann, who said Kerry saved his life in the incident for which the Massachusetts Senator was awarded the Bronze Star..........

well what the REAL swift boat veterans are saying is they don't want fox to be the american ambassador to belgium. mr fox, a swift boat veteran himself was one of those that claimed kerry was NOT a war hero. what goes around comes around

and one of my state senators, chris dodd HAS stood up for the right thing here too!

...........Also stepping up to the plate to do the right thing in the vote, which will take place on Wednesday in the Foreign Relations Committee, is Chris Dodd (D-CT), the first Senator to make clear his plan to reject Fox's nomination.
"I strongly oppose the nomination of Sam Fox to be U.S. Ambassador to Belgium. U.S. Ambassadors need to be both responsible and credible, and Mr. Fox’s support for an organization known to have spread falsehoods illustrates neither," said Dodd, a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, in a statement. “Moreover, the fact that Mr. Fox refused to apologize for his behavior during his nomination hearing reinforces my belief that he would not be an acceptable representative for the position of U.S. Ambassador.”..............

and an update:

Swiftboat funder withdraws bid to be US ambassador to Belgium

maybe he had to pee (VERY BADLY)

Conn. Speeder Clocked At 142 MPH By State Troopers

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i (or is that aye) like it too!

this angers me no end

nothing has changed since, let's say last week (or we could even say the mid-90s) EXCEPT the courant did a couple of pieces on foley and the allegations against him

yet it was just announced he was kicked out of the seminary (as a residence) in bloomfield and ordered to get rid of his fake police/fire car.

foley was never convicted of anything YET there is strong evidence against him. it appears the catholic church took all of the allegations seriously since it did indeed remove him from parishes, strip him of his collar (he has NOT been stripped of the priesthood mind you) and remove him from being the police/fire chaplain.

it was no problem for reporters to go on the bloomfield seminary grounds and SEE foley's fake police/fire car. one would imagine all of the catholic clergy who reside AND visit there would ALSO see that car. one would think when they did indeed see that car WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY ALLOW HIM TO KEEP IT????

did the archdiocese of hartford grow a set now ONLY because of the negative publicity? now THAT is what makes me sick.

we MUST (catholic or whatever) protect our children AT ALL TIMES not only when we may receive negative press

Diocese Tells Priest To Leave


The Archdiocese of Hartford has ordered the Rev. Stephen Foley, suspected of being a child molester, to leave St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield and sell the police-equipped Crown Victoria he's been driving for years even though he no longer serves as a police or fire chaplain.The decision was made by Archbishop Henry Mansell and communicated to Foley Tuesday afternoon in a phone call from the Rev. Gerard G. Schmitz, the vicar for priests, according to diocesan spokesman the Rev. John Gatzak..........

"The bishop has taken immediate action," Gatzak said. "Stephen Foley is no longer welcome to reside at St. Thomas Seminary. He has been asked to make immediate plans to vacate and he's been told to get rid of the car.".........

Foley's attorney, Walter R. Hampton Jr., said Tuesday night it is "incorrect" to say that his client is leaving the seminary...........

Hampton said Foley still has the car."There would be absolutely no reason for him to turn in the car. The fact he drives a Crown Victoria is no different than me driving a Subaru," Hampton said

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the cool justice report, reports on billy smolinski

please stop by the cool justice report to read a very thorough report on the disappearance of billy smolinski.

the story of jan smolinski (billy's mother) has been in the papers of late. ms smolinski is working tirelessly to get laws passed to assist in cases of MISSING ADULTS.

i had NO idea exactly what ms smolinski was up against. information appears to have been kept from her by the waterbury police department. ms smolinski was arrested by the police department for PUTTING UP FLYERS REGARDING HER MISSING SON.

what is wrong with this picture?

jim brewer wrote the article andy thibault did the investigation. give it a read. it's EYE OPENING.

to the smolinski's, i hope you find peace. i'm sorry you had to go through what you did.

Sex, Violence & Politics, aka The Smolinski Case
Cool Justice Report Exclusive:Government Inaction And Unaccountability Why Does This Case Stink Like A Cover-Up?FOI Officer Orders Disclosure Of Police Reports In Smolinski Missing Person Love Triangle Case Family Clings To Shred Of Hope That Investigation Will Generate Results
The Cool Justice Report
March 25, 2007 EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report, http://cooljustice.blogspot.comPolice reports about the Smolinski Missing Person Love Triangle Case are scheduled to be released to the public next month, giving Billy Smolinski’s family a shred of hope that the investigation will finally generate some results..........

.............The FOI decision notes the documents requested were “any and all reports … mentioning Madeleine Gleason and / or Christian Sorensen.” Several high-ranking members of the Waterbury Police Department – including Chief Neil O’Leary – had confirmed to Waterbury Observer Publisher John Murray the identities of Gleason and Sorensen as part of a love triangle with Billy Smolinski.Gleason, a bus driver in Woodbridge, went public with a bizarre legal action. After tearing down handbills about a reward for finding Billy Smolinski, Gleason sued Jan Smolinski and Murray, accusing them of violating her privacy. Murray had published photos of Gleason in public.Compounding the absurdity and outrageousness of this case, Woodbridge arrested Jan Smolinski and accused her of disorderly conduct for posting reward flyers about her missing son. The case was dismissed.............

Monday, March 26, 2007

stop of the day

in south deerfield mass
(a stone's throw away from connecticut)
Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens, opened in October of 2000, consists of an 18,400-square foot facility that includes a 8,000-sq. ft. glass conservatory filled with butterflies, moths and tropical vegetation. We commemorated our new expansion in a Grand Opening ceremony June 26, 2004. The sun shines through the glass walls and heats up the conservatory to an 80-degree tropical-like environment all year round. The heart-shaped pond with Japanese koi graces the center of the conservatory. The sound of the waterfall, peaceful music and hundreds of butterflies fluttering freely through the air creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere. It has become a sought-after romantic place for weddings, for which we can provide a justice of the peace. Visits anytime throughout the year are delightful. It's truly amazing inside, for no matter how many people are enjoying the conservatory, it's still a peaceful sanctuary for all. Enter through the main entrance into our plant-filled atrium.
i thought of magic wings because of this article
An unusual SOS that has gone out from French ecologists may not initially go down well with gardeners, who are being asked to leave weeds well alone.
But it's all in a good cause -- to save disappearing butterfly species.
Having set up the first butterfly 'refuges' in northwestern France in 2004, a Brittany-based association is now urging gardeners to do their bit for butterflies and biodiversity by not cutting back their brambles or nettles.
"We are asking people to leave several square metres of wild grass, brambles, nettles in their garden... which caterpillars love," Jeremy Allain, of the Vivarmor association behind the initiative said.............

Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'll probably never see voices in conflict but i'm still proud of the students who planned it

i'm not sure why i didn't read about this in a connecticut paper. i guess i could have missed it though.

i disagree with the principal in this case. i DO believe the students should have been allowed to perform this piece. however, at the same time, i also believe the principal had every right to say no. i think it rather slimey though he may not have stated the TRUE reason the students weren't allowed to put the play on.

we have to give our young people more credit sometimes. not all of them are constantly thinking about ipods and what celebrity shaved their head this week. it seems like SOME of the wilton students are thinking about what is happening to their country, the citizens of their country and how life is NOT always very easy.

i have no voice in wilton, but i do say to those students involved with voices in conflict, i am very impressed with ALL of you

Play About Iraq War Divides a Connecticut School
WILTON, Conn., March 22 — Student productions at Wilton High School range from splashy musicals like last year’s “West Side Story,” performed in the state-of-the-art, $10 million auditorium, to weightier works like Arthur Miller’s “Crucible,” on stage last fall in the school’s smaller theater.

For the spring semester, students in the advanced theater class took on a bigger challenge: creating an original play about the war in Iraq. They compiled reflections of soldiers and others involved, including a heartbreaking letter from a 2005 Wilton High graduate killed in Iraq last September at age 19, and quickly found their largely sheltered lives somewhat transformed. ............

..............In response to concerns that the script was too antiwar, Ms. Dickinson reworked it with the help of an English teacher. The revised version is more reflective and less angry, omitting graphic descriptions of killing, crude language and some things that reflect poorly on the Bush administration, like a comparison of how long it took various countries to get their troops bulletproof vests. A critical reference to Donald H. Rumsfeld, the former defense secretary, was cut, along with a line from Cpl. Sean Huze saying of soldiers: “Your purpose is to kill.”...........