Thursday, March 16, 2006

a great article on my home away from home: the half door

CHRIS GALLANT pours a Guinness the proper way at the Half Door on Sisson Avenue. (JOHN LONG)

Half Door Goes For Authenticity, 'Perfect Pour'
March 16, 2006 By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer

Shawn Skehan, co-owner of Half Door on Sisson Avenue in Hartford, said it takes more than Guinness on tap and an Irish flag out front to be an Irish pub."It's the feeling of being comfortable and at home and becoming a regular," said Skehan, who cut his teeth in the bar and restaurant business at this very location, in its former incarnation as the Cool Moose. He took it over nearly seven years ago.
The Half Door whispers comfort, from the cushions piled on a stone bench to the weathered booths and black-and-white photographs of Irish scenes. The bar rounds at one end to a circle, facilitating conversation. The pub is full of Irish knickknacks and artifacts from Ireland that friends and relatives have given Skehan, who has one set of Irish grandparents.He has yet to visit the island himself, but those who have tell him he has gotten it right......

the half door

A plate of Irish nachos at the Half Door on Sisson Avenue. (JOHN LONG)

(by the way, i've partaken of the irish nachos - sans bacon and cheese and they are STILL OUTSTANDING)

i thought this would be a very nice time to post a link to

Connecticut Historical Society Museum’s important Civil War collection, holds a rediscovered national treasure in the Lincoln assassination flag— the very same flag that Lincoln was verified to have clutched as John Wilkes Booth delivered the fatal shot at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865. Photo courtesy of Connecticut Historical Society.

the connecticut historical society museum

it's a lovely building (i'll try to swing by after work today and take a picture or two) just off of asylum avenue on elizabeth street.

Society Director Takes On New Orleans Challenge

By OSHRAT CARMIEL, Courant Staff Writer
David M. Kahn, the executive director of the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, is stepping down in May to take a job in New Orleans as the director of the Louisiana State Museum.Kahn, who has headed the city museum for more than nine years, said that the opportunity to move to New Orleans and help a historic institution rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was an assignment he could not pass up
I've had a long-term interest in New Orleans and Louisiana history and culture," Kahn said.He acquired a personal collection of 25 rare, first-edition books on Louisiana history, and said he has family there. "There really isn't any other circumstance under which I can imagine leaving Hartford," he said. Kahn begins his work in Louisiana on May 15, three days after leaving his post in Hartford..............

i'm a smoker

i'm not proud of it, but i am what i am.

i won't buy butts in walgreens any longer. they DEMAND an id. by the way, i am WELL over the age of 30 and YES they DEMANDED MY id on ALL of the occassions i bought cigarettes there. not only do they LOOK at the id, they enter the date of birth into their registers. so i'm just not going to stop at walgreens for ANYTHING. they have lost my bid-nez because they invaded my privacy (i understand the need to card people buying certain items. however, when one is MY AGE, ONE DOESN'T NEED TO BE CARDED. and no, i'm NOT flattered)

now it seems cvs will be doing the same using the age 27 as a cut off. now we'll see if i get asked for id or not. not only am i well over that age, i LOOK LIKE I'M WELL OVER THAT AGE.

CVS reaches agreement with 42 states on tobacco sales
By Ray Henry, Associated Press Writer March 15, 2006

PROVIDENCE, R.I. --CVS Corp. has reached an agreement with Connecticut, 41 other states and the District of Columbia by promising to strengthen practices that keep minors from buying tobacco products.
Under the voluntary settlement, the pharmacy chain agreed to check the identities of customers who attempt to purchase tobacco products if they look younger than 27.
CVS officials also agreed not to use self-service displays or vending machines to sell tobacco products and to train employees on state and local laws regulating tobacco sales.
The Woonsocket-based company also must hire an independent monitor to check its compliance at 5,400 stores nationwide. CVS officials did not disclose the cost of implementing the agreement.
"I applaud CVS' commitment to fight underage tobacco use," said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. "This agreement strikes a blow against underage smoking in Connecticut and nationwide."......

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i was unable to attend ned lamont's declaration speech on monday

(due to circumstances beyond freedom and dignity) BUT he did it, he's in the running!
ned lamont

Lamont Opens Senate Fight Calls Lieberman `Republican Lite'
By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer March 14 2006
Ending two months of exploratory campaigning, Ned Lamont debuted Monday as a full-fledged challenger to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, promising a debate on the war in Iraq and a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.Lamont, 52, a Greenwich cable television entrepreneur with deep pockets and liberal politics, promised a hard challenge from the left for a Democratic nomination that has gone to Lieberman without opposition since 1988.Lieberman's support for invading Iraq may be the catalyst for a challenge to a three-term incumbent whose candidacy he once supported financially, but Lamont said his differences with the senator go deeper than the war.He described Lieberman - an iconic politician who was the first Jew on a presidential ticket as the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000 - as a "Republican Lite" and "George Bush's favorite Democrat," too cozy with the GOP and too distant from his Democratic roots."We're going to fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party," Lamont told more than 100 supporters at the Old State House. "With your passion, your enthusiasm, the grass roots, the Net roots - we're going to show people on a hot day in August that we can win. We can win not by being Republican Lite, but by being proud Democrats."A primary would be held Aug. 8. Lamont is expected to qualify for it easily, either by winning support from 15 percent of the delegates to a nominating convention May 20 or by gathering signatures from 2 percent of registered Democrats.Lieberman's campaign monitored the announcement and quickly accused Lamont of negative campaigning, signaling that the senator views Lamont as a serious threat in a Democratic primary, where the voters tend to be liberal........