Saturday, June 09, 2007

no one is surprised...

there are allegations of porn (perhaps child), inhumane treatment of his dogs AND white power symbols in this evil being's possession (and the two women with him are equally to blame - no doubt about it)

if found to be guilty, they should NEVER walk free again. EVER

Video Trove Of Porn Sexual Material Reportedly Found On Tapes Seized From Man Charged With Holding Girl


Police have found homemade pornography on videos seized from a man charged with unlawfully keeping a teenage girl from her family for a year, a law enforcement source close to the investigation said.The source said investigators are trying to determine the identities of a number of girls in the videos, which are of poor quality and were apparently posted on the Internet at various times. Adam Gault, a West Hartford dog trainer, is charged in the disappearance of 15-year-old Danielle Cramer of Bloomfield........

..........Danielle has told authorities that Gault was using her for Internet sex shows and modeling. It was not clear whether Gault, 41, participated in the shows..........

...........Bloomfield police Capt. Jeffrey Blatter said that investigators didn't initially connect the office space on West Dudley Town Road to the case against Gault because they went there as a result of a dispute between Gault and his landlord, Frank Sponzo Sr., in 2006.Sponzo did not return calls, but his son, Frank Sponzo Jr., said Thursday that Gault was evicted for violating his lease by boarding dogs on the property.Sponzo said that he never saw evidence of sexual activity at the office but did see what he took to be white supremacist flags and materials and evidence that the dogs there were being treated inhumanely. It wasn't clear if police were ever told about the alleged animal neglect.........

Friday, June 08, 2007

vile pieces of stinking scum

(of course that is IF the allegations are true......i think we know in our hearts if they are true or not)

this is just worse than we originally though.

if true (and you know i have to say IF because no one has been convicted yet) these people are THE WORST type of predators. there is no reform for them. there is no cure for them. hell, i don't even think there is penance for them.

more than one girl may have been abused over the years. what was mr gault's draw?

may the truth come out and may the young girl get some sort of normal life back

New Revelations In Discovery Of Missing Girl


Nearly two weeks before Danielle Cramer disappeared in June 2006, the man now charged with unlawfully keeping her from her family went to the Bloomfield police department to file a sexual abuse complaint against her brother's friend and to persuade state officials to remove her from the home.The attempt by Adam Gault to get police help in removing Cramer from her home is one of a number of startling details law enforcement sources have supplied to The Courant about a case that has gained national attention.....

..........Among Thursday's other revelations:• Gault rented commercial space in Bloomfield that police believe may have been a "flophouse" where he took Cramer and possibly other girls to have sex with and to videotape them. Police obtained from the building's landlord photos of Gault's space, where he kept a tripod, video equipment and mattresses. A second search warrant that police served on Wednesday was aimed at finding videotapes, photos or computer files in his Newington Road home.............

..........• Police found in Cramer's diary -- obtained from her mother -- details indicating a sexual relationship had started with Gault in November of 2005. Cramer had been working for Gault at his dog care business where he introduced her to drugs and alcohol before starting to have sex with her, police said........

....This was a child from troubled circumstances who found what she believed to be a friend," Blatter said. "You have a 14-year-old girl under the influence of a 40-year-old man. I'm not sure if her belief of the situation is accurate."Coppinger said a boy living in the house was the biological son of both Gault and Murphy. Coppinger said Cray was Gault's "girlfriend.""It's a very tangled web and it's going to take a lot of time and effort and investigation to come to an end with this," she said..........


a wicked cool idea for your hound from hell while on the road

A Pouch For The Pooch

By JIM SHEA, Courant Staff Writer

Dogs need water, particularly when it's hot out. But sometimes when you're hiking or traveling in the car, a source is not readily available.A company in the Kensington section of Berlin called Wetbone, founded by local residents Sue Tyska and Anthony Tropea, has come up with a convenient way to satisfy your dog's hydration needs in such situations. They have developed a product that serves as both a water pouch and a bowl.../

...........The suggested retail price for a Wetbone pouch is $1.99. For more information, including retail outlets offering Wetbones, call toll free 866-575-1352 or e-mail ...............

Thursday, June 07, 2007

update: Girl Assumed New Identity

i hope these sick f**ks get their due. all of 'em. i don't care HOW much of a 'troubled' background a 14/15 year old has. you do NOT hide them out (if that is the case) from their families and authorities. however, i have a stinking suspicion gault, murphy and cray did NOT have ONE kind thought out for the young girl. i am SURE they only thought of their own 'amusements' (so to speak) i hope they FRY (figuratively. i am NOT a proponent of capital punishment). once again - great job by the police in both bloomfield and west hartford.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- A girl who vanished a year ago and was found hidden in a room in a man's home assumed a new identity that made her part of his family, authorities said Thursday, as they investigated whether he had inappropriate relationships with her and other girls.
The man, Adam Gault, 41, was arrested and charged Wednesday in her disappearance after police served a search warrant and found the missing 15-year-old girl locked in a hidden closet-like room in his house.
Gault, a dog trainer, was arrested with two women who lived in the house, 40-year-old Ann Murphy and Kimberly Cray, 26. The three were arraigned Thursday, charged with conspiracy to commit unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit risk of injury to a minor and interfering with police.
Gault's bond was set at $1 million. Murphy, who police described as Gault's common-law wife, was held on $750,000 bond. Cray's bond was set at $500,000. It was unclear if Gault had a lawyer.
Investigators believe the girl sometimes traveled out of state and assumed a new identity while living with Gault, of nearby West Hartford, Bloomfield Police Capt. Jeffrey Blatter said.
''She was compelled to use a new name, to assume a new identity,'' Blatter told The Associated Press. ''She did assume a name that would suggest she was part of that family.''
The Associated Press is not identifying her because police are investigating if she was sexually abused. Authorities did not say how she altered her name.
Authorities said the girl, who vanished last June, had a history of running away from home........

told ya

Illegal Immigrants Arrested Two Days After ID Proposal Passes


(in case anyone is wondering how i feel about 'illegal' immigrants i'll tell you. i have NO issues with them. sure, i wish everyone who comes to the united states could do so legally but that just isn't the case. i don't feel they're taking 'OUR' jobs or 'OUR' benefits either. most work their asses off. they came here for a BETTER life and i think they deserve a chance just like everyone else does.)

the absurd!

the absolutely ABSURD

i was reading the news (studio briefing) on imdb this morning (although it's from yesterday) and found this:

U.S.-Based Arabic Channel Faces Probe The Virginia-based al-Hurra satellite television network that is financed by Congress and beams to the Arab world may be subject to an independent review following reports that it has routinely aired broadcasts that include denunciations of Israel or Jews. The station, which reportedly receives $62 million in funding annually (plus an additional $40 million for a station that targets Iraq), was reportedly set up as an alternative to the principal Arab news channel al-Jazeera, which has frequently been attacked by U.S. politicians as sympathetic to Arab militants. But the Associated Press reported Tuesday that al-Hurra has aired programs that have included a lengthy speech by Hezbolla leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and Palestinian prime minister -- and Hamas leader -- Ismail Haniya -- and referred to the founding of Israel in 1948 as "the catastrophe."

FIRST off, even if it's NOT true the station is denouncing jews (i don't know one way or another) what the F**K are we doing giving 62 million in funding (plus another 40,000,000) to ONE arabic tv station? ok ok ok, even if we don't spend the 62 million PLUS an additonal 40 million on better arming our troops in the middle east (which we SHOULD be doing) HOW ABOUT GIVING THAT 62 MILLION TO PBS? i'm writing to john larson on this one. this is beyond acceptable. well, NONE of this shite is acceptable. NONE OF IT

p.s. i did just write to john larson (emailed)

UPDATE: a friend of a friend of mine

(update 6/8: i ran into addy (and l) yesterday afternoon. she looked and felt GREAT (as did l)! man, she IS small though. i know her opponent will be in the same weight class but dang, she's small. i know she'll do JUST fine saturday night though)

is boxing on saturday night. even though i am strongly attracted to the sport, i also find it repulsive. yet, i've decided to go watch her fight. i want to support her. i've only met her a couple of times and i didn't really even know she boxed until dottie told me last night. so, what the hell, i think a few of us are going to go and cheer her on

i was the first born of three grrrls. my moms, my sisters and i and then there was pops. my mom has passed but popi turned 80 in april and he's still kicking ass! he JUST had his second hip replacement (he had the other hip done a year ago) and is still recovering but doing quite well.

i learned a great deal from my father. a strong work ethic is one thing. another thing is my love for the red sox. yup - i got it from him. one more thing i learned (poor pops living in a family of amazons) is you NEVER EVER EVER EVER flush tampax down the toilet. nope

that brings me to his overwhelming love of boxing. i never asked him, but i think it may be his favorite sport. i also learned to love it (yet as i said, i'm repelled too). i have a picture of willie pep up on my living room wall

Give Him Your Best Dawson Fighting His Way To Top

By TOM PULEO, Courant Staff Writer

.............Irizarry Gets Noticed

One of the more intriguing names on the card is Addy Irizarry (0-1) of West Hartford, who will fight Tiffany Lucas (0-1) of Wilson, N.C., in a four-round junior welterweight bout.Irizarry, 36, has hung around at area boxing gyms for a decade. But a chance meeting with Hartford's Pito Cardona put her on the path to her first professional fight April 6 at Mohegan Sun. Though she lost, Irizarry showed enough promise and drawing power to land on the Convention Center card.Irizarry is one of the few female professional boxers in New England. She has been impressive enough in workouts to line up manager Bret Hallenbeck and promoter Jimmy Burchfield.Irizarry, a state prison guard who grew up in Brooklyn, hopes to make a second career out of boxing."I've got like a bad attitude," she said. "I switch like a light."....................

so it's SATURDAY JUNE 9TH at the connecticut convention center in downtown (riverfront) hartford

tickets are $35.00 to $500.00 (NO i'm NOT spending $500!!!)

an odd case indeed

BUT a 15 year old has been found ALIVE after more than a year missing. i'm not sure we'll ever know the whole true story but at least she's safe now.

a shout out to the west hartford police and bloomfield police on this one

Missing Teen Found


BLOOMFIELD -- A 15-year-old Bloomfield girl missing almost a year --and feared murdered -- was found alive Wednesday locked in a tiny room inside the West Hartford home of her father's acquaintance.Authorities made the shocking discovery after pushing aside a dresser, which revealed a door to a locked room under a staircase. Inside sat a pale Danielle Cramer, missing since June 14, 2006.

"Lieutenant, you better get over here," said the officer who opened the door to the hidden room.Detectives were at the Newington Road home of Adam Gault, 41 and his common-law wife, Ann Murphy, 40, to search for DNA and other evidence.They hoped that the findings would eventually lead them to Cramer, Bloomfield police Capt. Jeffrey Blatter said Wednesday during a press conference.........................

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

voices in conflict

is in fairfield tonight and friday.

for the full schedule of where and when please click the link above

(previous posting

i don't want to mention his name

i don't want to mention his 'church' either.

i believe in free speech. i don't like laws that limit it either. HOWEVER, i would make an exception in each and every case involving 'these people'. i have to watch what i say because a lot of them are lawyers (which is hard to believe, but apparently true). they don't belong out in the world anywhere.

let our soldiers rest in peace. once again to the family and friends of 1st lt keith heidtman, my heart goes out to you. my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Conn. fast-tracks protest law in advance of soldier's service

By Susan Haigh, Associated Press Writer

HARTFORD, Conn. --State legislators and Gov. M. Jodi Rell worked together Tuesday to fast-track legislation that limits protests at funerals before members of a radical Kansas church appear at a Norwich soldier's funeral Friday.
The Senate and House approved a measure Tuesday night and immediately sent it to Rell, who was expected to sign the bill as soon as possible, said spokesman Rich Harris.
The legislature already passed such a bill earlier in the session, but the law wouldn't have taken effect until Oct. 1. This new law takes effect immediately.
The Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas has announced plans to picket Friday's funeral of Army 1st Lt. Keith Heidtman, 24. Heidtman was co-piloting a military helicopter that was shot down in Iraq on May 28.
The same group protested at an East Lyme military funeral last December. The group held signs that read "Thank God for IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and "God is America's Terror." They claim that the deaths of soldiers are punishment from God for the country's tolerance of homosexuals.
"We take this immediate action so that no more families of our fallen heroes suffer the additional trauma of a protest at the funeral of their loved one," Rell said in a written statement.
Rep. Melissa Olson, D-Norwich, called Heidtman "a son of Norwich" who graduated with honors from Norwich Free Academy and later from the University of Connecticut in 2005.
"We owe his family the dignity, the respect as well as a debt of gratitude," Olson said.............

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

who needs the sopranos?

we have mark colella! who, if you read the article is quite a piece of work (or a piece of steamin' you know what)

i wasn't going to post anything about deluca but this really isn't about him, it's about colella.

one always has to watch what one says, so i better stop now

Guilty Plea From DeLuca Senator Gets Suspended Sentence; In-Law Was Target Of Planned Threat


WATERBURY -- Chastened state Senate Minority Leader Louis DeLuca pleaded guilty to threatening Monday and was given a suspended sentenced after apologizing for asking an alleged mob associate to intervene in what DeLuca has called an abusive relationship between his granddaughter and her husband.Unexpectedly, the husband himself, Mark Colella, appeared minutes later and convened a bizarre press conference on the sidewalk outside. The 40-year-old Colella announced that he is "100 percent Sicilian" and not afraid of anyone, including Danbury garbage executive James Galante, who allegedly offered to have Colella slapped around to stop any abuse.

"Do I look like I'm afraid of anyone?" the 5-foot-5 Colella asked, sounding as tough as is perhaps possible when surrounded by news microphones. "It would have been a mistake if anyone ever came to my house. As far as anyone going to see me - Mr. Galante or anyone else - just make sure they bring a lot of bullets."........

don't YOU just want to bitch slap him?

i have a gut feeling though, we may not have to worry about that.........

i WAS going to participate in this

then i got to thinking. do the russian government or russian 'authorities' own stoli? no, they don't. why would boycotting stoli help gays in russia then?

it would be like foreign nations boycotting spam because they don't like the us presence in iraq. IT WOULDN'T MATTER

(horrible analogy i know stoli to spam)

i just can't see any connection between stoli and the treatment of gay people in russia.

i want to post this story anyway. i want the injustices to stop. not just in russia but everywhere.

Gays Launch Stoli Boycott over Russian Homophobic Violence

(New York, NY and San Francisco, CA) - Gay equality advocates in two American cities upset over the denial of full respect for the human rights of LGBT people in Russia, and the bloody confrontation on May 27 in Moscow as gays attempted to peacefully march, today announced they are launching a boycott of Stolichnaya vodka.
Vigils will be held at two Russian consulates, where gays will pour Stolichnaya vodka in the gutter.
The date for launching the Stoli boycott and vigils is Tuesday, June 5............

Vodka Wars Spill into U.S.

i was listening to the news on the radio

on my way home from work yesterday. i THOUGHT i heard, new haven wants to issue id cards to illegal aliens. i use the word THOUGHT because surely this could NOT possibly be true

if someone is an ILLEGAL resident of the united states that means they are under the radar. they don't want to be counted among us

how the HELL is the city of new haven going to MAKE illegal aliens register and sign up for id cards?

the angle is (allegedly) a good one. if one has an id card one can qualify for certain benefits and open bank accounts and on an on. well i'm thinking it's the old bait and switch. get an id card, GET HERDED UP AND GET KICKED OUT (migra migra migra)

if i was here illegally i sure as shite would NOT be standing in line to get my picture taken but hey, that's just moi

ID cards for illegal immigrants approved by New Haven Board of Aldermen

by News Channel 8's Annie Rourke

(New Haven-WTNH) _ New Haven's aldermen voted 25-1 in favor of a city issued identification card for illegal immigrants.
Your picture, your name and vital statistics. The new ID card is quite simple, but so very significant. New Haven is the first place in the nation where an illegal immigrant can get a legal identification card. The card will provide access to all public services, but more importantly will allow people to open bank accounts.
It is an idea that is not without detractors. Barbara Keidel's parents immigrated to this country legally.
"I feel that the people that break our laws, that come over here illegally, are taking from us and exploiting us as citizens," said Barbara.
But the voices of the opponents were drowned out by the passion and purpose of other protestors on the steps of City Hall. It was a show of strength for those who live in the shadows of our society. They say they are here because they want to work, because they have no choice and they deserve to be recognized. It is estimated that between 10 to 15-thousand undocumented workers live in New Haven. ..........