Thursday, August 12, 2010

this is who you voted for in the primary

please think before you vote in the FINAL election. i don't want this piece o' steamin' shite running MY state. do you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just in case you ever get pulled over

for whatever........then told you CANNOT have anything hanging from  your rear view mirror, well IT'S NOT TRUE. as long as it doesn't block your view, it's ALL COOL

i was pulled over once (a long time ago) and the officer demanded i remove what was hanging from my mirror (and no, it wasn't a religious object). i DO have fuzzy dice (yes, really. and i'm NOT embarrassed) now

it's an ap article so you'll have to click to read (even five words of it)

State Supreme Court Rules Rearview Mirror Objects Are OK


Sunday, August 08, 2010

just wanted to shout out to trooper william taylor

who did his job. 

Trooper Praised for 911 Exchanges With Killer

In February 2009, a distraught man armed with a handgun stopped his vehicle on a busy stretch of Interstate 84 in Hartford. State Trooper William Taylor was among the first police officers on the scene. He immediately closed off access to the highway and coordinated communications with other police agencies, “all while keeping the suicidal male calm while speaking with him on the phone,” read the citation for the Meritorious Service Award he later received.
On Tuesday, Trooper Taylor again found himself on the phone with a suicidal man. The man, Omar S. Thornton, was calling from inside a beer warehouse in Manchester, Conn., where he had just fatally shot eight co-workers and wounded two others...................

here's a link to that call