Friday, February 02, 2007

our bells are going to be on the daily show

with samatha bee. can't wait to see the job they do (i'm already laughing)

'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' hears about church bell controversy

by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj Posted Feb. 1, 2007Updated 5:25 PM
(Jewett City-WTNH) _ An effort to silence the bells in Jewett City is getting a national audience and maybe a few laughs. Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart is taking a tongue in cheek look at the growing controversy.
They look like a regular news crew but if you listen closely...
"For the love of God can you make it stop please."
.... they are more like a comedy troupe. So what brings Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart to Jewett City?
"You've got to watch the show and find out," says Samantha Bee, a correspondent for The Daily Show."You help people out though?""Absolutely. I'm on your side."...........

our bells are going to be on the daily show

with samatha bee. can't wait to see the job they do (i'm already laughing)

'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' hears about church bell controversy

by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj Posted Feb. 1, 2007Updated 5:25 PM
(Jewett City-WTNH) _ An effort to silence the bells in Jewett City is getting a national audience and maybe a few laughs. Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart is taking a tongue in cheek look at the growing controversy.
They look like a regular news crew but if you listen closely...
"For the love of God can you make it stop please."
.... they are more like a comedy troupe. So what brings Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart to Jewett City?
"You've got to watch the show and find out," says Samantha Bee, a correspondent for The Daily Show."You help people out though?""Absolutely. I'm on your side."...........

Thursday, February 01, 2007

a shout out to beth and annie

annie and beth and i got together for a bit last night.

i miss you guys SO much. we really WERE on the cutting edge (turns out when we worked together, beth and i made annie a 'commode' around her desk so we could get more work out of her. we insisted she use the 'commode' instead of getting up and going to the women's loo).

and who could forget the time we had patsy cline day? OR the day we celebrated bob marley AND johnny cash. we all had to bring something in to eat either from jamaica OR down south.

who could forget them peppering the halls with pictures of me walking a miniature horse (my big fat head pasted on someone else's body) ???? hey, i don't get it either but it WAS funny.

i love my job now and i know they both are happy where they are as well. it's NOT the same though. who knew how good we had it back in the day?

i love YOU more

p.s. whoops, tell my boyfriend, your husband i'm sorry i forgot to give xena back. she was in my front seat. what a DOPE

p.p.s. YOU are damn lucky i didn't call the police when you BASHED my car in

if you knit or sew or crochet

or do something similar why don't you think about volunteering to donate one or some of your handmade items to a worthy cause. there are a TON of them and i'll try to list one or two from time to time. i personally found the NEXT organization i'll be making hats for (watch for pictures of the hats i knit for my department. they've not gotten them yet. they're all done BUT i still need to EMBELLISH some of them). i've knit caps for preemies (takes NO time at all). you can contact your local hospital if you'd like to do that. they'll give you guidelines and where and when you can donate.

i found the rad bad beanie project

..........We are collecting totally rad handmade hats for urban teens!Beanies go to Big City Mountaineers, a non-profit whose mission is to provide urban teens in need of positive adult mentoring with challenging and safe wilderness experiences.We've donated 112 handmade beanies anda pair of mittens—but there are 250 hikers each year!Will you help? •Join our dedicated knitting, crochet + stitching volunteers from:Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Vermont!.......

so i'll be getting in touch with them in the near future.

i also saw this inspiring story in the washington post yesterday (of course it was a SAD story too. no 20 year old kid should have his legs blown off)

With Gratitude In Every Stitch At Walter Reed, Wounded Troops Find Comfort in Donated Quilts
By Jura Koncius Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, January 31, 2007; Page B01
The carefully packed boxes stack up daily in the chaplain's quarters at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, about 50 a week. The instructions read simply: "Please give this to a soldier." Chaplain John L. Kallerson, an Army major, gently opens each one and places the contents around his windowless office. Then he lays his big hands on the piles and says a blessing. His is the ministry of the quilts. A phone call to the chaplain four years ago has created a national movement to say thank you to soldiers wounded in the war on terror. More than 7,900 "comfort quilts," each carefully stitched with love and gratitude, have been sent through the Quilts of Valor Foundation to the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed and 70 other U.S. military medical centers. Kallerson prays over and hands out quilts from church groups, schoolchildren, quilting bees. Quilts made from accomplished artists whose designs sell for thousands. Quilts with bears, fish, basketballs. Quilts with hot-pink flowers for wounded women............

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Elizabeth Tashjian, the nut lady has passed

her museum has been closed for quite a while now BUT her legend will live on.

Elizabeth Tashjian, founder of nut museum, dies at age 94

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. --Elizabeth Tashjian, the famed "Nut Lady," whose passion for nuts became her life's work in her art and drove her to establish a nut museum in her home, has died. She was 94.
Tashjian died Sunday at an Old Saybrook nursing home, where she had spent the last five years.
A classically trained artist, the diminutive Tashjian painted more than 100 works and sculpted about dozen other pieces, but it was in the nut that she clearly found her muse. It was that artwork that adorned her museum.
"I use the nut form to inspire my artwork and thinking philosophy," Tashjian said in a 2002 interview with The Associated Press. "I don't want my museum to be taken as a joke."
The collection, now housed at Connecticut College, includes metal sculptures, a 35-pound coco de mer, nut masks, paintings and nuts. There are also video clips from her four appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and many newspaper clippings chronicling the offbeat museum.
Tashjian was the subject of "In a Nutshell," a documentary by independent filmmaker Don Bernier..........

unfortunately i was unable to attend yesterday morning

ken krayeske's plea hearing (or whatever it's called). i really DID want to go. i thought my first (work) meeting was later than it was, but it was at 9 and that would not have given me enough time to protest (i miss the good old days!). i am going to follow this closely. i have over the past couple of weeks found others in connecticut who have been arrested for (alleged) crimes such as RUNNING OVER a city official and FIRING A RIFLE INTO A CROWD. both of those people had bail amounts SET LESS than mr krayeske's. that IS INSANE.

free kenny!!!

Not guilty plea from Krayeske

(Hartford-WTNH) _ A freelance journalist who was arrested at the governor's inauguration parade entered a not guilty plea in court Tuesday.
With signs in hand more than a dozen protestors defended freedom of speech alongside freelance journalist Ken Krayeske at the steps of the state Supreme Court.
"I was acting as a journalist," he said.
Krayeske, 34, was arrested during Governor Jodi Rell's inaugural parade January 3rd. Hartford police arrested the political activist for "breaching the parade route" to take pictures of Governor Rell.
Authorities say Krayeske's photo and arrest background were on a security flier distributed by state police. That flier has his backers concerned.
"We know some kind of list exists," said Cliff Thorton, former Green Party candidate for Governor. "Though we won't see it, we'll have to press for it.".......

the courant has a more thorough article on mr krayeske today. a NEW witness has stepped forward to say he did NOT 'rush' the governor. he was simply standing CALMLY taking photographs.

Krayeske Pleads Not Guilty Activist Requests Jury Trial In Case Stemming From Arrest At Inaugural Parade
By JON LENDER Courant Staff Writer January 31 2007 Political activist and free-lance journalist Kenneth Krayeske Tuesday entered a not-guilty plea, requested a jury trial and saw his court case continued until March - as a new witness surfaced to dispute Hartford police officers' account of events that led to his arrest Jan. 3 while taking pictures at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's inauguration parade."This man did not rush into the parade at Rell as the Hartford police have said," witness Marge Nichols of Lebanon said in a written statement that Krayeske's lawyer, Norman Pattis, gave reporters before his client's appearance in Hartford Superior Court on charges of breach of peace and interfering with police. Pattis requested, and was granted, a pretrial conference March 2 with a prosecutor, to be supervised by a judge, to discuss possible resolutions of the case. Pattis told reporters the prosecution was uncooperative, adding that Assistant State's Attorney Mark W. Brodsky did not even want to read Nichols' statement during a short conference.When Krayeske appeared briefly in court before Judge David P. Gold, Pattis said his client "appears to be being treated differently than any other protest case that I've had."Pattis said later if the case goes to trial, "we'll get an acquittal."........

i did not vote for da liebs

oh, in the past i had. there is NO WAY i will EVER vote for him again. i have nothing but contempt for the man. i think he is a one trick pony. i think his view of the middle east AND especially the iraq war is at the very least bizarre at the very most, EVIL. the good people of connecticut went temporarily insane and re elected him. i am trying not to hold a grudge. however, da liebs IS one of those responsible for the LOSS of 3,081 of our men and women's lives and the destruction of tens of thousands more. that is not even including what is happening to the citizens of iraq. those very same citizens who NEVER did ONE THING to us UNTIL WE INVADED THEIR COUNTRY (FOR NO REASON)

Exclusive: GOP talking points encourage using Lieberman to attack Democrats on war

John Byrne

A set of talking points sent out yesterday by the staff of House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) encouraged House Republican press staff to use a quote from Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) -- a onetime Democrat -- as a means of attacking Democratic resolutions calling for US redeployment.
The full talking points leaked to
RAW STORY are printed below. They carried the image above in an html-formatted email.
"House and Senate Democrat leaders have stated they oppose the increase in troops, and their whole idea of troop 'redeployment' would amount to little more than pulling out our troops and walking away," the release says.
"As Senator Joseph Lieberman (ID-CT) [sic] told the Wall Street Journal last week:
"The people in Congress, and the public, were quite right in saying the president's got to come up with a different approach. And he did. It's better than any other plan I've seen because it holds the hope of success. Most of the other plans are effectively just giving up and walking away."..........

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the only thing that emboldens the 'enemy'

is US imposing our ideas of democracy on them.

WE are just continuing to piss them off. piss them off and they have guns and bombs. WE invaded THEIR country for NO reason.

WE do NOT understand their culture and WE are making NO efforts to do so. their culture IS very different from ours.

i think da liebs ought to take his OWN message. start thinking about TODAY AND TOMORROW.

he has only ONE issue. he has only ONE goal and it has NOTHING to do with either the people of the great state of connecticut OR the people of the (once and i hope it will be again) great nation of america
Lieberman agrees Iraq resolutions 'encourage the enemy'

Filed by Ron Brynaert

Referring to himself as an "Independent Democrat," Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) agreed with President Bush's new Defense Secretary that congressional resolutions embolden the enemy, on the same day that a Democratic senator said that it was president's "failed" strategy which actually achieved that effect, not Congress.
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Lieberman told host Chris Wallace that Democrats need to "start thinking less about yesterday and more about today and tomorrow.""There was a large message from the election last year, and it wasn't just about Iraq," Lieberman said. "It was about too much partisanship in Washington.""The president said afterward he got it, the leaders of both parties said afterward they got it," Lieberman continued. "And yet we seem to be sliding back into the partisanship."Wallace asked Lieberman if he thought that the resolution drafted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which voiced disapproval on the president's "surge" strategy would "have any practical effect on the war effort."..........

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we lost a lot of history when we lost ms tillman

AND she lived alone until she was 110!!!! holy cow. i'll bet she was a very special woman indeed. can you imagine what she must have seen in her lifetime? the changes (i hope most for the good).
my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends

After brief reign, oldest known person dies
Daughter of former slaves dies at 114 in Connecticut nursing home

HARTFORD, Conn. - Emma Faust Tillman, whose life spanned three centuries and 21 U.S. presidencies, died Sunday night at an East Hartford nursing home, the facility’s administrator said. At 114, she was the world’s oldest known living person.
Tillman, the daughter of former slaves, was born during the administration of President Benjamin Harrison. Her four-day reign as the world’s oldest person was the shortest on record, said Robert Young, senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World Records.
“She went peacefully,” Karen Chadderton, administrator of Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center, said Monday. “She was a wonderful woman.”...........

..........A lot of faith’Tillman, who lived independently until she was 110 years old, was deeply religious since childhood and always attributed her longevity to God’s will, friends and family members said.
“She has a lot of faith and says, ‘Whatever the good Lord wants is what will happen,”’ Chadderton said recently, after Tillman was recognized as the world’s oldest known woman.
Tillman’s great-nephew, former Hartford fire chief John B. Stewart Jr., has said she never smoked, never drank, didn’t need glasses and only reluctantly agreed to wear a hearing aid..............

more justice

here is a person who (allegedly) FIRED A RIFLE INTO A CROWD OF PEOPLE. his bond was $25,000.

ken krayeske's initial bond was $75,000!!!!!!!!

Youth Slashed With Street Sign Then Fires Rifle Into Crowd

ken is going to have a rally at the courthouse this morning (check his website - above - before going though)

.....With that in mind, then, I want to use this train wreck as an opportunity to rally for free speech before my court date, Tuesday, Jan. 30. So meet me at 8 a.m. in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court building at 231 Capitol Avenue Tuesday morning for 45 minutes. Bring a sign and show that you think the First Amendment matters."Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of Speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble."Nor shall Gov. M. Jodi Rell, the HPD or the CT State Police.A few notes about the rally: this is a peaceful rally, so, as Johnny Cash said, don’t take your guns to town. Second, I don’t want to meet at the criminal courthouse because I don’t want to interrupt the daily operation of justice........

image by joebob and kenny

Monday, January 29, 2007

you go chris!!!

tell 'em!

king george is the decider. well he damn well better DECIDE to listen to the sound advice the senate and congress is giving him. and of course gates is full o' it as well

Dodd calls defense secretary's comments irresponsible

By The Associated Press, By The Associated Press January 28, 2007
U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd on Sunday defended the right of Congress to oppose a troop buildup in Iraq and called Defense Secretary Robert Gates' criticism of lawmakers dangerous and irresponsible.
Speaking on CNN's "Late Edition", Dodd, D-Conn., blasted Gates for saying that a resolution opposing an escalation of forces would embolden the nation's enemies and advisories.
The Democratic-controlled Senate plans to begin debate this week on a nonbinding resolution declaring that Bush's proposal to send 21,500 more troops to Baghdad and Anbar province is "not in the national interest."
"I voted to confirm (Gates)," Dodd said. "But that's a very dangerous thing to be suggesting that the United States Congress has no business suggesting an alternative here, or recommending a course of action different from the president of the United States. For us not to do that would be the height of irresponsibility if that was the feeling in Congress.".........

i remember back in the day..........

you could only buy certain vegetables and fruits while they were 'in season'. sure, that's still true with some items, BUT the seasons are a LOT longer now and more and more different types of fruits and vegetables are available. they're even available in our local markets like stop & shop.

i frequent the super stop & shop in hartford, whole foods in west hartford, a dong an asian market by shield street in west hartford and cosmos international an indian market on farmington avenue in west hartford.

stop & shop has a TON of vegetables and fruits enjoyed for years by the hispanic community. whole foods has all sorts of dried and fresh exotic mushrooms as well as an array of other great fruits and vegetables. a dong has asian fruits and vegetables as well as a kick-ass frozen food section and bags and bags of all sorts of rice. cosmos has the BEST and the CHEAPEST spices around.

if you live in the greater hartford area, i would strongly suggest you give these stores a try. cosmos is rather small, the other three markets are large.

there is WAY more out there than meat and potatoes

Farmers see growing market in ethnic vegetables

(New Brunswick, NJ-AP) _ A plan for the east coast, including Connecticut, to create a blueprint that would develop a market to link farm growers with ethnic markets.
The drive for such a plan has been the increasingly diverse marketplace of consumers who want products such as cilantro, which is used in salsa or Chinese eggplant. Farmers have recognized demographic trends that show a change in the consumer base, leading to a niche market in agriculture........................

Sunday, January 28, 2007

don't read this story if you're hungry

dang, i'm HUNGRY

and there was NOTHING like sunday dinner at noni's house. i'm not just saying this, my non COULD cook. she taught me too. when i was a mere grrrl.

i remember her teaching me how to make ravioli. the flour was on the table and she made a well in it. i asked her how much liquid to put in. she gently took my hand, put it in the well and said, 'this much'. to this day, i cannot use a recipe all the way through. i love recipes and cookbooks. i have a ton. i do use them for inspiration, but i simply cannot follow one EXACTLY. i don't even own a measuring cup (or spoons). the best utensils you own are at the end of your wrists

Celebrating the last of the Marchegians


Connecticut Post
To the uninitiated, macaroni with Marchegian sauce might look like just another side dish at an Italian restaurant. But there is no mistaking this signature dish of the Valley once you take a bite.
The most passionate devotees speak about the best Marchegian sauce they have ever had with a mixture of reverence and regret. Reverence because it was knee-bucklingly good. Regret because they will never taste it again. Leo Moscato Jr., a lifelong Derby resident and local chef who makes his own version of the sauce in his commercial kitchen — Culinary Arts Studio 275 — gets that feeling when describing his experience of eating it at the Adriatic Marchegian Club in the 1970s.
"If I had a vat of it I would swim in it," Moscato said, ruefully adding that only one cook from that era remains alive. "When she dies, that is the end of the Marchegian sauce." The Marchegian (pronounced mark-a-john) cooking style found in Derby, Ansonia and Shelton was developed at the turn of the 20th century by women who left lives of rural poverty in Le Marche, the north-central Italian region from which they derive their name. Disputes arise in the Valley about whether the quality of the sauce, and Marchegian cooking in general, is in decline. Moscato's claim notwithstanding, Marchegian sauce is still made according to the old ways here. It's made in the Italian clubs and can be found on the menus of several bars and restaurants, which often do a brisk side business selling quarts to go.........