Wednesday, October 03, 2007

christopher shays

making your stomach turn at every opportunity.....

a few minutes ago on bbc world service (on npr) i heard shays asking erik prince some questions (from yesterday i would assume). he asked something like, how many diplomats (who were under blackwater protection) died in 2005, 2006 and 2007 - NONE replied prince. shays then said,

"Thank you for doing a perfect job."

granted i didn't hear the whole session BUT i'll bet stomach-churning-shays didn't ask, 'HOW MANY INNOCENT CIVILIANS DID YOU BUTCHER in 2005, 2006, 2007???' could prince answer, NONE to that?

piece o' steamin' shite
In House hearing, Democrats assail Blackwater
By Brian Knowlton and John M. Broder
WASHINGTON: Guards working for a private American security firm in Iraq have an aggressive and sometimes reckless record - involvement in nearly 200 shootings in Iraq since 2005 - and their use by the U.S. State Department amounts to an expensive and perhaps indefensible privatization of the military, congressional Democrats said Tuesday.
But the head of the Blackwater security firm, Erik Prince, said his workers, operating in hostile and chaotic conditions, had been the victims of a "rush to judgment."
Representative Henry Waxman, the California Democrat who is chairman of a House committee that is studying the record of the firm in Iraq, said that companies like Blackwater amounted to an inadequately controlled private military force.
"If we don't have enough troops to do the job, then we need to get more troops," Waxman said at a hearing Tuesday of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Privatizing security services was "causing us problems with the Iraqi people," he said.
But Prince - commenting publicly for the first time on a shooting in Baghdad on Sept. 16 in which Blackwater guards have been accused of killing at least eight civilians - rejected the depiction of his employees as trigger-happy "cowboys."..........

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

of COURSE it's misdiagnosed

AND misunderstood in grrrls. after all, they ARE JUST grrrls...........

(it's changing a bit today......but when they used to study things such as heart attacks WOMEN WERE ALWAYS EXCLUDED. women and grrrls, don't get 'sick'. it's ALWAYS in their heads)

Girls Are Often Neglected Victims of Concussions
WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — Hannah Stohler sat beside the piano she could no longer play, in the living room that spun like a carousel, in the chair in which she tried to read but could not remember a word. Ten months after her third concussion while playing high school soccer knocked her into a winter-long haze of headaches and dizziness and depression that few around her could comprehend, Stohler recalled how she once viewed concussions. “I thought they were a football injury — a boy thing,” said Stohler, a junior at Conard High School in West Hartford, Conn. “Those guys are taught to hit hard and knock people to the ground. But anyone can get a concussion, and I don’t think a lot of girls recognize that. They have no idea how awful the effects can be — it changes your life.”Stohler, 16, has more company than most people know. While football does have the most concussions (and controversy over their treatment) in high school athletics, girls competing in sports like soccer and basketball are more susceptible to concussions than boys are in the same sports, studies show.............

what's the answer? well for one, all grrrls should be BANNED from playing sports. they should be taken out of school at age 10, further taught (because of course the training of grrrls should start at birth) how to cook, sew, keep house and greet their manly man when he comes home and of course married off to their first cousin when they turn the ripe old age of 14!

Monday, October 01, 2007

i thought i was doing my good deed of the day


i was at the corner of asylum and prospect (the very same corner i found
mambo sven wandering around at) at about 2:30 ish am this morning. stopped at the light, smoking a butt listening to npr. i hear something and turn to my leftt. it's a young woman, short hair, glasses with a backpack. she asked me for a ride. #1) there is NO room in my car for anyone but the driver. i'm not exaggerating not one little bit. there is NO room front OR back OR even in the trunk. and #2) there is NO way (even if there WAS room in my car) i would give a stranger a ride at 2:30 am.

i told her, no, i couldn't give her a ride and of course i pointed out there was NO place for her to sit. she started crying and told me she had just walked from the base of avon mountain (which is quite the haul in the middle of the night). her brakes went out (in avon) and her car was towed. she added the avon police were the ones who gave her a ride to the bottom of the mountain. well, i told her i'd give her some money to call a cab. i handed her $10.00. she didn't have a phone (no surprise there at this point). sooooooooo, i called a cab for her on my cell phone. i gave the location as the corner of prospect and asylum. the dispatcher said they MUST have a street address. they couldn't pick someone up at a corner. ok i said, i'd call right back. i told the young woman to walk down prospect a bit to the first house and i'd meet her there. i drove over, got the address of grace church (870 prospect) and called the cab company again. i gave them that address and told them the woman was going to broad street (oh, that's where she told me she lived). i backed my car up a bit (she hadn't quite made it to 870) and told her a cab would be there in 5 to 20 minutes. then I GAVE HER ANOTHER $5.00. i drove off into the darkness. picked my coffees up at dunkin' and came into work. no sooner than i sat down but my cell rang. it was a man asking if i was at the church. noooooooo i said (and i felt a chill). well he then asked if i was the woman he picked up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i said. turns out he was a couple of blocks from the address she gave him (on broad) and the meter was at $8.00. she told him she only had $5.00!!!! so she gave him the 5, started to cry and got out.

i told the man no. she had MORE than 5 (i didn't tell him i gave her 15). now i felt bad for him. i even entertained the though (i got it AFTER i hung up with him) of calling the cab company back and asking him to stop by and i'd GIVE HIM the rest of her fare (i didn't though).

i told him i found her wandering around prospect, her telling me her car got towed, me giving her money and me calling her a cab. that's it, i didn't know her, i just felt badly for her.

he mentioned something about calling the police (not on me of course, on her).