Friday, June 16, 2006

it's so cool so many even from out of state want the liebs OUT and mr lamont IN

i am so happy, i really am! everyday i see more and more 'lamont' signs on lawns around the state (i was supposed to be getting one, but that didn't happen yet. i'll have to check on it). when i registered to vote at 18 (a LONG LONG LONG time ago in a galaxy far far away) i registered as an independent. i did NOT change affiliation until i knew mr lamont was going to run in a primary. i changed so I COULD VOTE FOR NED LAMONT

Lamont Stars At Activists' Meeting In Washington
By DAVID LIGHTMAN Washington Bureau Chief June 15 2006
WASHINGTON -- It's one thing to be the darling of the liberal bloggers; it's another to pull bodies into a room.Ned Lamont did that Wednesday as 350 progressive activists crammed a hotel meeting room to witness the Senate challenger's first big national appearance.After basking in three standing ovations before, during and after his nine-minute speech Wednesday, Lamont was asked by his new-found fans to pose for pictures."We really want to see Joe Lieberman defeated," said Lois McCarthy, a Chestertown, Md., retiree."I'm going to send this [photo] out to the blog right away," promised Holly Johnson, a physical therapist from Byron, Ill.Lamont was touted by activists at the Take Back America Conference as a man on a mission, their best hope for sending a loud anti-war message to Democrats and Republicans.........

ned lamont

ms silva it really does appear you were wronged

i think you're being persecuted for your LIFESTYLE NOT your permits or lack thereof. it's a damn shame but hold your head up and keep looking forward

Operator Of Adult Website Facing Charges

Woman Says She'll Seek Trial In Case Involving Bondage, Domination Videos
By MONICA POLANCO Courant Staff WriterJune 16 2006 ENFIELD -- A woman who produced bondage and domination videos at her home and sold memberships to customers who watched them on her website turned herself in to police Thursday.Michelle Silva of Montano Road has been charged with violation of zoning regulations, promoting prostitution, promoting prostitution in the second and third degree, and prostitution, Police Chief Carl J. Sferrazza said. Silva posted a $30,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Enfield on June 27. A copy of Silva's arrest warrant was not available Thursday.Silva, 44, said she was surprised at how police arrived at the charges against her and said she will request a trial."I understand what the charges mean, but I don't understand how they apply to me," she said, adding that she obtained a permit for her business in 2004.At the time, Silva said, she explained the nature of her business to Zoning Enforcement Officer Wayne Bickley. Bickley could not be reached for comment. She showed a visitor a copy of a home occupation and professional services registration form that describes her business - selling adult-based content. She also produced a zoning permit application for a home occupation office signed July 12, 2004. "I don't think I would have gone through all that if I was going to do prostitution," she said.Sferrazza said the zoning violation count Silva faces is not a criminal charge. .........

a head made in Palermo and a body from Catania

no, i'm not talking about my friend 's' (he's from siracusa any damn way)

Missing puppet found by side of highway
June 15, 2006
BRANFORD, Conn. --A man who said he found a stolen marionette by the side of the highway has returned the $10,000 puppet to its owner -- no strings attached.
The 4-foot, 60-pound handcrafted puppet, which was going to be showcased at this week's International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, was stolen over the weekend from the Stony Creek Puppet House Theater.
The Sicilian puppet with African features suffered some minor damage in the ordeal. The metal rod used to hold it up was bent and it had some scratches above the eyes on its hand-cut walnut head.
But the puppet's owner, Jim Weil, said he was able to fix the rod with a vice.........


sometimes i wish i could be more like david brown

living more simply. living with a root cellar and a little stucco home. doing more crafts and living off of the land (at least a bit more than i do).

yesterday, my ex-boss took me out to dinner. we went to a restaurant in west hartford center. we met at 5:30. the center wasn't bad then. not too too crowded. plenty of parking spots in the big lots. we had a lovely conversation and lovely dinner. (she was my BEST boss ever and we are absolute TOTAL opposites in EVERY way). she remarked how she really liked west hartford center and was looking forward to blue back. i remarked how i HATED the center, it's status-seeking people with their suvs (we were sitting by a big window and i noticed an suv pull up in front of the restaurant. it contained ONE young woman. ONE. too young to have a family and too old for it to be her parent's car. i was LIVID) and how i had voted AGAINST blue back TWICE. by the time we left the restaurant, the sidewalks were CHUCK FULL of people in their finery showing off. that's exactly what they were doing. they were there to see and to be seen. i parted from my ex-boss and went to my car. the entire lot i was in (it's huge) was FULL. i really don't like what my center has become. we've lost something in the process of gaining nothing but crowds with too-big cars.

Artist chooses a life without running water or electricity

Artist chooses a life without running water or electricity
By Steve Grant, The Hartford Courant June 15, 2006
OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. --But for his beat-up 16-year-old pickup truck, David Brown of Old Saybrook might be oblivious to today's rising oil and gas prices, even impervious to them.
He's lived for 20 years in a tiny house made of hay and stucco without electricity or central heating. He grows much of his own food organically, so he doesn't need fertilizers or pesticides derived from petroleum products.
A highly efficient wood stove heats his home. He keeps his food chilled in a root cellar. Tiny amounts of propane power a reading lamp and a stove. He once had running water, but his well became silted, and he now fills jugs with water when visiting friends.
At a time when it has become almost fashionable to measure one's carbon footprint -- the amount of carbon dioxide produced from one's lifestyle -- that of David Brown is all but undetectable, as if he could walk in sand without leaving a trace.
He could be smug right now. He's not.
He just goes about his life, a life he has chosen, not a life he must endure, keeping things simple, though he seems almost saddened by some of the things he sees. A woman arriving at the supermarket alone in a mammoth SUV to pick up a few groceries left him with a mental image of excess.
Small is beautiful.........

Thursday, June 15, 2006

wow, i am rather surprised (in a GOOD way) by this

the state's two major teachers unions are going to back ned lamont!!! wicked cool is what i say. i also say, i'm so very happy mr lamont is making the liebs quake down to the bottom of his shriveled soul. it's absolutely time we had someone such as mr lamont represent the very good and very decent citizens of connecticut

2 State Teachers' Unions To Endorse Lamont Today By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer June 15 2006 Ned Lamont today is to formally accept the backing of the state's two major teachers' unions, the first to endorse his Democratic primary challenge of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman.A supporter of vouchers for private schools, Lieberman never has been a favorite of public-school teachers, and the unions - the AFT-Connecticut and the Connecticut Education Association - have not endorsed Lieberman in his three previous Senate campaigns. But the Lamont camp touted the endorsements as significant milestones."Joe has gone out of his way to alienate these groups," said Tom Swan, the manager of the Lamont campaign. "It still took a lot of courage for them to be the first ones out of the box."Lieberman's campaign manager, Sean Smith, said the senator is proud of his labor record and the support he already has received from 20 union locals, including Teamsters who recently struck Sikorsky over health benefits.By contrast, Lamont voted as a local official in Greenwich to increase the cost of health benefits to municipal employees, Smith said. Lamont served on local boards in Greenwich in the late 1980s and early 1990s.The AFT and CEA will present their endorsements to Lamont today at a press conference outside the Lewis Fox Middle School in Hartford.Sharon Palmer, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, said some union members were reluctant to go against the three-term senator. The union's political action committee recommended no endorsement, but its executive board voted 10-6, with three abstentions, to back Lamont. The choice was to endorse Lamont or no one, Palmer said.......

i feel SO safe! NOT

i don't understand what's up with the guns in hartford. so many murders this year. over sixteen shootings (something like that) in LESS THAN A MONTH. i am posting this story because i work VERY close to where this happened. i do mean VERY close. i don't fault the police. they ARE a presence in the neighborhood. i blame the stupid-ass people themselves. the ones that think guns are a way of life. THEY'RE NOT!

Four Arrested After Multiple Shots Are Fired
By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY Courant Staff Writer June 15 2006
Hartford police Wednesday night arrested four men who were with a group that had fired shots at others during a fight on Park Street, authorities said.No one was injured in the gunfire, which continued as a car sped from the scene with two officers running after it. Patrol officers used their cars to box in the car on Capitol Avenue - down the block from the state Capitol - and confiscated a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun, a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol and a small amount of drugs."The more guns we get off the streets, the more assurances we have that people will have a happy summer," Sgt. Francis Perrone said.The first burst of gunfire was reported about 7:40 p.m. Two officers on foot patrol on Park Street - Officers Alexander Estrella and Rebecca O'Shea - saw people arguing and heard the shots. ..

in the 'you gotta be kidding me' department

do i want this man to be able to sell ice cream off of a truck to kids? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO



West Haven sex offender wants to sell ice cream
June 14, 2006
WEST HAVEN, Conn. --A registered sex offender who wants to sell ice cream has appealed the police department's rejection of his permit application.
Erdal Sahin, 24, sells ice cream out of a truck and calls his business Twin Monkey Ice Cream. Last month, the West Haven police denied Sahin a permit after a criminal background check.
He wrote a letter asking the City Council to reconsider. He said his permit application was approved last year after a similar background check. But Police Chief Ronald Quagliani said he enacted stricter rules when he became chief in July, after Sahin's permit for last year had already been approved........

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ok ok ok, tell me, just how stupid do you have to be

to ATTACK A STATE TROOPER WITH DOUGHNUTS??????? i posted this because of the headline - it really struck me as being............absurd???? is that the word i seek? yup, that's the word

Five Teens Arrested In Doughnut Incident
The Hartford Courant June 13 2006
TOLLAND -- Five teenagers were arrested early Sunday and charged with throwing doughnuts at a state trooper and his car, fleeing the scene and eventually backing into two troopers with their Jeep, police said.Trooper Patrick Mulcahy was driving north on Cider Mill Road at 12:45 a.m. Sunday when he and his car were pelted with doughnuts. Mulcahy and Trooper James O'Donnell, who was in a second car with a police canine, stopped and chased the five teens through the woods to their Jeep, which was parked in the lot behind town hall, said Lt. Alaric Fox, commander of Troop C in Tolland.The driver backed the Jeep out and hit both troopers, police said. The four teens in the Jeep were arrested. The fifth was found later that morning, police said. All were released to their parents that morning.....


lowell supports lamont

and so do i!

Former GOP Senator Weicker To Hold Lamont Fundraiser
Associated Press June 13 2006, 4:38 PM EDT
Former Gov. Lowell Weicker is helping to throw a fundraiser later this month for Ned Lamont, the Greenwich businessman challenging U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman in an August Democratic primary.Weicker, a former Republican who lost his U.S. Senate seat to Lieberman in 1988, is being billed as an honorary chairman, along with his wife Claudia. Suggested contributions to the June 18 event in Chester range from $100 to $1,000.Weicker said six months ago that he would consider challenging Lieberman if a credible anti-war candidate did not step forward.Lamont "is 100 percent opposed to the war in Iraq and so am I," said Weicker, who is now registered as an unaffiliated voter. His wife is a Democrat. "I want him to be the next United States senator from Connecticut."Weicker's backing shows that Lamont resonates with a wide range of voters, campaign manager Tom Swan said......

ned lamont

sour grapes?

why is john droney jr saying people who back ned lamont are TERRORIZING the liebs? scared are ya? just because someone is a THREE TERM SENATOR doesn't mean they SHOULD BE A FOURTH TERM ONE

from taegan goddard's political wire
June 13, 2006

Lieberman Allies Planning Independent Bid
Political Wire has learned that key allies of Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) are making contingency plans for the three-term senator to run as an independent in this fall's U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. Lieberman faces a challenge in the Democratic primary from businessman Ned Lamont.In fact, an important Lieberman backer, former Connecticut Democratic chairman John F. Droney Jr., is quoted by the Hartford Courant as a supporter of the plan: "I think to be terrorized through the summer by an extremely small group of the Democratic Party, much less the voting population, is total insanity for a person who is a three-term senator."Though the Lieberman camp is trying to discourage such speculation, the senator's campaign manager was quoted on the radio today saying they would not back Lamont (D) if he won the Democratic primary.

ned lamont

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

we have turtles in connecticut too

p o p at morning martini often blogs about animals. she had a turtle post the other day (lovely i must say) and i thought i'd post this one

Haddam man concerned about mating turtles

(Haddam-WTNH, June 12, 2006 11:45 PM) _ A busy road in Haddam has become hazardous for some turtles trying to cross to the other side.
So one man is proposing to build the reptiles a tunnel.
by News Channel 8's Bob Wilson
This is the time of year when turtles are on the move and are out and about looking for mates and a place to lay their eggs. Right now is the time they come out of the ponds and streams and there is never a good time for a turtle to cross the road.
"There are a lot of cars on Candlewood Hill Road and they go fast. A lot of times you don't see the turtles, until you are right up on them, and they do get hit a lot," says Christine Centola........

Monday, June 12, 2006

charlie company

a link to stories about a connecticut marine reserve unit stationed in iraq

with a reporter and photographer embedded in the unit from the hartford courant

goodbye liebs, hello mr lamont!

i AM angry at king george, but i judge everyone on their own merits. i will NOT vote for the liebs because of HIS beliefs on certain subjects. the war in iraq is first and foremost. WE DO NOT BELONG THERE and we must find a way to leave. LEAVE NOW. i am going to vote for ned lamont in the primary and i HOPE to vote for him in the election as well

June 12, 2006, 1:04AM
Far from clear sailing for Bush's favorite Democrat
ANGER at President Bush could bring down a number of congressional Republicans, and one Democrat might join them. He is Joseph Lieberman, senator from Connecticut. Many voters there want nothing more than to sink "Bush's favorite Democrat." They are mad at Joe Lieberman over his uncritical support of the Iraq war and 18 other things, including his bottomless need for right-wing approval.

So Lieberman will not have a clear sail into November, easily smiting a little known Republican. First he'll have to duke it out in a tough Democratic primary on Aug. 8. His challenger is businessman Ned Lamont, who, if elected, would not be Bush's favorite anything.
There is delectable irony in the candidacy of Edward "Ned" Lamont. Polished, trim and rich, Lamont lives and works in Greenwich, home of the Bush dynasty. Lamont would make a more convincing descendant of the late Connecticut Sen. Prescott Bush than W himself. But he doesn't need anyone else's fancy ancestors. He has his own, namely great-grandfather Thomas Lamont, who headed the House of Morgan..........