Saturday, October 10, 2009

i understand loving your child

no matter what. i get THAT part. i don't get the part where you lie for them. where you actually FABRICATE FALSE EVIDENCE. where you deny they are capable of wrong doing when in fact you know in your heart of hears they ARE let's say sex offenders criminals. putting all that aside, to purposely lie to keep your child out of jail when you KNOW if that child is out of jail they most likely WILL CONTINUE TO hurt girls commit crimes..................that is beyond my understanding

if i were the judge and/or the prosecutor i would NOT allow that parent to see their incarcerated child AND i would impose a very heavy sentence upon them AND MAKE THEM DO THE WHOLE STINT
Sex Offender's Mother Gets Probation For Perjury
The Hartford Courant

ROCKVILLE - The mother of a sex offender from Tolland has admitted that she lied during a court hearing two years ago as she tried to keep her son from being sent to jail.

Gail Shefelbine, 67, pleaded guilty to a single count of perjury in Superior Court and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. She'd initially faced nine counts of perjury.

Shefelbine was arrested in November 2008 after an inspector in the Tolland State's Attorney's office found evidence that she had lied and tried to fabricate evidence during a July 2007 hearing where the state sought to revoke Scott Shefelbine's bail and send him to jail.

Shefelbine, who's serving a 20-year sentence for sexually assaulting five girls, ages 14 to 18, was free on $1.5 million bail at the time and being electronically monitored as his case was pending. A judge also ordered that he not leave his parents' Mountain Springs Road home except for medical and legal appointments and church...........

Thursday, October 08, 2009

the following letter was sent to the hartford courant

and as far as i can tell was NOT published there. i believe mr drescher also sent it on to the manchester journal inquirer and i do believe it WAS published there.

as you are aware, smoke, fire and angels by mark robinson is a book and a subject that is near and dear to my heart. i was beyond appalled the courant prominently featured the OTHER book all over the front page for DAYS as well as all over their website for DAYS. it sickened ME and it sure as shite should have sickened the rest of the state world. the OTHER book never should have happened anyway. PERIOD. the OTHER book was written NOT to explain a story but to make a profit. of that i am sure

unlike the evil ugly filth spewed forth in the OTHER book, smoke, fire and angels tells the story of everyday brave heroic people. unlike the OTHER book, the proceeds from smoke fire and angels is going to a fund for the victims of the avon mountain accident.

just needed to get that off of my chest

and i'd like to thank mr drescher for his graciousness

Courant readers learned about two new books last week. The first is about the deadly Avon Mountain crash in 2005, written by Mark Robinson, a survivor. Based on interviews with other survivors, rescue workers and officials, the self-published book is an inspiring account of people coming together to save lives and help the injured. It is a remarkable effort. The author has earmarked all proceeds of sales to a fund to help other survivors. On Friday, the Courant placed a brief item about the book under Farmington Valley Local News.
The next day, the Courant reported on another new book, apparently based largely on the account of one of the accused killers of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters in 2007. This article appeared at the top of page 1 and jumped inside. The article says the author spoke with the accused three times in jail, and received letters from him describing his own relatively passive role in the events. Neither of the accused has yet come to trial. The article included lurid descriptions from the book and a self-congratulatory quote from the author.
The Courant’s treatment of these two books is striking. The crime-based book receives front-page attention, timed with developments in the pending trials of the accused killers. Robinson’s book gets a footnote. The Courant editors have delivered their own verdict on the significance of these books. I invite readers to decide which of the two is more deserving of their time, attention and money.

Howard Drescher
Mansfield Center

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


i wanted to link to

clearwater initiative. the more i read about u.s. army captain benjamin a. sklaver, the more i know how special he was
 Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Remembered As Hero, Humanitarian
By PETER MARTEKA The Hartford Courant

and another story:

Editor's Note:

Ben Sklaver, 32, is the first cousin of Jodi Summit, of Tower, Minn. He was killed Friday while on patrol in Aghanistan. This statement is provided for regular readers of the Timberjay as well as media from across the country that are reporting on his death.

The family and friends of Benjamin A. Sklaver mourned his death and celebrated his inspirational life during funeral services held Tuesday, Oct. 6, at Congregation Mishkan Israel, in Hamden, Conn.
The son of Gary and Laura Sklaver, of Hamden, Army Captain Sklaver was killed Oct. 2 by a suicide bomber while on foot patrol in the Afghan village of Murcheh, located in Kandahar province in southwestern Afghanistan. A fellow U.S. soldier and an Afghan interpreter were also killed in the blast.
While Ben was just 32 years old, he had already made a tremendous mark in the world. A 1999 graduate of Tufts University, he went on to obtain a graduate degree in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, also at Tufts. He took a particular interest in assisting refugees and the poor in Africa. During his studies at the Fletcher School, he volunteered for the Army Reserve and following completion of his degree, he served with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta in that agency’s International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch..........
pic: Army Captain Benjamin Sklaver hands out soccer balls to a group of children in Djibouti in 2006.  

Monday, October 05, 2009

it's not so much her failure to vote in other elections

although i DO think that is reprehensible. i have voted since i turned 18. i believe i've only missed voting in two elections since then (and they were minor ones, but still i feel guilt over them). as a general rule, there is NO excuse for an american to make it a practice NOT to vote.

BUT that's not what bothers me the most about linda. what bothers me the most is her being part of an organization that brutalizes women, portrays them in negative lights and yes, even has MEN hitting women.

she could be mother theresa (but i am not mother theresa's biggest fan i must admit) but her acceptance and promotion of an organization that hinders and mistreats women is enough to say SHITE ON HER

violence against women is just wrong. period. even if it's play acting

A Senate Candidate Accustomed to Being Thrown in the Ring 


She emerges from an apparent coma and kicks her cheating husband in the groin. In a showdown with her daughter, she goes flying to the mat after her daughter smacks her in the face. And, after a black-booted bald man hoists her feet-first in the air, she falls on her back, bouncing slightly in her business suit before splaying helplessly on the ground. 

As Linda E. McMahon and her husband built a small family business into the billion-dollar empire of World Wrestling Entertainment, she was more than its chief executive: She was sometimes a character in its wrestling matches’ soap-opera style story lines involving family quarrels, infidelity and, of course, mock violence.
Now, Ms. McMahon is playing to a new audience, as she seeks the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, who finds himself among the most vulnerable of Senate Democrats. Mr. Dodd, who has been in office for nearly three decades, is among the most powerful members of the Senate, heading the Banking Committee as it seeks to overhaul the nation’s financial system........

oh here's an example for you:

.......................For purposes of this decision, the principal event during the course of that episode is a tag team match between the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and Devon) and Billy & Huck.  At one point during the match, the Dudley Boyz's manager/valet, Stacy Keibler, attempts to distract one of her team's opponents by provocatively wiggling her posterior.  When the wrestler ignores her, she becomes annoyed, climbs into the ring and hits him on the back with a championship belt.  This interference results in the automatic disqualification of the Dudley Boyz.  In their anger and frustration at being disqualified, the Dudley Boyz yell at Stacy and, as she tries to leave the ring, Bubba Ray grabs and pulls her by the hair.  While she pleads with them, he continues to hold her by the hair, before pushing her up against the ropes.  Bubba Ray then makes a ceremonious call for the "table".  Devon then brings out a folding conference table stored under the ring.  He hoists Stacy onto Bubba Ray's shoulders.  Bubba Ray then jumps off the ropes and slams Stacy into the table, breaking it. This scene is replayed twice.  Stacy then lies, apparently unconscious, in the ring, while the two male wrestlers give each other a congratulatory high-five.............................

to the family and friends of captain benjamin a. sklaver

our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

we (i think i can speak for EVERYONE here) are so very sorry for your loss. we are so very grateful for captain sklaver's service.

pic: dover afb. ap

Hamden Native Killed In Afghanistan
By PETER MARTEKA The Hartford Courant

HAMDEN - When the flag-draped casket of U.S. Army Capt. Benjamin A. Sklaver arrived at Dover Air Force Base Saturday, he was not only mourned by his parents and fiancee, but also by thousands of people in Uganda who simply knew him as "Moses Ben," the man who brought them clean and sustainable drinking water.

Sklaver, a 32-year-old Hamden native, was killed in an ambush, possibly by a suicide bomber, while on patrol Friday in Muscheh, Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. Major Charlie Jaworksi, a spokesman for the Army, declined comment on how Sklaver was killed during Operation Enduring Freedom since the Department of Defense had not officially released details early Sunday afternoon.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered the state's flag to half-staff in honor of Sklaver. In Hamden, Benjamin Sklaver's father Gary Sklaver was awaiting the arrival of relatives and friends from across the country and world who are coming for his son's funeral that has tentatively been scheduled for Tuesday. He said his son was a "very bright and ethical man" and was getting married to Beth Segaloff in June.