Monday, October 05, 2009

it's not so much her failure to vote in other elections

although i DO think that is reprehensible. i have voted since i turned 18. i believe i've only missed voting in two elections since then (and they were minor ones, but still i feel guilt over them). as a general rule, there is NO excuse for an american to make it a practice NOT to vote.

BUT that's not what bothers me the most about linda. what bothers me the most is her being part of an organization that brutalizes women, portrays them in negative lights and yes, even has MEN hitting women.

she could be mother theresa (but i am not mother theresa's biggest fan i must admit) but her acceptance and promotion of an organization that hinders and mistreats women is enough to say SHITE ON HER

violence against women is just wrong. period. even if it's play acting

A Senate Candidate Accustomed to Being Thrown in the Ring 


She emerges from an apparent coma and kicks her cheating husband in the groin. In a showdown with her daughter, she goes flying to the mat after her daughter smacks her in the face. And, after a black-booted bald man hoists her feet-first in the air, she falls on her back, bouncing slightly in her business suit before splaying helplessly on the ground. 

As Linda E. McMahon and her husband built a small family business into the billion-dollar empire of World Wrestling Entertainment, she was more than its chief executive: She was sometimes a character in its wrestling matches’ soap-opera style story lines involving family quarrels, infidelity and, of course, mock violence.
Now, Ms. McMahon is playing to a new audience, as she seeks the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, who finds himself among the most vulnerable of Senate Democrats. Mr. Dodd, who has been in office for nearly three decades, is among the most powerful members of the Senate, heading the Banking Committee as it seeks to overhaul the nation’s financial system........

oh here's an example for you:

.......................For purposes of this decision, the principal event during the course of that episode is a tag team match between the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and Devon) and Billy & Huck.  At one point during the match, the Dudley Boyz's manager/valet, Stacy Keibler, attempts to distract one of her team's opponents by provocatively wiggling her posterior.  When the wrestler ignores her, she becomes annoyed, climbs into the ring and hits him on the back with a championship belt.  This interference results in the automatic disqualification of the Dudley Boyz.  In their anger and frustration at being disqualified, the Dudley Boyz yell at Stacy and, as she tries to leave the ring, Bubba Ray grabs and pulls her by the hair.  While she pleads with them, he continues to hold her by the hair, before pushing her up against the ropes.  Bubba Ray then makes a ceremonious call for the "table".  Devon then brings out a folding conference table stored under the ring.  He hoists Stacy onto Bubba Ray's shoulders.  Bubba Ray then jumps off the ropes and slams Stacy into the table, breaking it. This scene is replayed twice.  Stacy then lies, apparently unconscious, in the ring, while the two male wrestlers give each other a congratulatory high-five.............................

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